Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 452:

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Chapter 452:

“I don’t want to see it! Okay!? Filthy! Don’t think your body is is… is so attractive! Narcissist!” Qiao Siying refuted it in order to cover up.

But she also knew that she was already a dead duck with a hard mouth (T/N: The duck even they are dead their duckbill is still hard; Whatever you say to her, she just doesn’t recognize or admit her mistakes)

After speaking, she took the mop and went to the swimming pool.

Standing near the swimming pool, Qiao Siying breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the swimming pool is big and it will take a lot of effort to clean it, the good thing is that she need not face Lin Yuan.

She was relieved.

She was then busy cleaning the pool until dark.

And while Qiao Siying cleaned, Lin Yuan was already full.

He had already eaten and is now lying idle and playing games.

Qiao Siying who was tired and feeling sore all over gnashed her teeth.

But after seeing a few unopened takeaways, a smile immediately blossomed on her face.

Seeing that Lin Yuan seem not to care, Qiao Siying directly opened the takeaways.

Luckily, what he ordered today is not spicy food.

Did Lin Yuan, a wicked young master, finally find his conscience?

Humans can be strange sometimes.

Obviously, Lin Yuan asked her to do a lot of tiresome work today, which made her exhausted.

But when she saw the ordinary takeaway, she felt so happy.

Even the way she looked at Lin Yuan became even more favorable.

Perhaps this is human nature.

【 Ding! Qiao Siying’s favorability +3! Reward: 500 counterattack points! 】

Hearing the system prompt, Lin Yuan who was at this time playing a game, was quite surprised.

Then he turned to look at Qiao Siying.

He found that Qiao Siying was already eating the takeaway food that he hadn’t finished.

Looking at the strange smile on Qiao Siying’s face, Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows.

Then he understood.

It seems that Qiao Siying has a misunderstanding.

In fact, every time he orders takeaway, he always ordered a lot.

That is because he has a big appetite and was not afraid that he couldn’t finish it.

Yesterday, he ate heavy and oily spicy food, now he intends to eat lighter meals.

He didn’t expect Qiao Siying to eat the remaining servings.

He did not intend to give them to her.

Qiao Siying might have thought that he specially ordered for her too.

Many things grow in the garden that was never sown there. (T/N: Something you just did carelessly makes an unexpected achievement for you.)

Well, it is not a bad thing to get counterattack points for nothing.

Lin Yuan just continued to play the game.

When Qiao Siying saw Lin Yuan ignore her.

She pretended not to care also, but on the contrary, she smiled slightly.

‘Hmmph. Pretending!’

Qiao Siying thought that Lin Yuan must have wanted to maintain his image of a bad young master.

So he gave her takeaway food and pretend not to care.

‘Heh, men want to save face at all costs.’

‘But… it is not so bad, I guess…’

Lin Yuan’s unkind treatment and Qiao Siying’s growing affection for Lin Yuan, are having a debate on Qiao Siying’s mind.

Because of the takeaway, Qiao Siying is thinking about a lot of things she hadn’t thought of before.

Lin Yuan didn’t notice Qiao Siying’s strange thoughts and also didn’t bother paying attention to it.

After playing the game, Lin Yuan went upstairs.

He prepared to continue dealing with some things.

At the same time, he also urged Qiao Siying: “Hurry up and go upstairs after eating. I still have something I want you to do.”

Qiao Siying responded while eating: “Okay…”

Lin Yuan looked strangely at Qiao Siying.

Qiao Siying would always gnash her teeth when he commands her.

This is not quite like her.

Seeing Lin Yuan looking at her, Qiao Siying chewed the food faster.

She raised her head and asked curiously: “What’s the matter?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. Just looking at your face. Miss Qiao still looks pretty after all the tiresome work.”

Lin Yuan’s words were intended to make fun of Qiao Siying whose hair is a bit messy at this time, and not caring about her delicate appearance while eating.

That is because Qiao Siying had always maintained her neat blonde hair and her movements when eating is also very elegant.

But when Qiao Siying heard Lin Yuan’s ‘compliment’, her heart skipped a beat and her face suddenly blushed.

“Rea… really?” Qiao Siying asked in a low voice and was slightly shy.

Qiao Siying did not take it as Lin Yuan making fun of her.

Instead, she thought that Lin Yuan was really complimenting her.

She herself, in fact, wondered if she still looked good from all the sweating due to a lot of work today.

Lin Yuan, the young master with a bad personality, actually praised her.

And she is also wearing a maid outfit which might have made her particularly innocent and cute in the eyes of Lin Yuan.

It turned out that Lin Yuan likes this type?

Because of her favorability for Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying’s brain made up a lot of thoughts.

Lin Yuan ignored Qiao Siying’s thoughts and went upstairs directly.

After dealing with the company’s development and subsequent plans, it is almost time to go to bed.

At this moment, Qiao Siying finished her work.

Slowly like a zombie, she climbed up the stairs.

She is so tired but Lin Yuan had asked her to do some more work.

So although extremely reluctant, she still went to find him.

Qiao Siying came to Lin Yuan’s room.

At this moment, Lin Yuan was finishing his paperwork.

Lin Yuan turned and looked at Qiao Siying after putting the files in the drawer.

Qiao Siying looked so exhausted. So she was very impatient and asked Lin Yuan in a bad tone: “Master, what can I do for you? If it’s okay, can I go to bed?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “No hurry. I haven’t even slept yet, why is the maid in a hurry to sleep?”

“Calling you over is not a big deal. I just want you to…”

“I just want you to warm my bed.” Lin Yuan said with a smile.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Qiao Siying’s tired waist suddenly straightened and her whole body leaned back a little.

“Huh? Wa…warm the bed?!” Qiao Siying was dumbfounded.

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