Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 459:

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Chapter 459:

Qiao Siying took the initiative to say thanks.

There was even a tear in the corner of her eyes.

Lin Yuan was a little stunned by Qiao Siying’s behavior.

Seeing Lin Yuan staring straight at her, Qiao Siying blushed and turned her head quickly.

She then began to eat the bowl of porridge.

Lin Yuan’s cooking this time is no worse than the last time.

And since it is still a little warm, it is even a little better than last time

Qiao Siying still feels a little ecstatic.

She finds the porridge very delicious.

【Ding! Qiao Siying’s favorability +3! Reward: 500 counterattack points! 】

Hearing the system prompt, Lin Yuan is also a little speechless.

After what he did yesterday, Qiao Siying’s favorability actually increased?

IS Qiao Siying actually… a masochist?

But after thinking about it, Lin Yuan also understood.

It is probably because of his bad attitude towards Qiao Siying before.

Compared to how he is now coupled with the breakfast he has prepared using his superb cooking skills.

And also, Qiao Siying’s good feelings toward him.

Maybe this is one of human nature.

Every good deed is reciprocated, the same goes for the bad things.

He had always treated her badly, and now he suddenly treats her well.

It is similar to ‘help a man once gains grace, help the man too much gains hatred’.

In fact, Qiao Siying also feels that being like this is not good.

But the porridge made by Lin Yuan is really delicious.

As soon as she puts the porridge into her mouth, it is so soft that it melts.

She can’t say anything bad about it at all.

This is already the third day.

She plans to just get through the day.

After this day she will not need to be a maid again.

She can be the young lady of the Qiao family again.

After eating breakfast, Qiao Siying thought about the work she has to do today.

But Lin Yuan did not ask Qiao Siying to continue sweeping or mopping the floor today.

Instead, Lin Yuan looked at her and said faintly: “The house is not dirty so you need not clean it today. You can sing a song for me. I am tired and I want to be entertained. “


Qiao Siying hesitated.

She rarely sings in front of others.

Singing is not a big deal.

She is also able to sing.

But in front of Lin Yuan, she always feels ashamed.

Why would she sing for Lin Yuan?!

Qiao Siying stood still and contemplated for a long time.

She would rather go and do the dirty work.

But Lin Yuan urged again.

“Hurry up and sing.”

“O…okay!” Qiao Siying could only agree to sing in front of him.

After contemplating for a while, she found that it was not so hard to accept.

That is because she knew that Lin Yuan is the original singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ song.

She likes the song very much.

She hums it herself many times every day.

Good songs do not always come from a good person.

Although Lin Yuan’s personality is not good.

But anyhow he is the original singer of the song that she likes.

She decided to sing to Lin Yuan.

Qiao Siying thought about it and it was quite acceptable.

“Then I will sing ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.” Qiao Siying said nervously.

Lin Yuan is just cool about it.

“Cough, cough…”

Qiao Siying cleared her throat.

Then she sang:

“Within its misty color wild fish, you got hungry last night.” (Within its blue misty drizzle, I am waiting for you)…

The sound from Qiao Siying’s throat was quite strange and was inaudible.

As soon as Lin Yuan heard this, he shouted: “Stop!”

Lin Yuan hurriedly asked Qiao Siying to stop.

The sound was just too ugly.

Qiao Siying, the young lady of the Qiao family, turned out to be tone-deaf?

Looking at Lin Yuan’s disgruntled eyes, Qiao Siying’s face blushed.

She doesn’t know what to say.

It’s not that she really is tone-deaf that she sings so badly.

It’s also not that she can’t remember the lyrics. She has heard the song countless times.

She was just really too nervous.

She doesn’t know why but she always wanted to perform well in front of Lin Yuan, the original singer.

She wanted Lin Yuan to see her good side.

But on the contrary, she sang weirdly out of nervousness.

But Lin Yuan wanted to relax.

He shook his head and didn’t want to listen anymore to Qiao Siying’s howling.

He then sat directly next to the piano in the hall and then played it.

Although it was the system that improved his piano skills to the divine level, but Lin Yuan himself also likes music.

He usually plays the piano by himself to soothe his emotions and relax.

Of course, most of the time he plays by himself and is not good at listening to others.

But that has improved after he met Chi Qian.

He would definitely want Chi Qian to play the piano for him and just sit back and enjoy.

And then Lin Yuan remembered Ye Feng’s fiancée Yun Yaxuan from the original novel.

She likes classical music and can even play the piano well. Lin Yuan can also ask her to play the piano for him in the future.

Today, Lin Yuan just wanted to hear Qiao Siying sing a song.

He didn’t expect it to be so good but also never expected the same to sound like howling ghosts. So he decided to entertain himself.

With Lin Yuan playing, a stream of soothing music floated from the piano.

It has the same tone as the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ song.

But the rhythm is a thousand times better than Qiao Siying. It is a world of difference.

Hearing this, Qiao Siying was blushing.

Lin Yuan’s talent and performance are a world away from hers which makes her feel ashamed.

But she soon forgot about it.

Qiao Siying didn’t realize that she has fell directly into Lin Yuan’s playing and was fascinated by it.

Hearing such a beautiful sound, Qiao Siying can’t help but think of Lin Yuan.

It seems that Lin Yuan has always been better than she thought?

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