Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 454:

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Chapter 454:

Qiao Siying was still thinking about how to resist, but her thoughts involuntarily turned sideways.

She blushed immediately.

Seeing Qiao Siying staring at him with a blushing face, Lin Yuan smiled slightly and said, “I won’t do anything. But where did you see a bed warmer who is all dirty? You will just get the bed dirty, and I don’t want to go to bed smelling your sweat. Go take a shower and warm the bed when you come back.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said and seeing how Lin Yuan stared at her dirty maid skirt after a tiring day of work, Qiao Siying immediately understood.

So it turns out that Lin Yuan is disgusted with her for being dirty?!

Qiao Siying’s face turned red from anger.

“Lin Yuan! Don’t go too far!”

Lin Yuan loosened his grip on Qiao Siying’s wrist, waved his hand, and said, “Go take a shower. How can I let you warm the bed when you’re all dirty?”

Looking at the annoying appearance of Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying tried hard to calm down.

She snorted and turned around to take a bath.

Well, Lin Yuan was right. She has to take a bath whether or not she is tasked to warm the bed.

She obediently went to take a bath.

She washed in the bathroom for a while.

She washed away not just the dirt from her body but also all the fatigue from a whole day’s tiring work.

Qiao Siying then closed the shower.

Her long blonde hair comfortably rested on her back.

After blowing dry her beautiful blonde hair, she habitually reaches out for her clothes on the hanger on the side.

However, it was empty.

There are no clothes at all.

Qiao Siying then realized she is not in her own house at the moment.

There is no maid to help her get her clothes ready anytime.

Qiao Siying looked down and found that her maid outfit had already been thrown into the bucket and was all wet.

And the other maid outfits which she can change into were still in her room.

There doesn’t seem to be any bathrobes in that bathroom either.

She can’t go out like this, can she?

She is alone with Lin Yuan in the villa.

If she is seen by Lin Yuan, what would happen?

She’s dead!

And she has such a perfect figure.

She is afraid that she will not be able to protect her innocence when Lin Yuan sees it!

“I must think of a way…” Qiao Siying murmured.

She began searching the bathroom.

She tried looking for something to use.

After some time, Qiao Siying still didn’t find anything useful to cover her body.

She is already feeling a little bit cold.

Suddenly, she saw a set of white silk nightdress on the hangers.

“This looks like… Wanxi’s nightdress?”

Qiao Siying suddenly thought of some bold idea.

At this moment, a cold wind blew in from the gap in the window.

Qiao Siying no longer hesitated.

She took off Qiu Wanxi’s dress from the hanger.

She put the same on herself.

“Wanxi, I’m sorry… this is an emergency and I can only borrow your clothes.” Qiao Siying apologized to the air with her hands tied together.

This is indeed an act out of desperation.

She really has no clothes to wear after all.

But after putting on Qiu Wanxi’s nightdress, Qiao Siying felt something strange inexplicably.

Anxiety? Excitement? Bizarre?

This is Qiao Siying’s first time wearing other people’s clothes.

And the clothes belong to Lin Yuan’s girlfriend!

Qiao Siying couldn’t help but imagine the appearance of Qiu Wanxi wearing this white nightdress.

It is fluttering and very beautiful, like a fairy descending on a mortal world.

But she seems to look pretty good too when she wears it.

Even… even better than Qiu Wanxi?

Before she realizes it, Qiao Siying was already standing in front of the mirror.

She looked at herself in the mirror as she compared herself with Qiu Wanxi.

“Pooh!” Qiao Siying’s pink cheeks suddenly turned red.

What the hell is she doing?

Secretly wearing other people’s clothes and even compares herself with others and thinks highly of herself.

This is just too shameless!

And no matter how good she looks, what’s the use?

No one would even appreciate it.

In the entire villa is only Lin Yuan who has a bad personality and whom she hates very much.

She’ll just use it temporarily and change back to her own clothes in her room.

Then put the same back to its original location.

After making a decision, Qiao Siying hurriedly went out of the bathroom.

She was about to go directly to the room where she slept last night to change to her own clothes.

But she had just walked out of the bathroom when she heard Lin Yuan.

“I heard you open the door. Have you finished taking a shower? Come over and warm up the bed, don’t dawdle.”

Qiao Siying frowned after she heard Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan, the young master of the Lin family, really has such short patience.

He always urged her to do things quickly.

She had just taken a shower and he urged her to go on and execute his orders.

He really has such an annoying personality.

Qiao Siying finally decided to just go on with her task since Lin Yuan has urged so.

She didn’t even get to change her clothes.

She wanted to just wear the clothes of Lin Yuan’s girlfriend and see how Lin Yuan would react to it!

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