Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 444:

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Chapter 444:

Is this a mixed-raced maid brought by the young master from abroad?

Qiao Siying, who was lying comfortably on the sofa also saw Qiu Wanxi who was next to Lin Yuan.

She blinked and thought, this should be the girl who called Lin Yuan earlier, not Yan Ruyue as she had guessed.

But the beauty of this girl is no worse than Yan Ruyue.

Although she doesn’t have the cold temperament of Yan Ruyue, she is breathtaking at a glance.

She has bright and beautiful eyes, she is lovely and delicate, and her temperament is as smooth as jade.

Especially her big bright eyes, it makes it hard to forget once you see them.

Qiao Siying began thinking.

She has seen a lot of beautiful women around Lin Yuan like Yan Ruyue, Chi Qian, and that little girl Qingtong.

But she hasn’t seen this gentle and delicate beauty beside him before.

This Riverview villa…

Is this Riverview villa a golden house? (T/N: a magnificent house to keep a man’s lover or his other woman)

Qiao Siying suddenly felt that she had found out the truth.

There are already enough beauties around Lin Yuan, then now suddenly another beauty who is a complete stranger appeared.

As expected of the young master of the Lin family!

Qiao Siying thought maliciously deep inside.

And seeing Lin Yuan’s big hand holding Qiu Wanxi’s willow waist, she coldly hummed in her heart.


She felt uncomfortable seeing Lin Yuan with Qiu Wanxi like this.

Lin Yuan ignored Qiao Siying who is lying on the sofa.

He put his arm around Qiu Wanxi and brought her directly to the sofa

The two are very close to each other.

They stick to each other like glue.

The relationship between the two has no more restraint, after all, they have already done what they should have done.

If Qiao Siying wasn’t there, Qiu Wanxi must have thrown herself directly into Lin Yuan’s arms.

But nevertheless, looking at the appearance of the two leaning against each other, Qiao Siying was a bit uncomfortable being near them.

She was very upset about being forcefully fed with a lot of dog food.

There was also a vague feeling of sourness in her heart.

She can’t help herself but curse this dog man and woman secretly.

Qiao Siying is very curious about the relationship between Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi.

And she is also curious about Qiu Wanxi’s identity.

However, it is not easy to ask.

She is not close to Lin Yuan, not to mention Qiu Wanxi.

The equally curious Qiu Wanxi asked Lin Yuan in a low voice, “Young master, who is this… young lady?”

Qiu Wanxi didn’t point directly at Qiao Siying.

However, her eyes were in the direction of Qiao Siying.

Hearing Qiu Wanxi’s question, Lin Yuan immediately replied with a smile: “This is my new maid, her name is… ahmmn just call her Xiao Qiao. But she is not very useful, and she is not obedient. Maybe she will be fired in two or three days.”

”Lin Yuan!”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying who felt sore all over her body, shouted and gnashed her teeth.

Lin Yuan just asked her to do a lot of things for a while.

And now he is disparaging her and even tells that she is disobedient.

She felt very uncomfortable inside.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s introduction, Qiu Wanxi also looked at Qiao Siying.

“Xiao Qiao?”

Qiu Wanxi looked at Qiao Siying carefully.

Qiao Siying is a young lady, after all, so her skin is white and delicate.

There is also her temperament.

She doesn’t look like a maid at all.

But she is indeed wearing a maid outfit.

‘Did the young master abduct and forced a rich young lady from somewhere? ‘

Qiu Wanxi conjectured.

Well, she somehow guessed the truth.

Lin Yuan looked at Qiu Wanxi who seemed to be guessing and rubbed her little head softly.

Then he said to Qiao Siying, “This is your mistress. You will call her mistress or madam, understand?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiu Wanxi’s face blushed slightly.

But Qiao Siying’s eyes widened in an instant.



She can accept being Lin Yuan’s maid.

She can also accept calling him Master.

But then, all of a sudden, a mistress jumped out of nowhere?!

She, a dignified young lady, calling someone mistress?!

How can she accept it?!

She shouted directly to Lin Yuan.

”Lin Yuan!!”

”Huh?” Lin Yuan glanced at Qiao Siying.

Qiao Siying puckered her lips honestly and changed her tone.

She gnashed her teeth and said, “Master… this is different from what I originally agreed to!”

Lin Yuan understood what Qiao Siying meant.

She only agreed to be Lin Yuan’s maid.

It doesn’t involve being a maid to other people.

Qiu Wanxi on the side also vaguely felt something.

Although she is still not clear about the exact details, but she didn’t want Lin Yuan to be embarrassed because of her.

She can sense that there is also a conflict between this blonde girl who looks like a maid and a young lady in one.

Qiu Wanxi immediately smiled at Qiao Siying and said, “No! No need to call me mistress. By the way, I am Qiu Wanxi. You can also refer to me as Wanxi.”

Qiu Wanxi can get along with almost anyone.

She is also full of understanding and tolerance.

Although her relationship with a rich young master like Lin Yuan is already very close, she is still the same and won’t be conceited.

So she is still unaccustomed to other people calling her mistress or something.

Of course, she is still very happy that Lin Yuan asked her to be called Mistress.

Her heart is filled with sweetness.

Because it also symbolizes Lin Yuan’s recognition of her identity.

How could Qiu Wanxi be unhappy?

Her eyes were beaming like crescent moons.

Hearing Qiu Wanxi said she can just call her Wanxi, Qiao Siying was also relieved.

Then she looked at Qiu Wanxi who is as gentle as jade, and is smiling and squinting, she also smiled and said: “It’s nice to meet you, Wan… Wanxi. My surname is Qiao and my name is Siying. You can also call me Siying directly.”

Contact with Qiu Wanxi will give you a tender, gentle, and totally innocent feeling.

People can’t help but want to get close to her.

So Qiao Siying introduced herself and proactively stretched out her hand.

After the two women shook hands, they started having a chat.

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