Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 476:

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Chapter 476:

”After waiting for him for so long, he finally came, humph! I must beat him up and ask him to take me shopping!”

Yu Shanshan put her arms around her chest and said with a confident face.

Chi Qian however just smiled without saying a word.

Yu Shanshan always wants to win against Lin Yuan.

But every time, she ends up being knocked on the head instead.

She knows this very well.

She just doesn’t know where Yu Shanshan’s self-confidence comes from knowing that she lost repeatedly.

Chi Qian looked at the Rolls-Royce.

The window of the co-pilot was half open.

Lin Yuan was indeed seated at the co-pilot.

And there was Shi Shengnan next to him in the driver’s seat.

Many people have come to the auditorium of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, both from inside and outside of the school.

This meant that there will be a shortage of parking spaces.

However, the security guards who were managing the parking spaces are very knowledgeable.

After they saw the Rolls-Royce, they hurried over to greet the person inside.

”Sir, please wait a moment, we shall give you a parking space.”

Lin Yuan nodded.

Soon, the security guard fetched a trailer and dragged one car of whoever the owner is out of the parking space.

Shi Shengnan then parked the car directly in the freed-up parking spot.

Then she quickly got out of the car and then went to the other side to open the door for Lin Yuan.

The crowd also saw this.

When they saw Shi Shengnan come down, they all froze for a moment.

The owner of the car turned out to be such a tall and thick man.


It’s a woman?!

A woman who looks like a man?!

They thought that the owner of the Rolls-Royce Phantom was Shi Shengnan, a woman with a strong build.

They were all quite surprised.

But after Shi Shengnan got off the car, she did not walk away but quickly went to the co-pilot.

Then she opened the door for Lin Yuan.

Seeing this scene, everyone also reacted immediately to how they were mistaken.

Then they thought that the Rolls-Royce Phantom must have been driven by a bodyguard.

The owner shall be the one seated on the co-pilot.

This tall and thick woman must be one of the bodyguards.

Everyone quickly looked over the co-pilot.

They all wanted to see who would get off of there.

Which maestro could it be?

But what they didn’t expect was the owner of the extremely expensive Rolls-Royce Phantom turned out to be a rather young man!

And he also looks extremely handsome!

”My God! He is too handsome!”

”This luxury car, this temperament, who is this young master!”

”He is so handsome! I can’t stand it anymore. Xiao Lan, give me a piece of tissue to wipe my nosebleed!”

As soon as Lin Yuan got out of the car, many girls were shocked.

The female students of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, and even some female teachers cannot look away.

The owner of the luxury car is an extremely handsome, and rich young man.

He is too perfect!

The most important thing that caught their attention was his temperament and charm.

The girls find Lin Yuan as a man with an indescribable charm.

So their eyes couldn’t help but glance and focus on him.

Many girls who already have a boyfriend also couldn’t help but look over him.

Seeing this, their boyfriends pulled their reluctant girlfriends away.

Most of the people present stared at Lin Yuan.

They were curious about his identity.

He doesn’t look like a student from the school.

He also doesn’t seem to be a well-known maestro.

It made people wonder why he is here.

Meanwhile, Yu Shanshan who was standing at the entrance of the auditorium with Chi Qian opened her mouth and then said: “Cousin is dazzling as always. Every time he comes out, he has to attract a lot of attention.”

”It’s really making it more and more difficult for me to increase my harem. For me to find a wife, I must stay away from my cousin, otherwise, I won’t be able to find any.”

After hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, Chi Qian smiled and did not speak.

After getting off the car, Lin Yuan ordered Shi Shengnan to lock the car doors.

He also ordered her to wait for him outside.

Then Lin Yuan walked directly toward Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan.

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