Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 464:

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Chapter 464:

Not even waiting for Qiao Siying to finish speaking, there came loud bangs.

Hearing these banging sounds and seeing these villagers violently smashing the back door of the truck, Qiao Siying’s heartbeat raced.

The back door of this truck is not firm.

The lock was broken very quickly.

Then these people swarmed up the truck, rushing crazily for food.

Watching these people swarming crazily on the grains and bread, Qiao Siying shouted.

“Don’t worry! The bread and grains will be distributed equally! You just have to register to get a fair share!”

But no one paid attention to her shout.

Qiao Siying could only stare and stomp her feet in anger.

How can these people from Hongshan Village be so barbaric?

She has come here to deliver relief goods but here they are blocking the way and acting like robbers.

Qiao Siying began to question her belief that poor people are always kind.

Lin Yuan’s words ‘a barren mountain and polluted water often yields to wicked people’ slowly occupies her heart

Quickly, the truck that had the grains and bread inside was emptied.

Qiao Siying could only stare on the side.

She can’t even say a word.

And it doesn’t stop there, the male villagers who looted the truck are looking strangely at Qiao Siying.

They looked like they have an interest in her whom they find very pretty.

Qiao Siying is not a fool either.

She recognized those stares.

What else would it mean?

Qiao Siying didn’t say anything more.

She was very scared.

She quickly ran back to the driver’s seat of the truck and closed the doors tightly.

The male villagers staring at Qiao Siying were taken aback when they saw this.

Five or six of them ran to the front of the truck.

There is also one in front of the door to the driver’s seat

HE kept banging the door with the wooden club in his hand.

At the same time, he kept saying some obscene words.

“Female Buddha, is there anything more delicious? Give us more!” (T/N: meaning a kind woman)

“You are really a female buddha. You gave us food, you are so kindhearted and you are very beautiful. Let’s be friends!”

“I have never seen such a beautiful girl. Female buddha, come down and have fun with us!”

Hearing these obscene words accompanied by the banging sound of those clubs hitting the body of the truck, Qiao Siying felt very distressed.

As the clubs kept hitting the truck, Qiao Siying’s heart trembled even more.

As far as she can remember, those she had helped were poor yet very polite people.

She thought that when they received the good news, they would also act kindly.

But her going to Hongshan Village today has completely overturned her beliefs.

She has not even arrived at Hongshan Village yet, and the truck was stopped by a private checkpoint set up by the Hongshan villagers.

First, there is a forced toll.

And then they tried to deflate the tires.

And even if she said she came to send food, these people did not even show the slightest gratitude.

They even broke into the truck and violently looted the relief goods.

They also looked at her indecently and kept speaking obscene words.

This current situation is very different from when Lin Yuan took her to restaurants and private clubs which she thought was nothing. At least they are peaceful and orderly.

Listening to the noises around, Qiao Siying’s naive worldview is gradually collapsing.

As the young lady of the Qiao family, she experiences a smooth sailing life.

For the first time, she felt the evil of the world, and how disgusting humans can be.

Qiao Siying did not dare to get out of the truck at all.

That is because more and more villagers gathered around the truck.

Everyone was shouting.

Some people wanted her to give them more food, and some say they wanted to “make friends” with her.

She covered her mouth so as not to scream.

Qiao Siying could only stare at the windows in fear.

Her mind was in a muddle at the moment.

She can only pray that someone will come and save her.

However, while she stared out the window, Qiao Siying did not see the face of the rescuer.

It was some nasty man’s face!

It turned out that a villager has climbed up the side of the driver’s seat and stuck his face into the truck’s window.

Looking at this nasty face, Qiao Siying couldn’t help but let out a scream.

At the same time, she was so scared that she cried.



Lin Yuan saw all this as he observed from afar.

From when Qiao Siying dealth with the roadblocks, to the smashing and looting and even the obscene language spoken, Lin Yuan had heard and seen it all as he observed from afar.

But he was not in a rush.

He even took out his mobile phone and played for a while.

He had already heard about the folk customs of some unscrupulous villagers from Hongshan Village.

So he had already guessed what will happen.

But he wanted this naïve young lady to experience it all.

Her perception that all the poor people are kind is very wrong.

Lin Yuan was not in a hurry to help her of her current plight.

Although he did not orchestrate this, he found that the villagers was worse off than he thought.

But anyway, it has helped execute his plan.

If he rescues her early, it will not be a very traumatic experience for her to learn the hard way.

He wanted to make this young lady more horrified for her to learn.

She shall be scared enough, then he plans to take action.

Seeing someone had already begun to climb the truck, Lin Yuan put the phone back in his pocket.

At the same time, he turned his head and cast a look at the group of security officers behind him.

“Let’s go!”

The security officers immediately understood.

All the tall and strong-looking security officers all rushed up with their batons.

Originally, when they saw the security officers rushing up, the villagers were still quite disgruntled.

But they are just a vile group of people who can’t do anything, how can they be the opponent of well-trained security officers?

Soon, they were knocked over by the securities.

Then they all ran away quickly.

And Lin Yuan strolled behind.

He walked towards the door of the big truck.

At this moment, Qiao Siying can see the nasty villager’s face on the truck’s window glass.

The villager spoke obscene language and splashed saliva everywhere

Although he can’t touch her at all since the truck’s door and window blocked him, Qiao Siying was still very scared.

Just when Qiao Siying was so distraught that tears already came out of her eyes, a figure appeared behind the villager whose face was stuck to the truck’s window.

She saw this figure pinch the villager’s neck hard.

Not waiting for the nasty villager to react, the figure lift the villager up and slammed him to the ground.

This figure is none other than Lin Yuan!

Upon seeing Lin Yuan, a strong light flashed instantly in Qiao Siying’s beautiful teary eyes.

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