Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 457:

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Chapter 457:

Qiao Siying actually felt a little regretful.

Lin Yuan forcefully opened the cloth bag she borrowed from Qiu Wanxi.

He mercilessly grabbed the mutton fat jade she treasured for so long.

Then he pinched it hard.

Seeing what Lin Yuan was doing with her precious treasure, Qiao SIying was dumbfounded.

Her eyes widened in shock.

There’s been a lot of confusion in her brain.

This is her most precious mutton fat jade!

She has been keeping this ancestral treasure for more than ten years.

She has never shown it to anyone let alone be touched before!

But now, it was violated mercilessly by Lin Yuan.

How could Qiao Siying accept this?

She never expected that her temporary willfulness will cause serious consequences.

Lin Yuan violated her precious mutton jade.

As Lin Yuan continues to pinch her mutton fat jade, her heart aches.

Qiao Siying couldn’t help it as her chest kept on rising and falling while breathing hard.

It… it hurts.

Although it was only her ancestral treasure mutton jade that was being pinched, it seems her whole body feels hurt.

Her whole body hurts so much that it’s almost numb.

Qiao Siying couldn’t help but shout loudly: “Let me go!”

Qiao Siying shout and tried to stop Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan didn’t seem to hear it and paid no attention to her.

He continued to impose punishment on the naive young lady maid.

Seeing that Lin Yuan did not listen at all.

Qiao Siying endured the urge to cry.

She started to resist wanting to take back her precious mutton fat jade herself.

But obviously, her strength is incomparable to Lin Yuan.

She can’t take back her precious treasures at all.

Qiao Siying regrets it now.

She realized she had overestimated Lin Yuan’s tolerance and patience toward her.

She also underestimated the extent to which Lin Yuan would punish her.

Powerless, Qiao Siying felt so humiliated.

She can’t help but cover her face and sob softly.

After she cried for half a minute, Lin Yuan returned Qiao Siying’s mutton fat jade to her.

Qiao Siying tremblingly held the finger-marked mutton fat jade that had been violated by Lin Yuan.

Her precious treasures had changed shape a lot.

Qiao Siying’s heart was filled with misery and she was very scared.

She can only put the mutton fat jade back into the cloth bag.

Then she quickly jumped out of the bed.

Leaving this room that scares her so much.

Leaving Lin Yuan, the Great Demon King!



After Qiao Siying left, Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Qiao Siying’s treasure felt pretty good.

Does this young lady really think he is afraid to do anything to her?

You are thinking too much.

He won’t allow her obstinateness!

At this moment, Qiao Siying had just returned to her room.

As soon as she got back to the room, Qiao Siying opened her cloth bag.

She checked her mutton fat jade.

Looking at the dark finger marks on her mutton fat jade, Qiao Siying felt so humiliated.

She felt so aggrieved.

She can’t hold back her tears from falling down.

She already wanted to go home…

She misses her dad…

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