Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 447:

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Chapter 447:

Lin Yuan nodded indifferently and said, “Okay.”

Lin Yuan did not object to Qiu Wanxi.

But if Qiu Wanxi wasn’t here, he will definitely continue to train Qiao Qiying well.

Let her watch him eat dinner and drool.

But since Qiu Wanxi asked for it so let it be, let her join them and eat together.

He agreed just to make Qiu Wanxi happy.

Qiao Siying didn’t actually plan on having dinner with Lin Yuan.

But since it is Qiu Wanxi’s invitation, she hesitated for a while but still sat down at the table.

She sat next to Qiu Wanxi.

”Chen Yu, come and eat with us too.” Lin Yuan said directly to the black long hair assassin who had a sword hanging around her waist and back leaning against the wall.

”Ah, young master, no need…” Chen Yu wanted to refuse.

But before Chen Yu finished speaking, Lin Yuan interrupted her and said, “Come here quickly.”

When Chen Yu heard what Lin Yuan said, she followed and went to the dinner table.

Qiu Wanxi smiled and gave both Qiao Siying and Chen Yu servings of food.

Although Qiu Wanxi might have not noticed it herself, but Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying, and Chen Yu all feel that Qiu Wanxi is like the mistress of the house.

Both Qiao Siying and Chen Yu thanked Qiu Wanxi.

Then Qiu Wanxi sat very close to Lin Yuan.

She kept picking up food for Lin Yuan.

She even fed them directly into Lin Yuan’s mouth.

Lin Yuan also did the same.

The two are simply feeding each other.

Seeing this, Chen Yu lowered her head and ate quietly.

Meaning to say that she didn’t see anything.

Qiao Siying, on the other hand, feels the steady stream of dog food coming.

And not just that, the dog food was just not forcefully fed through her mouth it was even stuffed through her nose and ears!

”Young Master, ah…”

”Young Master, eat this…”

”Young Master, this is also good. I took a bite of half of it, don’t you mind…”

Listening to Qiu Wanxi and watching the sweetness of the two, Qiao Siying felt so sour again.

‘I haven’t even been in a relationship, okay?’

‘How can I withstand witnessing this?’

She knows that Qiu Wanxi is always sweet with Lin Yuan.

But this is just too much to handle for her!

Qiao Siying wanted to look at Chen Yu and see if there was anyone else feeling the same as her.

However, Chen Yu’s face was indifferent, and she just bowed as she eats.

Qiao Siying sighed.

She can also only bow her head while eating.

Just eat quickly and then slip away.

At this moment, Qiu Wanxi and Lin Yuan are deeply affectionate with each other that they didn’t even notice anything around them.

It took a while for Qiao Siying to finish eating.

After eating, Qiao Siying has to follow the task Lin Yuan gave her earlier.

She begins mopping the floor diligently.

She thought that after dinner, she wouldn’t have to eat dog food anymore.

But soon, Qiao Siying found that she was wrong.

After eating, Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi both sat on the sofa and watched TV together.

Lin Yuan sat on the sofa while Qiu Wanxi was in his arms.

Qiao Siying also saw Qiu Wanxi feeding Lin Yuan some fruits.

She even heard Lin Yuan say: “Wanxi, feed me with your mouth.”

Qiao Siying, who was mopping the floor, couldn’t help but look at them and immediately flushed.

It was because Qiu Wanxi really did just as Lin Yuan said!

She fed the fruit mouth to mouth to Lin Yuan!

Seeing this, Qiao Siying blushed.

The vinegar jar in her heart was completely knocked over and the sourness almost drifted out of it.

Looking at the ‘shameless couple’ seated on the sofa, Qiao Siying couldn’t stand it anymore.

In this space full of love and dog food, she admits that it hits her off guard.

After taking a look, she found that the woman named Chen Yu had already left.

Qiao Siying quickly mopped the floor of the first floor and went upstairs quickly.

She decided to mop the second floor.

Lest she eats too much dog food being served downstairs.

The more she thought of Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi’s mouth-to-mouth feeding downstairs, the more angry she becomes.

The mop in her hand was pressed heavily on the ground.

She pressed the mop cotton pad and dragged it vigorously as if she has some irreconcilable hatred with the floor

For the whole day, all she did was eat dog food being served everywhere.

She thought she would only be serving as a maid, and she only had to be careful about being taken advantage of by Lin Yuan.

What she never expected was that Lin Yuan will actually feed her with a lot of dog food!

Whether she is in the kitchen, toilet, garden…

Literally anywhere, she can see the ‘shameless couple’!

From noon straight to the evening!

Qiao Siying was already so full after being forcefully fed a lot of dog food.

Adding the whole day’s maid work, made her so tired as she lay flat on her stomach

She was ready to sleep.

But before she can even fall asleep, Qiao Siying who lay on the bed suddenly heard strange sounds.

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