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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1247

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Chapter 1247

“It turns out to be Mr. Clifford. I’ve heard so much about you.” Anthony raised his glass and proposed

a toast.

Jackie raised his glass and said with a smile. “Tve also heard a lot about you, Mr.

Topaz Especially about your overseas collaboration in the Persian Gulf project

Anthony was astounded and smiled “The success of the Persian Gulf project is the joint effort between
the other investors and me. They’re the ones who should get most of the credits when compared to me

Jackie slowly finished the red wine “Mr Topaz, you’re being too modest

“By the way, do you know my daughter?” Anthony took a glance at Naomi. He had seen Jackie talking
to his daughter a few seconds ago

Jackie paused for a second. “Is this young lady your daughter?”

He responded, “Yes, my daughter rarely attends such occasions, so I’ve been bringing her along to get
her to adapt to them recently

“I see “Jackie explained calmly. We just met at the dinner banquet the other day

Listening to the conversation between her father and Jackie, Naomi lowered her gaze and did not utter
a single word from beginning to end She had always been a sensitive lady and could sense that her
father wanted her to get in touch with all these wealthy men and women As for his


She pursed her lips tightly

“Dad still can’t let go of his prejudice against Francisco

Nolan sipped his wine slowly as he glanced at this scene thoughtfully

Maisie sent him a text message at this moment, asking him not to drink too much wine and that she
had prepared supper and was waiting for him to go home The corners of his lips rose slightly

My wife is waiting for me at home, and I really wish to go home immediately These events are so

“Mr Goldmann.” Naomi walked up to him and asked cautiously, “Can I occupy a few minutes of your
time 7

Nolan and Naomi came out to the corridor knowing that she had a favor to ask. Nolan immediately
opened his mouth Just give it to me, Ms Topaz

Naomi lowered her head “1 know that you’re quite close to my father so I want to ask you to help
persuade my father and get him to let go of his prejudice against Francisco

Nolan squinted slightly He had probably guessed Anthony’s purpose for bringing his daughter to the
banquet tonight “What makes you think I can convince Mr



think my father will accept your opinion to a certain extent. She bit her lip No matter how she

communicated with her father, trying to explain the whole thing to him, her father obviously would not
listen to her.

She did not want to ruin her relationship with her father, nor did she want to leave Francisco.

“Mr. Topaz is definitely a good father.” Nolan frowned. After having children, he could somewhat
understand the feeling of being a father. “Ms. Topaz, you shouldn’t rely on others if you want to
convince your father.”

Naomi was stunned for a moment.

Nolan’s expression was unchanged. “If you want your father to let go of his prejudice against
Francisco, the problem can’t be solved by relying on someone else’s advice. The problem has to be
solved by the two of you and only the two of you.”

Naomi pursed her lips and clenched her hands tightly. Before going back into the room, Nolan said,
Perhaps, this is the test that’s sitting right in between the two of you.”

She froze in place.

Returning to the private room, Anthony summoned Naomi with a smile. “Nelly, Mr. Clifford mentioned
about you just now, saying that you played the piano well the last time you two met, so why not go up
the stage and have another go with Mr.


Naomi’s gaze landed on the piano that was placed on the stage, and Jackie had already sat right next
to it

Anthony pushed her over. “Go and give it a try.”

Jackie seemed to be waiting for her, and when he saw Naomi coming onto the stage, he grinned “Ms
Topaz, all you need to do is assist me from the side.”

Naomi nodded. She sat down next to Jackie, and they played Pachelbel’s Canon in D major with four
hands Everyone present looked at their collaboration and praised them

“These two kids seem to be a good match.”

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