Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 473:

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Chapter 473:

But what made Lu Wanli more painful was that after thinking about it, there was still nothing he could do.

If it was in Shanghai, no one would have dared to do this to him.

These little timber suppliers wouldn’t have dared to be rude to him.

He can even shut them down with just a single word.

But it can only be done in Shanghai.

In Shanghai, their Lu family is the heaven.

But this is in Jiangbei.

In Jiangbei, their Lu family is like rootless duckweed.

And Lin Yuan and the Lin family can be regarded as a local snake here.

So, he is powerless.

He cannot even threaten these little suppliers.

Ye Feng was also quick to understand the situation.

With his gloomy face he asked Lu Wanli, “Senior brother, it seems Lin Yuan has already made a move to cut off our timber supply. What should we do?”

Hearing Ye Feng’s question, Lu Wanli also had a headache.

He was already targeted by Lin Yuan before.

He faced difficulty in being able to rent storefronts.

Yet, he still continued.

He didn’t mind if there were fewer stores.

He decided to just take one step at a time.

But now, there is not even a supply of timber.

What would he use to make furniture?

How can you cook rice without even the rice grains?

He had also invited many skilled craftsmen to work for him!

It turned out that his efforts are useless!

Lu Wanli thought for a while and then gnashed his teeth and said, “Since we can’t get the timber supply from Jiangbei, we will have to source it from Shanghai!”

After hearing Lu Wanli’s words, Ye Feng was startled and then said: “Senior brother, if we do that, I am afraid that the cost of production will increase greatly! At the same time, the profit will also be greatly reduced. There is even a high probability that you will bear huge losses!”

Lu Wanli smiled wryly and replied: “Xiao Feng, your senior brother knows it but there is no other way.”

“High cost is high cost, a loss is a loss. The Lu family must first expand the market in Jiangbei, otherwise, we won’t be able to do anything.”

Ye Feng can’t say a word because Lu Wanli was right.

They can only burn some money and bear the losses first.

Thinking that all of this was caused by Lin Yuan, Ye Feng couldn’t help but gnash his teeth.

As for Lu Wanli, he resented Lin Yuan even more.

In this situation, the Lu family can only burn some money and incur losses in order to continue to expand and develop in Jiangbei.

They had no other way but to do so.


【 Ding! Successfully banned Ye Feng and Lu Family! Plundered 20 fate points! Reward: 1000 counterattack points! 】

Meanwhile on the other side…

Lin Yuan just returned home when the system prompt sounded.

“It seems that Qiao Jianye acted fast and immediately ordered his people,” Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

Since Qiao Jianye took action, the Lu family was banned.

And just as he expected, Lu Wanli will decide to source timber from Shanghai

Lin Yuan thought a little bit and had a general impression of Lu Wanli’s character.

He is a very arrogant person.

As Ye Feng’s senior brother, he will never leave Jiangbei as a loser.

And even at a loss, he will still push to open a furniture business and penetrate Jiangbei’s market.

Lin Yuan thought about his plan.

He then sent out people to monitor the movements and whereabouts of Ye Feng and Lu Wanli and his men.

The sky was already dark.

Seeing that it is approaching nighttime, Lin Yuan chatted with Qiu Wanxi and Mei Yuxian for a while.

Then he went back to talking to Chi Qian to prepare for tomorrow.

Lin Yuan then went to sleep.

The next day, Lin Yuan checked the time after getting up.

It was already past eight o’clock.

Chi Qian’s final exam will be past nine o’clock.

So Lin Yuan began to wash up without any haste.

He also had his helper back.

Lin Yuan who was playing with his mobile phone suddenly received a message from someone.

It came from Yu Shanshan.

The message read: “Cousin, where are you? Qian Qian is going to take her final exam today and you will play as her ensemble. Cousin, don’t tell me you overslept?!”

Obviously, Yu Shanshan is helping Chi Qian to urge him.

Lin Yuan replied casually: “Don’t worry. I am already up and I’ll be there soon.”

Lin Yuan looked at his phone to see if Chi Qian messaged him.

But Lin Yuan found that Chi Qian didn’t message him.

It seems that she is fully trusting him.

It can be said that only Yu Shanshan is anxious.

Lin Yuan packed up.

And then he left.

The auditorium of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music occupies a large area.

It can hold thousands of teachers and students.

Currently, the auditorium of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music was full of people.

The flow of people is quite huge.

That is because today is the annual final exam.

There is always an audience for music.

The school can’t do it behind closed doors.

Of course, music theory and the like are taken separately for a long time already.

And in the annual final exam, the school normally invites local musicians.

Several musicians were invited over to watch and give pointers.

If a student is skilled, he can be fortunately chosen as an apprentice by these musicians.

That’s a great opportunity.

So a lot of people came to watch also for these well-known musicians.

But of course, that is not the only reason.

The assessment is divided into several days according to level.

But today, a lot of people came for a special reason.

That is because Chi Qian will be performing in today’s assessment!

Although Chi Qian is low-key, her popularity is still quite high.

She is the real, the undisputed, and the number one goddess of the university. After all, her appearance is just too perfect.

She is also mysterious and alluring.

And her musical attainments are also very high.

Many people want to see her and her performance.

They are also curious if there will be a well-known musician who would take her as their apprentice on the spot.

This is a kind of dramatic scene that everyone wanted to witness.

And even if it doesn’t happen, they are not at a loss to see such beautiful scenery.

So there are so many people here today.

But what caught the attention of many people is that, as soon as they came to the auditorium, they found a very beautiful girl standing at the entrance.

The beautiful girl who looks like a fairy is none other than the school goddess Chi Qian.

Chi Qian stood at the entrance quietly.

Her long skirt waved gently as her hair fluttered slowly.

With her exquisite face and crystal clear perfect skin, she is like a fairy that walked out of a painting.

Many students are in awe and quite surprised at the sight of Chi Qian.

She usually attracts people’s attention, but Chi Qian herself is in fact very low-key.

Normally, before the usual assessment begins, she would sit quietly in the auditorium.

But today, she didn’t sit quietly in the auditorium like usual.

Instead, she stood at the entrance of the auditorium as if waiting for someone.

This instantly makes everyone curious.

The goddess is waiting for someone?

Who is she waiting for?

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