Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 478:

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Chapter 478:

”Children like you don’t need to know a lot. You just have to eat and drink well and play your role as a lazy pig.” Lin Yuan did not reveal any specific background about Chi Qian but just teased Yu Shanshan.


Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yu Shanshan looked at Lin Yuan with a little dissatisfaction.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian knew each other but she didn’t, how can she be satisfied?

Yu Shanshan touched her small chin while pondering.

Then she turned to Lin Yuan and Chi Qian and asked again: “So cousin, do you really know the depth of Chi Qian…”

”Bang! Bang!”

As soon as Yu Shanshan’s voice fell, she received two knocks on the head.

”Okay stop it now.” Lin Yuan said to Yu Shanshan.

”There are already many people here. Let us go to the auditorium.” Chi Qian said.

But maybe because of Yu Shanshan’s remarks, a faint trace of redness appeared on her crystal-clear white cheeks.

”Hmmn!” Lin Yuan nodded and agreed.

The three were already about to enter the auditorium when Lin Yuan suddenly saw a convenience store nearby.

He also saw a little loli with a double ponytail, clutching two bottles of water while running out of the convenience store.

She had a delicate and cute face and a loli-like figure.

Lin Yuan instantly recognized Xie Shixuan, the younger of the twins.

And as Lin Yuan saw Xie Shixuan, she also saw Lin Yuan as she was about to enter the auditorium.

She was surprised to see Lin Yuan.

Ever since she saw ‘Gui Qingtong’s dad’ in the last entrance exam, she had been thinking about that moment all the time.

She couldn’t forget that ensemble with Lin Yuan.

Since then, she has been thinking about Lin Yuan all the time.

Although she was able to get Lin Yuan’s contact information at that time, she never dared to contact him.

After all, their meeting was just brief.

Now that she had the chance to see him again it made her extremely happy.

She has a good impression of Lin Yuan.

She is also quite interested in him.

”Hello Uncle Gui!”

After Xie Shixuan saw Lin Yuan, she immediately took the initiative and ran to his side not caring about the ferocious trembling of her ample bosom.

She wanted to greet Lin Yuan first.

She seems to be afraid that Lin Yuan wouldn’t hear her or that Lin Yuan has forgotten her.

Xie Shixuan added: “Hello Qingtong’s father. I am Qingtong’s classmate. We have met before!”

Seeing Xie Shixuan took the initiative to greet him.

Lin Yuan also smiled and responded: “I remember you. You are Xie Shixuan. Good morning. What a coincidence.”

Lin Yuan was not so surprised to see Xie Shixuan here.

She should be here to see the final exam and those maestros.

And seeing Lin Yuan smiling and greeting her, Xie Shixuan’s heartbeat raced.

At the same time, her pretty face also began to flush.

So… so handsome!

But… this guy is the father of her classmate Qingtong!

But he really feels so gentle and charming!

I want to get closer to him!

Xie Shixuan’s heart skipped a beat and she couldn’t speak for a while.

And while Xie Shixuan was blushing, everyone around cast weird glances at Lin Yuan.

Because the voice of Xie Shixuan was a little loud, they heard the words ‘Qingtong’s father’.

Many people started to make up their own dramas.

And then there were a lot of discussions.

”Did she call this handsome guy someone’s father?” Someone was shocked.

”Was the child born by Chi Qian?! Did he impregnate our Goddess Chi Qian?! Is he even human?!” Someone’s heart was broken.

”Maybe the child is from another woman, not our goddess Chi Qian. Well, our goddess Chi Qian is very young. How could she have given birth to a child? It feels much better to think that is the case.” Some people made some reasonable guesses to comfort themselves.

But some people also commented: “Wait, isn’t that worst? He has the goddess Chi Qian while he still impregnates other women. He already has a child, yet he still has a close relationship with Chi Qian. Isn’t that even worse?”

Not only the people around them were in disbelief.

Even Yu Shanshan looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

Chi Qian on the other hand just smiled.

Yu Shanshan couldn’t help but ask: “Cousin, you are a dad? Since when? Why you didn’t tell me? And why does your child’s name seem a little familiar…”

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