Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 451:

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Chapter 451:

Qiao Siying felt the heat in her nose and quickly reached out to wipe what came out.

Then her index finger directly turned red.

Seeing that she had a nosebleed, Qiao Siying’s eyes widened.

She was dumbfounded.

She had a nosebleed because she touched Lin Yuan’s body?!

For Qiao Siying this is simply unacceptable and incomprehensible.

Lin Yuan is the person she hated so much.

How could she…

How could she have such poor concentration?!

When Lin Yuan saw that Qiao Siying actually had a nosebleed.

He also raised his eyebrows and was slightly astonished.

He tilted his head slightly as he tried to understand.

It took him not long to understand why Qiao Siying had a nosebleed.

Although the young lady Miss Qiao Siying studied abroad in a more open and liberated atmosphere, she is still very innocent and simple.

The corners of Lin Yuan’s mouth are slightly tilted.

He just smiled and asked: “Miss Qiao, is it too tiring at work? Or are you in heat recently?”

Hearing Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying felt as if her entire face is burning in fire.

The nosebleed flowed even harder.

It was only one nostril, but now both nostrils are beginning to flow!

And she also noticed Lin Yuan’s smile.

Obviously, he had guessed why she had a nosebleed.

Qiao Siying felt so embarrassed.

She actually had a nosebleed in front of Lin Yuan!

She quickly withdrew her hand which was helping Lin Yuan wear his bathrobe.

Then she pressed her nose hard.

There was just no way to counter Lin Yuan’s ironic allusion.

She then said quickly: “I… I’ll go to the toilet first!”

She didn’t wait for Lin Yuan to respond as after she spoke, she turned and ran away.

Lin Yuan can clearly see how red Qiao Siying’s face was to the root of her ears.

He smiled and shook his head.

Lin Yuan didn’t tie the belt of the bathrobe.

He just walked into the house with unhurried steps.

Leaning on the sofa, he poured himself a glass of red wine and tasted it slowly.

Lin Yuan was already drinking for a long while when finally, Qiao Siying went slowly out of the toilet.

Her fair face was still red.

Lin Yuan doesn’t care and shouted directly: “Come here and pour the wine for me!”

Qiao Siying cast a glance at Lin Yuan.

Although she was very unhappy with Lin Yuan’s bossy tone, she could only follow his orders.

She picked up the red wine and poured it into Lin Yuan’s wine glass.

While enjoying Qiao Siying’s service, Lin Yuan smiled and quipped: “Miss Qiao, what was that nosebleed just now? Are you in heat? Would you like some chrysanthemum tea to clear the heat?”

Qiao Siying’s pouring hand shook slightly when Lin Yuan brought up the matter again.

Her face turned red again but she still pretended to be calm and replied: “It’s nothing.”

Looking at the appearance of Qiao Siying, Lin Yuan smiled more happily: “It is not because of me that you had a nosebleed, right? Or is it?”

“I didn’t know that Miss Qiao is actually a nympho. Are you craving for my body?” Lin Yuan doesn’t mince his words.

He wanted to see how embarrassed Qiao Siying would be, a person who is always arrogant in front of him and is also hateful of the rich.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s blunt words, Qiao Siying blushed instantly.

The hand that was pouring the wine trembled crazily.

There was a lot of red wine that spilled on the table.

“Wha… what are you talking about? I… I am not a nympho, let alone be attracted to or crave for your bod…body. Don’t disgust me!” Qiao Siying stuttered.

She firmly refuted Lin Yuan’s accusations.

Of course, she won’t agree with Lin Yuan.

Otherwise, won’t she lose her face?

Although she already lost a lot of face these past few days…

Hearing Qiao Siying’s rebuttal, Lin Yuan just smiled and didn’t speak.

After noticing Lin Yuan staying silent, Qiao Siying looked up at him slightly.

Her eyes couldn’t help but look at the opening gap of Lin Yuan’s bathrobe in an instant.

That distinct muscle lines are simply her lifelong adversary!

She looked up and her eyes met Lin Yuan’s playful eyes.

Qiao Siying quickly looked away and pretended not peeking into that gap.

Although she didn’t intend to peek just now, she still stared at it dazedly!

Lin Yuan also didn’t bother to tear up her concealment.

He commanded directly: “After pouring the wine, go put the water out and clean the swimming pool. If the work is done well, then maybe I can show this to you occasionally.”

“Lin Yuan!” Qiao Siying almost blow up instantly when she heard Lin Yuan’s teasing.

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