Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 467:

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Chapter 467:

This man looked quite familiar.

After taking a closer look, he finally realized who it was.

‘Isn’t this Lin Yuan, that kid from the Lin family?!’

But in his impression, the relationship between his daughter and Lin Yuan is not that good.

He remembered at Mei Family’s banquet before, Qiao Siying told him how bad Lin Yuan was and how he bullied her.

What happened today that they came home together?

What going on?

He immediately observed more carefully.

As a result, he also discovered that Qiao Siying’s eyes seem to always wander over Lin Yuan.

Qiao Jianye immediately understood it.

Qiao Siying was arguing with Lin Yuan before and she also said that Lin Yuan is not a good person.

But it turned out to be just a quarrelsome but loving couple.

With just one look, Qiao Jianye can see through his daughter.

She definitely has a good impression of Lin Yuan.

In fact, he himself is quite satisfied with Lin Yuan.

However, he does not intend to give away his daughter so easily.

He also wants to test Lin Yuan.

Qiao Jianye’s mind spins sharply.

After a lot of thought, he walked toward Lin Yuan and Qiao SIying

Qiao Jianye first smiled and nodded to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also nodded to him.

Then, Qiao Jianye turned to his daughter, Qiao Siying.

Qiao Jianye asked Qiao Siying directly: “Brat, where have you been the past days? You’ve been away for too long.”

Hearing Qiao Jianye’s question, Qiao Siying remembered how she worked as a maid for Lin Yuan in his villa for three days.

She blushed slightly and said, “I went to a friend’s house to unwind.”

Hearing her answer, Qiao Jianye nodded, but deep inside:

‘Hmmph! Went to a friend’s house? I am afraid you went to Lin Yuan’s house!’

Qiao Jianye quietly observed Qiao Siyng’s walking and standing posture.

Then he breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it seems normal and nothing happened to them yet.

This made Qiao Jianye feel relieved.

Otherwise, having his precious daughter whom he hasn’t seen for a few days, robbed just like that.

Even if it was Lin Yuan whom he has a good impression of, it would be hard to accept.

After some inquiry and observation, Qiao Jianye did not talk anymore with his daughter.

Instead, he walked quickly to Lin Yuan’s side.

He greeted Lin Yuan enthusiastically: “Hello Xiao Yuan. Did you come with Siying?”

“Yes. Hello, Uncle Qiao.” Lin Yuan smiled and replied.

“Xiao Yuan, you are really extraordinarily talented and good-looking. Not only are you handsome, but you are also extremely capable, I believe that you are the best among the younger generation of Jiangbei.” Qiao Jianye shook hands with Lin Yuan and patted him cordially on the shoulders while he praised.

Lin Yuan smiled and his face remained calm. “ I’m flattered, uncle Qiao.”

Lin Yuan’s performance at the Mei family banquet was known to all.

Moreover, Lin Yuan has done a lot of things that aided the Lin Group to develop and expand further.

Qiao Jianye knew about the stock trading and expanding their shares.

He knows that if Lin Yuan wanted to do such a thing in a large group like Lin group, just relying on his identity is not enough.

Lin Yuan himself must be very capable.

Moreover, Lin Yuan shows his mysterious fortune-telling skill during the Mei family Banquet.

So Qiao Jianye wanted to take Lin Yuan as his son-in-law.

But he is not in a hurry to test him and plans to first treat his future son-in-law with warm reception first.

“Let us go in and talk. Uncle asked someone to bring some Dahongpao tea just a few days ago. Let’s talk while drinking.” Qiao Jianye laughed, hooked his arm in Lin Yuan’s shoulder, and enthusiastically invited him in.

Qiao Jianye gave Lin Yuan so much face.

So Lin Yuan smiled naturally and entered the Qiao family’s villa with him.

And when Qiao Siying saw her father who had always loved her greet Lin Yuan enthusiastically while ignoring her, she felt a little annoyed.

But quickly, she becomes happy.

That is because she thought suddenly that since her dad has a good impression of Lin Yuan.

Wouldn’t it be easier if they decide to get married…

‘Pooh pooh pooh! ‘

‘Who wants to marry him?!’

Qiao Siying shook her head quickly as she drove away her crazy thought.

Qiao Siying didn’t know why she suddenly thought of such a crazy thing.

She is unaware that she already has a high favorability for Lin Yuan at this time.

This is the reason why she can’t help but think about marrying him.

After entering the villa, the three were seated.

Qiao Jianye poured a cup of tea for Lin Yuan and himself.

Qiao Siying on the side was seated quietly.

Every now and then, she would sneak a peek at Lin Yuan.

Qiao Jianye noticed this.

He smiled and looked at Qiao Siying.

Then, he turned to look at Lin Yuan. He smiled at Lin Yuan who was drinking tea.

And then, he asked him, “Xiao Yuan, what do you think of my Siying?”

”Puff!” Qiao Siying who was also drinking tea, spewed tea straight out of her mouth.

Fortunately, it all went to her cup, so she didn’t spray the same onto other people’s faces.

What is up with her father?

Why would he ask this when they just sat down?

Shouldn’t he begin with a conversation first?

And why does it sound like you are marrying your daughter off?

Qiao Siying’s face blushed and glared at her father.

However, Qiao Jianye ignored her.

Then Qiao Siying looked at Lin Yuan.

Although she is not very pleased with Qiao Jianye’s sudden question, but the way she looked at Lin Yuan has some tinged of hope… and expectation.

Different from Qiao Siying’s rather nervous reaction.

Lin Yuan still looked calm.

He smiled and said, “She’s fine. Miss Qiao… is quite beautiful.”

Lin Yuan did not expect Qiao Jianye to ask this suddenly.

In this case, he must be polite and compliment someone else’s daughter.

But how can he praise Qiao Siying?

He didn’t know what to praise on her!

He also doesn’t like doing things against his will.

So, he can only praise her for being beautiful.

Just judging from the outside, the blonde Qiao Siying really deserved the title of being one of the top four beauties in Jiangbei.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s praise, Qiao Siying blushed slightly and looked away.

And Qiao Jianye smiled hearing this.

After smiling, he prepared to continue asking.

But before Qiao Jianye can ask again about Qiao Siying, Lin Yuan interrupted him.

”Actually, Uncle Qiao, I came here today mainly because I have something to discuss with you.” Lin Yuan said to Qiao Jianye.


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