Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 448:

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Chapter 448:

Qiao Siying didn’t expect it.

Lin Yuan, who usually looks elegant and charming is unexpectedly like this?

And Wanxi’s voice seems to be getting more coquettish?

Qiao Siying covered her ears again with the pillow that she had loosened a little.

Curiosity, envy, sourness… many complicated emotions start appearing deep inside.

Qiao Siying struggled for a while before she can finally fall asleep.

But the expression on her sleeping face is a bit strange

It’s hard to guess what she could be dreaming about.



The next morning.

Qiao Siying’s body is aching all over and got up from bed with difficulty.

She glanced at the time on her phone.

It turned out that the time was already close to noon.

Yesterday, she was really tired from doing all of those maid chores.

So, she got up very late today.

“Eh… that bad guy Lin Yuan didn’t seem to bother waking me up today?” Qiao Siying asked herself puzzledly.

She was relieved but at the same time felt a little lost.

Maybe because Qiu Wanxi was there.

So Lin Yuan ignored her and didn’t bother to wake her up.

Qiao Siying put on her maid clothes and went downstairs to take a look.

Sure enough, she saw Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi together again.

And because Qiu Wanxi was already there, Qiao Siying need not cook anything.

Qiao Siying ate breakfast and finished it quickly.

But as soon as she finished eating, Lin Yuan called her out to fill the swimming pool.

Obviously, it is not possible to be idle.

Qiao Siying finished putting water in the swimming pool and sat on the stairs next to the pool to rest.

Then she saw Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi walk out together.

As soon as she saw them, Qiao Siying’s eyes straightened because Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying were both wearing swimsuits.

Qiu Wanxi’s figure is very good.

Although she is a little thin, her bosom is full.

Moreover, her body proportion is exceptionally good, not any worse than hers.

But Qiao Siying’s eyes weren’t straightened because of Qiu Wanxi.

She is not attracted to the same gender after all.

She was surprised to see Lin Yuan.

She used to see Lin Yuan in formal attire, loose casual T-shirts, and so on.

This is the first time she had seen what Lin Yuan looked like under his clothes

This is the first time she has seen Lin Yuan’s figure.

Qiao Siying originally thought that a young master like Lin Yuan who needs to socialize and drink a lot will have a beer belly.

But she didn’t expect the complete opposite, that Lin Yuan’s body is perfect!

It is comparable to those fitness coaches!

He is even better and more handsome than them.

After all, his face value is really high.

Those fitness coaches can’t compare to him at all.

Strong body and a perfect appearance.

He is just too perfect and too dazzling!

She is sure that 99% of women who sees it would find it difficult to look away.

It is simply an instinctive attraction.

It’s the same as when a man sees a beautiful woman bulging in the front and back.

Qiao Siying’s eyes straightened for a while.

And her heart beats very fast.

There were like 20 deers running around her heart.

Neither Lin Yuan nor Qiu Wanxi noticed Qiao Siying on the stairs, whose eyes are shining brightly at the sight of Lin Yuan.

The two of them went straight into the water.

Seeing this, a trace of loss couldn’t help but flash in Qiao Siying’s eyes.

Lin Yuan who had just gone into the water suddenly glanced at Qiao Siying strangely.

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