Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 453:

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Chapter 453:

“Yes, warm the bed.” Lin Yuan smiled and repeated it again.

“Isn’t warming the bed something a maid should do? Hurry up, shake a leg, I am rushing to sleep. I don’t like sleeping under cold quilts.” Lin Yuan said directly while looking at the dazed Qiao Siying.

Actually, Lin Yuan wanted Qiao Siying to warm up the bed yesterday.

This could deal a great blow to her arrogance.

But Qiu Wanxi came yesterday.

And naturally, it is more important to roll the sheets with Qiu Wanxi.

So he can only ask Qiao Siying to do it today.

Qiao Siying’s pretty face turned red immediately.

Warming the bed?

What the hell?

Although warming the bed is indeed a maid’s duty, but that was for the maids from ancient times!

Qiao Siying blushed and refused directly: “Ma… maids nowadays do not have such a duty! And it is not even cold now! You even went swimming today. Now you want a warm bed?”

Warming the bed is too shameful.

How can a dignified young lady like her warm the bed for others?

If it spreads out, how embarrassing would it be?

Lin Yuan just smiled and replied: “How can the present maid not have such a duty? If you ask your maid to warm the bed, would they refuse? Or Miss Qiao is just trying to play tricks?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying’s body became slightly stiff.

That’s right, although there is generally no such duty for a maid to warm the bed, Qiao Siying cannot deny the fact that if her maid was ordered to do it, her maid would definitely do it.

Looking at Lin Yuan who kept his eyes on her, Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth.

Her thoughts tangled for a while, but she finally made a decision.

‘I had worn the shameful maid costume all throughout the tiring workday.’

‘Warming the bed is nothing at all!’

Qiao Siying’s principle of doing what she said is put in place.

But in fact, deep inside, she vaguely wanted to lie on Lin Yuan’s bed.

Of course, she would not admit this feeling that emanates from the bottom of her heart.

Lin Yuan is not in a rush.

He knows that based on Qiao Siying’s character, she will definitely agree.

Qiao Siying struggled for a while.

Then she stammered and said, “Okay, just wa… warm the bed!”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Fulfilling what you said should be your sole advantage.” 

“Hmph! Shut up!” Qiao Siying’s tone was dismissive of Lin Yuan.

But deep inside, she is actually excited.

Looking at the pink bed in Lin Yuan’s room, Qiao Siying stood motionless for a while.

Although she has already agreed to warm the bed, but thinking that it is the bed that Lin Yuan usually sleeps in, she was still very shy.

She barely had any intimate contact with the opposite sex.

And now she is about to lie on the bed of a man?

This… this feels too overwhelming!

So Qiao Siying who was wearing a maid’s skirt, stood still and kept squeezing her skirt.

The cat ears headband on her head also wobbled slightly.

Just looking at her appearance and movements, she looked quite cute.

Lin Yuan just looked at Qiao Siying and was not in a hurry.

He knew that Qiao Siying was preparing her emotions at this time.

After ten seconds, Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth and directly passed Lin Yuan.

She was ready to lie down on the bed, but suddenly her arm was caught.

Qiao Siying looked and found out that it was none other than Lin Yuan who pulled her.

Qiao Siying who was finally prepared psychologically, immediately exclaimed: “I’m already going to warm your bed. What else do you want?”

“You wouldn’t…”

As Qiao Siying spoke, the anger on her face suddenly turned to panic.

Would Lin Yuan take advantage of her in his room…

There is nobody else here, he can do whatever he wants with her, right?

Her physique is incomparable to Lin Yuan, there is no way she can resist…

Even though Lin Yuan has such a nice figure and handsome face…

But thinking about it, it seems that she is not at a complete disadvantage either…

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