Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 460:

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Chapter 460:

The singing is very nice.

His playing of the piano is also very good.

The equestrian skills she was so proud of is not as good as Lin Yuan’s.

His figure is also very perfect.

His appearance is also first-rate.

He is capable.

His family background is exceptional too…

‘Wait… crap!’

Qiao Siying was taken aback suddenly.

Why did she suddenly think of Lin Yuan’s good qualities?

Obviously, Lin Yuan did such an excessive thing to her yesterday.

And he has always treated her very badly.

But as soon as she finished Lin Yuan’s porridge today, and after listening to his music, her grievances inexplicably disappeared.

She even felt emotional because Lin Yuan made her breakfast!

Isn’t this like Stockholm syndrome?!

She was emotional because Lin Yuan showed her kindness.

Even Qiao Siying couldn’t explain it.

It seems like she even wanted Lin Yuan to talk viciously to her and bully her…

Qiao Siying shook her head.

She hastily threw out the strange thoughts.

But she can’t get rid of it all.

Qiao Siying was still unable to restrain herself.

With the sound of the piano, her good feelings for Lin Yuan continued to prosper.

‘Within its blue misty drizzle, I am waiting for you…’

‘And if it is me he is waiting for, how good it would have been…’

When Lin Yuan was finally finished, Qiao Siying’s heart throbbed slightly.

【Ding! Qiao Siying’s favorability +4! Reward: 700 counterattack points! 】

Lin Yuan heard the system prompt and looked back at the slightly sluggish Qiao Siying curiously.

He felt it strange that a simple meal can improve Qiao Siying’s favorability of him.

Listening to him playing the piano also did the same.

It is a pretty good way to improve her favorability.

But he lacks interest in Qiao Siying.

In terms of appearance, Qiao Siying is definitely not worse when compared to Yan Ruyue and Qiu Wanxi.

But in terms of character, Lin Yuan feels that even the previous Yan Ruyue was still better off than Qiao Siying.

And as Lin Yuan stopped playing, Qiao Siying also returned to reality from the fantasy she was in because of Lin Yuan’s music.

She was deeply moved by Lin Yuan’s breakfast and so does his music.

Seeing Lin Yuan preparing to get up, Qiao Siying couldn’t help but blurt out and said: “Can you play another song and I will listen carefully?”

Looking at Qiao Siying, Lin Yuan shook his head.

Qiao Siying immediately showed a trace of disappointment on her face.

Lin Yuan suddenly smiled and asked, “You like listening very much that you want me to play another song?”

Qiao Siying hesitated and then nodded.


Lin Yuan smiled immediately and responded: “it’s not possible unless you agree to be a maid for one more week. Only then will I play another song for you.”

Qiao Siying became mad immediately.

Just for Lin Yuan to play another song, he asks her to be his maid for one more week?

The transaction is too bad!

And she couldn’t stand being a maid any longer.

Qiao Siying with her hands on her hips snorted coldly and said: “Hmmph, it is impossible. In fact, you are just average.”

Qiao Siying’s mouth is sharp as always.

And so Lin Yuan smiled and said, “What about it? Isn’t it still better than your singing?”

When those words came out of Lin Yuan’s mouth, Qiao Siying immediately blushed.

She just can’t refute that.

She really indeed did not do very well.

But Qiao Siying puckered her lips and retorted: “I was just too nervous earlier… Besides you are rich, you should spend more on lessons to learn and play better…”

Qiao Siying’s rebuttal emanated from her strong hatred of the rich again.

Lin Yuan just glanced at Qiao Siying.

This is one of the reasons why he has never been fond of Qiao Siying.

In fact, Qiao Siying even as a rich young lady, is very good in most aspects, even her character is also good.

Otherwise, she would have not had a harmonious relationship with Qiu Wanxi.

But she has an inexplicable hatred of the rich that clouds her judgment.

And every day, she talks about liberty, freedom, equality, and so on.

Lin Yuan decided to teach her today and break her already broken ideals and values.

Lin Yuan smiled and responded: “Miss Qiao, do you think that if you have the money, you can attain a higher level of skills in music? What about you? You still sing so badly.”

Qiao Siying’s face blushed but she still retorted: “I did sing very badly but there is something wrong with your view. If I don’t have the money, how can I learn music?”

Lin Yuan didn’t refute this. Instead, he said: “What you said makes sense. But you keep talking about the gap between the rich and the poor all the time. Have you ever contributed to bridging the gap between the rich and the poor?”

As soon as she heard, Lin Yuan’s words, Qiao Siying was immediately excited.

Her face stopped blushing, her waist is not bent and her hands were on her hips.

Qiao Siying looked directly at Lin Yuan, quite contented. She is under the impression that Lin Yuan didn’t understand the situation.

Then she said: “Of course, I have made a contribution and even have been actively practicing my philosophy. The money that I won from the horse racing, as well as the money I got, are all used for charitable purposes. Moreover, I also donate frequently.”

Hearing what Qiao Siying said, Lin Yuan smiled immediately.

What Qiao Siying said as chivalrous deeds were actually funded by the money she swindled from the rich.

For example, the first time he met Qiao Siying.

It was Qiao Siying who almost touched Lin Yuan’s Lamborghini with her BMW.

It directly left a very bad impression on Lin Yuan.

So at this moment, Lin Yuan laughed and said: “Your so-called chivalrous deed is fake. Aren’t you embarrassed to use the money you scammed from others for charity?”

Qiao Siying blushed once again but she didn’t feel that what she is doing is wrong at all.

She bit her lip and said, “Why would I be embarrassed? You, rich second generations are rich and do all kinds of squandering and wasting. Is it not better to use it for charity?”

Lin Yuan smiled slightly and said: “I won’t refute that. You may be right. Maybe they are just wasted.”

“But what you are doing is scamming! Or do you think that scamming is a good thing? “

“You hate the rich when in fact, if it weren’t for your identity being the young lady of the Qiao family, you would have been in jail a long time ago!”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s sharp and merciless words, Qiao Siying’s face turned red.

She was speechless.

Although she herself knows that she had been robbing the rich to help the poor is not justified.

And it is also true that she also relied on her identity as the young lady of the Qiao family to carry out her deeds.

Otherwise, those rich second generations would have asked her to be jailed a long time ago.

Qiao Siying could not refute Lin Yuan’s words.

But what Lin Yuan said about her ideals and her actions made Qiao Siying extremely upset again.

She could only divert the subject and began to attack personally: “You keep talking! Right, what I did was wrong! But have you done anything?! All you do is talk!”

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