Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 439:

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Chapter 439:

Looking at Lin Yuan’s calm face, Qiao Siying felt as if his face owes a kick.

She couldn’t help but gnash her teeth.

Then Lin Yuan unceremoniously orders Qiao Siying, the Qiao family’s young lady, who is now his maid: “Come and give me a massage.”

“Since you can’t cook, serve me some other way.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth again and responded: “Okay!”

Qiao Siying honestly came over to give Lin Yuan a massage.

She caused the fire in the kitchen just now and she still feels a little guilty.

She kept chanting to herself:

‘Maid… maid… I have to endure Lin Yuan for three days…’

Lin Yuan enjoyed Qiao Siying’s massage.

As a rich young lady, her hands are very soft.

She should have never done this before to anyone because the strength of her massage is too weak.

However, making the arrogant Qiao Siying who hated him so much, feel helpless and forced to massage him feels very comfortable.

While giving Lin Yuan a massage, she toned down her voice as much as possible and asked Lin Yuan in a gentle manner: “Ma… master, I didn’t eat anything at the party today. Ca… can You add one more order for me?”

Lin Yuan only answered her: “No.”

Listening to Lin Yuan’s indifferent voice, Qiao Siying was so angry that she bit her lip.

“Master, do…don’t go too far! At worst, I’ll just order it myself!”

Qiao Siying turned on her cellphone but found out that there are no more restaurants where she can order food.

Maybe it is because of the remoteness of the area, and it is also already late.

There is no more restaurant she can order food.

It seemed that Lin Yuan called a certain restaurant directly and placed an order.

And she isn’t very familiar with the location of the villa.

Qiao Siying cursed and turned off her phone.

She helplessly continued to massage Lin Yuan.

She was tired after a few presses, but since she is afraid that Lin Yuan would again call her useless, she didn’t stop.

And Lin Yuan didn’t mean to pamper her at all.

Fortunately, Lin Yuan’s takeaway arrived very soon.

Of course, as the maid, Qiao Siiying had to receive the takeaway food.

Carrying a bunch of steaming and spicy food boxes, Qiao Siying was full of grief.

She can’t eat spicy food!

Watching Lin Yuan enjoying the spicy food and cold drinks, Qiao Siying’s heart was in pain.


‘I’m on diet!’

Qiao Siying comforted herself silently convincing herself that she is just going on a diet.

After getting Lin Yuan’s consent, Qiao Siying went upstairs.

”Go to bed early. Serve me well tomorrow, and remember to wear a maid costume.”

Lin Yuan put a piece of spicy braised pork in his mouth and reminded Qiao Siying.

”Okay!” Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth and replied while resisting the saliva from coming out of her mouth.

She then hurried upstairs.

She found the room where she can stay temporarily as Lin Yuan’s maid.

Lin Yuan doesn’t care whether Qiao Siying was hungry or not.

Anyway, she won’t starve to death not eating one night.

He didn’t intend to accommodate Qiao Siying’s rich lady’s temper.

Thinking of Lin Yuan heartily eating the takeaway food that he ordered, Qiao Siiying drank some water.

She convinced herself that it is a good opportunity for diet.

She climbed to the bed on an empty stomach and went to sleep.

As for Lin Yuan after stuffing himself with food, he went to bed too.



Next morning…

Lin Yuan got up at 7 o’clock.

He glanced at his bedside and sure enough, there was no maid to wake him up.

He thought Qiao Siying would at least be a competent maid.

She should have come to wake him up and make him breakfast.

But obviously, it’s impossible.

I’m afraid she is still sleeping like a dead pig.

Lin Yuan got up and went out of the room.

He found out that Qiao Siying’s door was still closed.

The master is up while the maid is still sleeping?

How can Lin Yuan accept it?

He knocked directly on Qiao Siying’s door.

Knock Knock Knock…

Hearing the knocks on the door, Qiao Siying slowly opened her eyes and was quite unhappy.

Qiao Siying got up and opened the door still half asleep.

”Who is it?”

Seeing Lin Yuan wearing his pajamas, Qiao Siying blushed.

Lin Yuan then said unceremoniously: “Young lady, until what time do you plan on sleeping? It’s already late, hurry up and change your clothes!”

After speaking, Lin Yuan turned around and left.

Qiao Siying who was rarely forcibly called up was a little angry.

But she dare not object.

After all, her current identity is a maid.

Her excuse to not wear the maid outfit cannot be used as she had the clothes washed and dried yesterday.

Qiao Siying closed the door and sat on the bed while holding the maid outfit.

Her face tangled.

Wearing this…

It is too shameful!

Qiao Siying was contemplating for a long time.

With a blushing face, she awkwardly put it on.

Qiao Siying’s body proportions are perfect, so the maid’s skirt fits her perfectly.

In the end, she reluctantly put the cat ears headband on her head.

She came to the mirror and looked at herself.

Her pretty face blushed directly.

”How shameful…”

Qiao Siying couldn’t bear to cover her face.

Thinking of showing up to Lin Yuan wearing such an outfit, Qiao Siying felt uneasy.

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