Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 437:

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Chapter 437:

”Ah! I… I’m sorry…”

Qiao Siying apologized quickly.

Lin Yuan looked down at Qiao Siying and said faintly: “I have never seen such a clumsy maid like you. Either you buy me a new one or sew it for me.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying bit her lower lip lightly.

Although she wanted to talk back, but after all, she has done something wrong, she only said in a low voice: “I…I got it.”

She felt Lin Yuan’s condescending look at her.

As Qiao Siying continued to unbutton Lin Yuan’s suit, her heart beat wildly.



Another button flew out under her violent unbuttoning.

This time, the force was stronger than before and very sudden.

Qiao Siying didn’t even have the time to apologize.

She fell forward due to an unstable center of gravity.

She fell directly on Lin Yuan’s chest.

But it isn’t like those episodes on TV drama or anime.

The two fell down to the ground.

Qiao Siying only felt that she had hit an iron plate.

Lin Yuan’s chest is just too hard and thick.

She felt a sense of security.

Her temperature and heartbeat are also strange.

She couldn’t help but start thinking about various kinds of things.

But just when she was starting to get wild with her ideas, she heard a cold voice in her ear.

”You are so heavy. Can you hurry and stand up?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying hurriedly pushed both her hands toward Lin Yuan’s chest quickly.

With her red pretty face, she said: “I, I… I am not heavy!”

Women hate others commenting on their weight.

However, for Qiao Siying, she pretended to be angry to cover up her embarrassment.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Tsk, look at your red face like the butt of a monkey. In ancient times, maids like you who are greedy for their master’s body had to be soaked in a pig cage.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Qiao Siying immediately felt like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

She gnashed her teeth and said directly to Lin Yuan: “I am not greedy nor interested, no, I will not have even the slightest affection for you! You have a bad personality and the worst young master, except for being handsome, rich, good at business, good at singing, good at playing the piano… except for….”

”You have no advantage at all!”

Qiao Siying originally wanted to point out that Lin Yuan is nothing good.

But she found that Lin Yuan has a lot of good qualities and said it casually.

So she hurriedly cut her own sentence, put a concluding remark, and say that Lin Yuan has no advantage whatsoever.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s playful look, Qiao Siying’s pretty face flushed.

But now her words aren’t that important.

Her face already shows it all.

Qiao Siying continued to say in a low voice: “I don’t have any good feelings nor interest for someone like you!”

”And there will never be! Greedy for you? You’re making me laugh!”

”Huh! How about looking at yourself in the mirror?!”

After she said all sorts of denials, Qiao Siying raised her head proudly and looked at Lin Yuan condescendingly.

However, she only saw Lin Yuan’s indifferent eyes.

”Are you finished? Undress me as soon as you finish. I have never seen a maid who talks a lot like you.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying bit her lower lip.

She took off Lin Yuan’s suit as quickly as possible.

She was too nervous at first, but soon it went smoothly.

After all, it is something that even elementary school students can do well.

After taking off Lin Yuan’s suit, Qiao Siying was about to turn her head when Lin Yuan suddenly called her attention.



Qiao Siying turned her head and her beautiful eyes full of curiosity.


Lin Yuan sat down on the chair calmly, then lifted his foot slightly.

Qiao Siying looked at Lin Yuan sitting indifferently.

She looked at Lin Yuan’s slightly raised foot.

Qiao Siying took several deep breaths and gnashed her teeth tightly.

Then she said: “Okay!”

She then squats down in front of Lin Yuan.

Qiao Siying stretched out her hand trembling.

She took off the shoes and prepared to put on his slippers.

She has never done this before.

But Qiao Siying did what she was told.

Qiao Siying took a look at Lin Yuan.

Not waiting for Lin Yuan to say anything, she continued and took off Lin Yuan’s socks.

She is the Young lady of the Qiao family.

She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth.

She has never even done any sort of housework.

She has never imagined she would do anything like this.

Let alone helping someone take off their socks.

Qiao Siying felt a strong sense of humiliation in her heart.

But she didn’t want to breach the agreement.

She can only do as Lin Yuan says and hold back her anger.

Fortunately, there is no peculiar smell while in the process of taking off Lin Yuan’s shoes and putting his slippers on.

Otherwise, she could not bear it.

After doing just as she was told, Qiao Siying said in a ferocious tone: “It’s okay now Young Master Lin.”

Lin Yuan gave Qiao Siying a surprised look.

He thought it would take a while for Qiao Siying to finish.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Siying did just as she was told, though her actions were a little sloppy.

Lin Yuan then shook his head and said, “Since you are a maid, you have to look like a maid. Don’t be so ferocious.”

”Also, I think you should change the way you address me.”

Qiao Siying ignored Lin Yuan’s opinions.

Change the way of address?

What to change?

Qiao Siying thought for a while and asked Lin Yuan, “Young Master Lin, I shall call you plainly as ‘Young master’. How about it?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and said: “There are too many people already calling me that. I don’t want to hear that anymore. You think of something else. You are my maid. You should know how to address me.”


There was silence for a long time.

Qiao Siying said helplessly, word per word: “Do you want me to call you ‘Ma… master’?”

”Yes, that’s right.” Lin Yuan nodded and was satisfied that Qiao Siying had understood correctly at this time.

”No! I can’t do it!” Qiao Siying blurted out. (T/N: Shao Ye = Young Master; Zhu Ren = Master, Lord, Boss)

This violated her ideals of freedom and democracy. It feels too shameful to do it.

Lin Yuan smiled and asked: “Do you want to breach our agreement? As my maid, isn’t it normal to call me ‘Master’?

Qiao Siying gritted her teeth and was confused.

And Lin Yuan is not in a hurry.

He just smiled as he looked at her.

He didn’t seem to care whatever she says.

But Qiao Siying felt tremendous pressure from Lin Yuan’s eyes.

She took a few deep breaths.

And then she finally came up with a decision to just let it be.

”Okay, Ma… ma… master!”

She gnashed her teeth after she spoke reluctantly.

‘I even managed to take off a smelly sock, this is nothing!’

Qiao Siying was quite upset but she could only comfort herself.

Hearing Qiao Siying calling ‘Master’, Lin Yuan put his hands on the back of his head and leaned on the sofa.

He nodded in satisfaction.

After Qiao Siying put on his slippers for him, Lin Yuan opened his mouth and said casually: “Take off your clothes.”

”Huh? Undress?!”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Qiao Siying’s eyes widened, and looked at Lin Yuan in shock.

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