Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 441:

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Chapter 441:

After Qiao Siying finished asking, she immediately saw Lin Yuan glance at her faintly.

There seemed to be a slight dissatisfaction in his eyes.

”You, a maid who doesn’t even make breakfast, still want to eat the breakfast I made?”

Lin Yuan said to Qiao Siying in a loud voice.

Qiao Siying shuddered, her body trembled a few times.

Deep inside, she was a little scared.

She is really the kind of maid who is not capable of doing anything well.

And there is a feeling of embarrassment from being reprimanded by her master.

And it is also true that it was Lin Yuan, her master, who made the breakfast.

As a maid, she didn’t get up early to make breakfast, and now she’s saying that she wanted to eat.

Qiao Siying bit her lip and dared not speak.

There was silence for a while.

Then Qiao Siying heard Lin Yuan say faintly: “I didn’t make any for you. Either you make your own, or you can just eat my leftovers.”

Qiao Siying looked up and saw Lin Yuan looking at her with those playful eyes.

She was instantly furious.

She has made up her mind.

Even if she dies, she won’t eat Lin Yuan’s leftovers, not even a bite!

She is the young lady of the Qiao family!

She must maintain the dignity of the Qiao family!

Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth and said, “Who are you to look down on me? I will put your leftovers away and wash the dishes and clean up!”

”I won’t eat anything that has already been stained by your mouth!”

”I won’t even have a bite of the food that’s made by a bad person like you! If I take a bite, I shall die today by jumping off the third floor of your villa!”

Hearing Qiao Siying’s eloquent speech, Lin Yuan chuckled.

”Okay, it’s up to you. Hurry up and clean up. Afterward, come and massage my leg for a while. And then clean the living room and the rooms on the second floor.”

After instructing, Lin Yuan ignored Qiao Siying and went directly upstairs to process some documents.

Qiao Siying snorted coldly.

She put her arms around her chest and raised her head high.

She glanced at the leftover breakfast on the table with disdain.

Then she sneered and said: “The leftovers are already so cold. Do you think this young miss will want it? Humph!”

”Yesterday was just a single mistake. I don’t believe I can’t even make breakfast by myself. I think I will make something delicious on my second try!”

Qiao Siying walked into the kitchen with her hands on her waist.

Then she prepared to make an equally rich and extremely fragrant breakfast for herself.

Lin Yuan shall also smell the fragrance in a while.

She shall let him know what a real breakfast smells like.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Siying hurriedly turned off the stove.

Then she looked at the dark stuff in the big pot in front of her.

She was lost in thought…

Can she really eat this food she made…?

If she eats this, she should go directly to the hospital, right?

If she is hospitalized, she doesn’t need to continue being a maid, right?

It seems to be good too…

However, if not a hospital, what about the possibility of heading directly to the crematorium?

Qiao Siying has so many thoughts.

But she finally decided to dump the dark stuff.

She helplessly untied her apron and went out of the kitchen.

Qiao Siying sat at the dining table, lost in her thoughts.

She is so hungry, really hungry.

She left and ran without even eating at the party last night.

Then she came to the villa with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan ordered some takeaway food for dinner, but she didn’t get to eat any since she can’t handle spicy food very well.

So, she’s been hungry for so long.

She would have to wait a long time if she asked for a takeaway.

Not to mention Lin Yuan already urged her to work.

She will be very hungry by then.

At this moment, Qiao Siying looked at Lin Yuan’s leftover meat porridge.

There are also some buns that have been bitten by Lin Yuan.

It was Lin Yuan’s leftovers.

Qiao Siying is afraid that it is already covered with Lin Yuan’s saliva.

But… why does it smell so good?!

Qiao Siying wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth.

After swallowing, she found more saliva coming out again immediately.

Lin Yuan’s breakfast is too poisonous!

She couldn’t help but drool when she smells it!

What the hell is going on?!

She was tangled for half a minute.

But for Qiao Siying, it felt like several centuries.

Then Qiao Siying finally decided… to eat!

Isn’t it just leftovers?

It can’t be spoiled!

”No…. these are just Lin Yuan’s leftovers. A little saliva… should be okay!”

” I am so hungry. I just want to fill my stomach. This is nothing…”

”He wouldn’t even know anyway…”

Qiao Siying peeked at the second floor while wiping her saliva.

After seeing that no one is out. She stared at Lin Yuan’s leftover breakfast on the table.

After looking up and around for a while, Qiao Siying finally decided.

”Nobody will know! I don’t care! I’m eating!”

Qiao Siying finally made up her mind.

She didn’t even think of washing the dishes and the chopsticks.

She just grabbed them.

Then she quickly scooped the half-bowl porridge leftover in Lin Yuan’s bowl.

Then she stuffed her mouth in a lightning speed.

’Ah…de… delicious!’

’It’s so delicious!’

When porridge entered her mouth, Qiao Siying’s eyes flashed with small stars, and her mind was instantly emptied.

At this moment, Qiao Siying’s eyes flashed brightly.

She was not sure if it was only because she was too hungry.

Or Lin Yuan’s cooking is too good.

Or it could be both.

She just feels that Lin Yuan’s shrimp and pigeon porridge is really delicious.

”It smells so good!” Qiao Siying couldn’t help but yell.

It melts in the mouth and has that creamy taste. The rice is definitely made out of refined high-quality rice boiled under perfect heat and time.

The moment Qiao Siying puts the porridge in her mouth, it is as if she can hear the tune of three-stringed instruments.

The melodies of the three are playing harmoniously together. It is soft, mysterious, and subtle.

It disappears slightly into the depths of the throat after spreading across the mouth and extending to the nostrils.

The fragrance came from all directions, stroking the misty touch of the throat.

It was like a suction cup stimulating the tongue.

It made her drool as if she was eating capers and then slowly slipped into the esophagus.

A strong shock was felt in her esophagus and the walls of her stomach which involuntarily ignited her appetite.

The freshly shredded pork complements the salty and sweet taste of the soft rice grains.

The taste is an indescribable mystery. All the vitality that was lost because of the food’s coldness has come back.

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