Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 474:

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Chapter 474:

Chi Qian has always had little contact with anyone else.

So seeing that Chi Qian seemed to be waiting for someone, everyone was naturally very curious.

Many people even slowed down and watched curiously.

Looking at the curious gaze cast from all directions, Yu Shanshan immediately stepped forward and blocked in front of Chi Qian.

Seeing Yu Shanshan, an unreasonable-looking and someone not easy to mess with blocking the goddess Chi Qian, many young men secretly cursed her deep inside.

But Yu Shanshan has a reputation for being unreasonable.

So they did not dare to provoke Yu Shanshan and just looked away.

Seeing this, Chi Qian smiled and thanked Yu Shanshan: “Thank you, Shanshan.”

Although Chi Qian is used to being stared at.

But she does not really like being looked at by others.

Yu Shanshan smiled, waved her hand, and said: “It’s fine. Brother Lin Yuan is not yet here so there will be a lot of flies. Of course, I have to protect my sister-in-law, Qian Qian. Oh I mean I have to protect my wife, Qian Qian.”

Hearing Yu Shanshan talking nonsense, Chi Qian immediately laughed and said: “What wife and sister-in-law are you talking about? Are you messing with me, do you want me to hit you?”

After saying that, Chi Qian raised her thin hand gently and made a threat.

Seeing Chi Qian’s movements, Yu Shanshan immediately shut her mouth.

She knew Chi Qian’s terrifying combat skills.

Except for her cousin, there should be no one that can compare to her.

She better be honest, it is okay to joke but it should not be too much that it would cost her life.

Although Yu Shanshan shut up, Chi Qian still thought of Yu Shanshan’s remarks.

She also thought of Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian thinks that Yu Shanshan’s words actually make sense.

Of course, it’s not about Yu Shanshan referring to her as her sister-in-law or wife, but the first half of her sentence.

Without Lin Yuan, many people would indeed stare at her, point fingers at her and some even go and strike up a conversation with her.

When she is alone or even with Yu Shanshan, she will always attracts a lot of attention.

But she remembered that it was much better the last time when Lin Yuan was next to her.

And while others may still continue to look at her, but having Lin Yuan next to her will make it difficult for others to have jealous thoughts.

There will be fewer people who would dare to stare at her for long.

Thinking of it this way, Chi Qian feels that it is better for Brother Lin Yuan to be around…

Chi Qian just thought about it for some time and then shook her head to drive away the thought immediately.

Isn’t it like using Brother Lin Yuan as a shield?

Chi Qian thought that it is not good to think of him this way.

Chi Qian did not continue to entertain such thoughts in her head.

In fact, Chi Qian’s idea obviously has two directions.

That is one to use Lin Yuan as a shield and the other is naturally to fall in love.

That is to be in an intimate relationship.

But Chi Qian didn’t think too much about this.

That is because she has never thought about falling in love.

Although Lin Yuan has made her heart flutter countless times already, she feels that it is only because she has a good impression of Lin Yuan.

Based on her character, life habits, growing-up experience, and so on, this is still far away from love.

While Chi Qian’s thoughts drifted away a little, suddenly there was a slight noise coming from the crowd.

Chi Qian looked at where the noise was coming from.

But instead of finding Lin Yuan, she saw a pair of beautiful twin girls.

Both looked very cute, and their breasts are full.

They can be called Oppai loli.

Additionally, the twins looked so identical.

So they attracted the attention of many people in an instant.

This was not the first time Chi Qian saw the beautiful twins.

When Lin Yuan accompanied Gui Qingtong to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music for her final interview that she met Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.

That time, Lin Yuan played alongside Xie Shixuan.

The twin sisters came to watch the final assessment of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music today.

After all, they heard that the school invited several maestros.

And they are also looking forward to seeing the performances of their seniors.

It was actually Xie Shixuan who was quite interested but she also took her twin, Xie Shiyin to watch as well.

”Wow! Qian Qian, look at the twin sisters! They are so cute and so big! Simply excellent!” Light is radiating in Yu Shanshan’s eyes.

Chi Qian duly handed her a paper towel.

”Wipe your saliva.”

Yu Shanshan took the paper towel and indeed wiped her saliva.

However, her eyes were still on the Xie sisters.

”Looking at their young temperament, they must be freshmen. They are too cute. I want to get to know them better!” Yu Shanshan exclaimed.

Chi Qian shook her head helplessly.

When Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan noticed the twin sisters, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin also saw Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan from the crowd.

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