Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 455:

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Chapter 455:

Qiao Siying is confident.

She believes her figure is no worse than Qiu Wanxi’s.

She doesn’t know why, but Qiao Siying suddenly wanted to compare herself to Qiu Wanxi.

Qiao Siying has made a decision and directly came to Lin Yuan’s room.

Qiao Siying originally wanted to see Lin Yuan’s reaction when he sees her wearing Qiu Wanxi’s nightdress,

But when she entered the door, she saw that Lin Yuan was seriously seated on the rocking chair and was reading a book.

He didn’t even look up to her.

“Hurry up and warm up the bed since you already cleaned yourself.” Lin Yuan said without even looking up.

Seeing that Lin Yuan didn’t pay attention to her at all, Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth secretly.

At the same time, there was a hint of discomfort since her plan failed.

Qiao Siying rolled her eyes and replied: “Okay.”

But before going straight to the bed, Qiao Siying deliberately walked by Lin Yuan’s chair and took a small half circle.

Then she found out that Lin Yuan who was carefully reading a book suddenly looked up.

Seeing Qiao Siying’s clothes at this time, Lin Yuan was slightly stunned.

Just now, when Qiao Siying passed, she brought a fragrant wind with her.

But what caught Lin Yuan’s attention was that familiar white-laced dress she was wearing.

After he looked up, he found out that that familiar dress belonged to his baby Qiu Wanxi.

Lin Yuan frowned and asked Qiao Siying: “Why are you wearing Wanxi’s clothes?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying was also a little embarrassed.

However, she still responded with her hands on her waist: “There was nothing in the bathroom just now. And Wanxi probably wouldn’t… wouldn’t mind me wearing this.”

When Qiao Siying said this, she felt a little shameless.

But looking at Lin Yuan frowning, Qiao Siying felt upset.

So even though it was shameless, she couldn’t help but ask: “Is…isn’t it pretty?”

After asking, Qiao Siying’s pretty face instantly turned red.

And Lin Yuan also looked at the young lady of the Qiao family unexpectedly.

Did she take the wrong medicine?

She only worked as a maid for a few days, and she has already gone crazy?

The very proud lady Qiao Siying, why is she too shameless all of a sudden?

She wore other people’s clothes and asked the boyfriend of the clothes owner how she looked???

After being silent for a while, Lin Yuan responded: “You… you are so sexy.”

In an instant, Qiao Siying was red to the back of her neck.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, she felt strange both mentally and physically

She doesn’t know if Lin Yuan was mocking her.

She actually thought of herself as a little shameless.

She doesn’t know why she is doing this.

It may be because she ate too much dog food from Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi the past few days.

She blushed and was too embarrassed to even reply.

She climbed directly onto Lin Yuan’s big bed.

She did as she was told and lay on Lin Yuan’s soft bed.

Qiao Siying couldn’t help but think that this was the bed where Lin Yuan lays on

And presumably, Qiu Wanxi often lays on it with Lin Yuan.

Qiao Siying could even faintly smell Qiu Wanxi and Lin Yuan’s body scents on the bed.

Looking at the strands of long hair scattered on the pillow, Qiao Siying sniffed.

She vaguely remembered what she heard last night.

She felt something immediately.

She covered her blushing cheeks with her hands and dare not think further.

She dares not think about it anymore.

But as she thought of it, she remembered that Lin Yuan was right next to the bed.

He asked her to warm the bed, especially today.

He wouldn’t take advantage of her, would he?

Thinking of this, Qiao Siying quickly turned to look at Lin Yuan.

But she only saw Lin Yuan still reading calmly on the chair next to the bed.

She was immediately relieved but at the same time, she felt inexplicably lost.

Qiao Siying didn’t think much.

She deliberately put away Qiu Wanxi’s hair and then continued to lie down.

The bed is big and very soft.

So Qiao Siying didn’t treat what she was doing as work.

She treated her lying down on the bed as an opportunity to take some rest.

Because the bed is so soft and warm and she was so tired, Qiao Siying’s eyelids gradually became heavy.

Just when her eyes were about to close and her consciousness gradually drifted, a pair of big hands was suddenly placed on her body.

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