Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 440:

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Chapter 440:

However, Qiao Siying still glances at herself through the gaps between her fingers.

”It… it’s pretty cute…”

Qiao Siying was ashamed but there is a little hint of self-satisfaction.

But thinking that she would wear such while serving Lin Yuan as his maid, Qiao Siying blushed.



And just when Qiao Siying blushed and her thoughts tangled, Lin Yuan has already gone downstairs.

He went straight into the kitchen to make breakfast for himself.

After what happened yesterday, he didn’t have any expectation for Qiao Siying to make anything delicious, or honestly something edible.

He didn’t want to order takeaway food in the morning.

He is not satisfied with the taste and even the delivery time takes too long.

Lin Yuan’s current physique is dozen times that of ordinary people.

So his appetite is also great.

So he decides to cook himself.

After all, he has divine-level cooking skills.

Lin Yuan got some pigeons and shrimps. He boiled a pot of pigeon and shrimp porridge himself.

He also stir-fried some side dishes.

And the frozen dumplings that Qiu Wanxi, Xiao Lian, and Xiao He had previously wrapped in the refrigerator were steamed as well.

However, Lin Yuan only cooked dishes for his personal consumption.

He did not cook anything for Qiao Siying.

How can the master make breakfast for the maid?

Qiao Siying’s cooking is too unappetizing to eat.

It is impossible for Lin Yuan to treat Qiao Siying special.

Quickly, he made a delicious breakfast for him to enjoy.

While Lin Yuan was almost finished eating his breakfast, Qiao Siying who has been tangled in her thoughts for so long finally came downstairs.

Hearing the footsteps, Lin Yuan immediately looked up.

Sure enough, it was Qiao Siying who had come down.

She is also wearing the maid outfit.

Lin Yuan can’t deny that Qiao Siying looked pretty good even in that maid outfit.

A pretty cute blonde maid.

She wore a pair of cute fluffy cat ears over her blonde hair.

And it also matches her maid outfit very well.

Although conflicting with her rich young lady’s temperament, on the contrary, it added to her unique appeal.

Her perfect body proportions are accentuated by those garter stockings.

She is definitely an eye-catching maid.

In terms of appearance, setting aside skills, she is definitely the perfect maid every man could ever dream of.

But Lin Yuan knew that Qiao Siying is also a maid without any skills.

Her housekeeping ability is poor.

The final rating for Lin Yuan is 0 points.

Appearance times Ability of 0 yields 0 points.

Any number multiplied by 0 is 0.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes, Qiao Siying was very shy.

She has never worn such kinds of clothes.

Let alone show it to a man.

But when she looked in the mirror for a while, she can say that she looked pretty cute.

She must look very attractive as well.

This can make people unable to look away.

Qiao Siying thought slightly highly of herself.

She looked at Lin Yuan’s eyes and expressions in particular.

However, Lin Yuan only glanced at her twice and then continued to lower his head to continue eating.

This made Qiao Siying gnash her teeth and at the same time, she felt a vague sense of loss.

Qiao Siying shook her blonde hair and couldn’t help but ask: “Ho… how is it?”

For women, appearance is very important.

Although she has always said that she hated Lin Yuan, but she didn’t realize that she still cared what Lin Yuan thinks about her.

So she really wanted to seek Lin Yuan’s evaluation.

Hearing what Qiao Siying asked, Lin Yuan looked up, his face calm, and in a flat tone, he said, “It’s okay. But I give it 0 points.”

”Huh? Ze… zero points?” Qiao Siying was confused.

An angry look flashed on her face.

Deep inside, she also felt quite disappointed.

”0 times any number is equal to 0.” Lin Yuan said lightly.

Qiao Siying immediately understood Lin Yuan’s meaning.

She actually set the kitchen on fire yesterday.

Lin Yuan must still remember very clearly.

Qiao Siying puckered her lips and tossed her soft blonde hair.

She couldn’t dare argue at this time.

She then walked downstairs.

Seeing Lin Yuan not paying much attention to her even in that maid outfit, she lost her shyness.

She also admits that these clothes looked pretty cute, except being too shameful to wear.

Looking at Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying hesitated for a while.

Then Qiao Siying asked: “Hmm…”

“My name is not hmm.”

Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth and asked: “Master! would you like me to make breakfast?”

Lin Yuan raised his head, glanced at Qiao Siying, and said: “You’re going to make it? Can you eat it?”

“Uh…” Qiao Siying pinched her white laced maid skirt, looked awkward, and unable to say anything.

She really can’t refute this.

Qiao Siying then realized Lin Yuan was already eating breakfast.

She also smelled the rich fragrance.

Qiao Siying was very hungry as she didn’t eat before going to bed last night.

The smell is so good.

It smells even better than the dishes cooked at her home and even from top restaurants she had gone to.

There seems to be no one else in the villa, only Lin Yuan and her.

Is Lin Yuan, a young master, also good at cooking?

Oh My God… he is already very handsome, rich, very skilled in music and now he is also good at cooking?

Except for his bad personality, he is almost perfect!

Qiao Siying couldn’t help but think of all these.

Then she shook her head quickly.

Driving out these facts that she didn’t want to admit from her mind.

And then… she continued to swallow.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she… she really wants to eat!

She really wants to eat the breakfast that Lin Yuan was eating!

Even though she is wearing a maid outfit, she still has the arrogance of the young lady of the Qiao family.

She wiped out her saliva several times without opening her mouth.

While Lin Yuan was full and comfortably leaning on the chair flicking his teeth, Qiao Siying was very hungry.

The fragrance was torturing.

Qiao Siying who was already tortured by this fragrance asked timidly: “Ma… master, is there anything more? I… I want to eat too.”

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