Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 471:

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Chapter 471:

There was a message from Chi Qian on Lin Yuan’s phone.

Lin Yuan clicked to take a look at it.

The message read as…

Chi Qian: “Brother Lin Yuan, I will have my final exam tomorrow. Do you have the time tomorrow?”

Seeing Chi Qian’s message, Lin Yuan thought for a while and remembered that tomorrow is indeed Chi Qian’s final exam.

He played with her several times in the past two weeks.

Their coordination can be regarded as seamless.

Lin Yuan immediately typed a reply to Chi Qian’s message.

”Of course, I have the time, otherwise, so many days of practice will be wasted.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s reply, Chi Qian who was staring at her phone smiled.

Chi Qian typed lightly and sent another message.

”I have troubled you these past few days brother Lin Yuan. I am very grateful.”

Lin Yuan smiled and replied to Chi Qian.

The two chatted for a while.

Lin Yuan then droves back home and thought about his plan for a moment.

After Lin Yuan left, Qiao Jianye immediately instructed his people to do as Lin Yuan told them.

Jiangbei suppliers are strictly prohibited from supplying goods to the Lu family and their personnel.



Meanwhile, Ye Feng and Lu Wanli, accompanied by their subordinates rushed to the Jiangbei building materials market.

There are so many people and cars parked alongside the building materials market.

Obviously, the supply of timber and other supply is in demand.

Lu Wanli and Ye Feng came today to find one or several timber suppliers with whom they shall discuss cooperation.

With this cooperation, they shall develop the nationally well-known furniture industry of the Lu Family.

However, Lu Wnali did not look at those timber suppliers.

Instead, he looked at the doorstep of the main market.

There is a Go board which people can play for fun when they’re bored.

Lu Wanli’s eyes lit up.

He directly pulled Ye Feng and said, “It just so happens that there is a Go board here. We haven’t played against each other for a long time. Junior brother, let’s play a game.”

Lu Wanli then turned his head to his subordinates and then continued: “Ah De, you go and talk to those timber suppliers. Tell them that we are going to buy a large number of timber and discuss with them about cooperation.”

”Okay!” Ah De responded respectfully and then quickly left.

Ye Feng followed Lu Wnali to the Go table.

Standing in front of the Go table, Ye Feng asked curiously: “Brother, do you not go and talk about business in person?”

Lu Wanli waved his hand and said: “There is no need for that. And I have no doubts about my people. If my subordinates cannot even do this thing well, what’s their use?”

”Even the top suppliers of red sandalwood and Chinese rosewood beg to cooperate with the Lu family. There is no need for me to go there in person and talk to these ordinary wood suppliers.”

”As long as they hear the name of the Lu family, these suppliers will automatically supply the timber at affordable or even low prices. That is because they know that my Lu family is a stable and long-term business partner.”

Ye Feng thought for a while and nodded immediately.

That is right.

Lu family’s reputation in the furniture industry, especially high-end furniture is well-known throughout the country.

There is really no need for Lu Wanli to lower himself and talk in person with these ordinary suppliers.

”Junior brother, sit down and play a game of Go with me. We have not played in a long time.” Lu Wanli smiled and sat beside the Go table.

Ye Feng also sat on the other side of the Go table.

The two played against each other.

While playing, Ye Feng said, “Lin Yuan and the Lin family behind him have been obstructing our development everywhere.”

”And they are indeed very powerful in Jiangbei, how can we counter them?” Ye Feng’s words contained a lot of worries.

Lu Wanli looked calm.

He then laughed and said, “Junior brother, you have completely forgotten our master’s teachings. In this mundane world, we have to look at all things from a transcendental perspective.

”The opposition to Lin Yuan and the Lin family is also like a game. This kind of game is very similar to the principles of Go.”

”You must be seeing that you are holding the white stone now and it seems that you have a great advantage. But after the black stone has fallen, how would I turn the tide?”

”As the old saying goes, ‘Know whiteness, maintain blackness, and be a model for all under the heaven. Who knows his manhood’s strength, Yet still his female feebleness maintains;’ Do you know what this means?”

Looking at Lu Wanli’s indifferent expression and listening to his unbothered words, Ye Feng thought carefully.

‘Know whiteness, maintain blackness, and be a model for all under the heaven.’ That is knowing what is in the bright but being contented in the dark and being willing to be the model of the world.”

‘Who knows his manhood’s strength, Yet still his female feebleness maintains’. It’s about knowing what a strong man is, but still maintaining his standing as a weak woman, willing to be at the stream torrents under the heaven.” Ye Feng said.

Lu Wanli smiled and said, “Yes, that’s what it means. So think about it, even if I know that Lin Yuan and the Lin family are deeply rooted in Jiangbei, what about it?”

”We are developing our power one step at a time. Sooner or later, he will discover what kind of behemoth he is up against.”

”Behind you is our master and many others. Why should you be anxious? Why should you be bothered by him?”

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up hearing Lu Wanli.

”What you said senior brother is true. We don’t need to worry. Lin Yuan and the Lin family are just turtles in a jar! They will meet their end one day!” Ye Feng replied.

Ye Feng felt that his senior brother Lu really deserves to be his senior brother.

He is in a realm he can’t compare to.

‘Know whiteness, maintain blackness’ really hit him hard.

”Well, it’s good that you finally understand. Junior brother, let’s continue with our game.” Seeing Ye Feng’s sudden enlightenment, Lu Wanli nodded in satisfaction.

The two then continued to play against each other.

After the two played for a few minutes, the subordinates Lu Wanli sent suddenly rushed back.

Even seeing the hurried footsteps of his men, Lu Wanli didn’t panic at all.

While continuing to play with Ye Feng, he asked indifferently: “How was it? Have you done the things I ordered?”

Although he asked the question, deep inside it is already a default that the timber supply cooperation has already been done.

But the person who came said with a slightly stiffened face: “Those… those timber merchants seem to be reluctant to supply us.”

”It’s done… WHAT?!”

Originally, Lu Wanli had already defaulted that the matter has been settled.

But hearing the update from his subordinate, the hand that had originally planned to drop the stone to the Go table immediately hung in the air.

He then turned his head.

His eyes looked like a sharp sword stabbing his subordinate.

” What do you mean they are unwilling to supply?” Lu Wanli’s tone was cold.

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