Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 479:

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Chapter 479:

”Whose dad would I be? I’m your dad.” Lin Yuan patted Yu Shanshan on the head and was too lazy to explain to her.

Xie Shixuan who finished greeting also doesn’t know what to say anymore.

There are many people around.

She also saw Yu Shanshan and Chi Qian standing beside Lin Yuan making her more nervous and unable to speak.

Then with a slight stutter, she said, “I… I am going first!”

”Okay, Shixuan, you may go first.” Lin Yuan nodded to the nervous Xie Shixuan.

Xie Shixuan also nodded and blushed as she ran quickly into the auditorium.

Although she really wanted to continue talking to Lin Yuan, Xie Shixuan was a bit shy and nervous.

But before leaving, Xie Shixuan couldn’t help but glance at Chi Qian who was standing beside Lin Yuan.

Seeing goddess Chi Qian so close to Lin Yuan, she felt a little jealous.

But she still left quietly.

After Xie Shixuan turned around and left, a prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

【Ding! Xie Shixuan favorability +2! Reward: 200 counterattack points! 】

Lin Yuan smiled.

He didn’t expect that a simple greeting can also increase favorability.

It seems that handsomeness is really useful.

But this is also a kind of fate.

It just so happened that they met each other and so she is surprised and pleased.

Looking at the back of the leaving oppai loli Xie Shixuan, Yu Shanshan did not bother asking Lin Yuan further about him being a ‘dad’.

She also guessed it might be just a misunderstanding.

She has never heard of any children that her cousin has.

But she is quite interested in the relationship between Lin Yuan and Xie Shixuan.

Yu Shanshan said to Lin Yuan: “Cousin, you are a beast. When did you secretly know such a beautiful oppai loli? Explain quickly, how you meet.”

Lin Yuan did not bother to answer Yu Shanshan.

He just smiled at Chi Qian and said, “Let’s hurry up and go to the auditorium.”

”Okay.” Chi Qian nodded.

Both are already walking toward the auditorium so Yu Shanshan could only follow them while pouting

However, Chi Qian’s gaze has been on Xie Shixuan, who blushed and fled after greeting Lin Yuan.

She was a little thoughtful

When Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Yu Shanshan entered the auditorium of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, they found that it was almost full.

At first glance, it seems that there are no more seats available.

Lin Yuan then turned to look at Yu Shanshan.

And Yu Shanshan didn’t make Lin Yuan disappointed.

She crossed her arms around her chest and said proudly: “Don’t worry about the seats. I already asked my wives to reserve them for me!”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Well, I would say in this regard, you are still useful.”

”What do you mean still useful? Very useful you say!” Yu Shanshan exclaimed.

”Right Qian Qian?” Yu Shanshan still wanted Chi Qian to compliment her.

Chi Qian could only smile and then nodded and comforted Yu Shanshan as if comforting a child: “Yes, useful, very useful.”


After Chi Qian’s compliment, Yu Shanshan smiled and took the two to a certain row in the middle of the auditorium.

Beautiful young girls were seated there.

There were about three girls.

Still, three seats remain unoccupied.

These girls are probably from Yu Shanshan’s harem.

Under Yu Shanshan’s lead, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian took their seats with ease.

The seats reserved are actually pretty good spots.

They can see the stage clearly.

It is also easy to get seated and get out.

After all, Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan both have to perform in the exams in a while.

After getting seated, those wives of Yu Shanshan had their eyes widened and brightened.

Yu Shanshan naturally knew why this is the case.

She then hurried and arranged that Lin Yuan sit in the rightmost position beside Chi Qian.

Then she sat next to Chi Qian.

While her wives shall sit on her other side.

Otherwise, after today, she might lose her wives to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan ignored Yu Shanshan’s thoughts.

He just chatted with Chi Qian while looking at the surrounding environment and situation.

This time, there were already a lot of people in the auditorium.

And even if it is very spacious, it feels a bit crowded.

On the stage, several tables were set up. Seated were a few people who should be the teachers and the principal of the school.

There were also a few more fashionable and elegant-looking ones who should be the maestros invited by the school.

While Lin Yuan was observing the surroundings, a girl seated in their front suddenly turned her head.

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