Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 481:

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Chapter 481:

They only chatted for a while, but Lin Yuan found that Xie Shixuan’s favorability has increased by more than a dozen.

Lin Yuan could only sigh with emotion.

Young girls feeling are really easy to move.

Of course, this does not mean that Xie Shixuan is a casual girl.

But because they have met at the parents’ meeting previously and they played “The Devil’s Trill’.

That first meeting left a deep and unforgettable impression on Xie Shixuan.

But at that time Lin Yuan said he was Gui Qingtong’s father.

So even though she was attracted to him already at that point, she suppressed it.

Now that she learned that Lin Yuan is indeed not Gui Qingong’s father, Xie Shixuan saw the opportunity to get closer to him.

This caused favorability to rise steadily.

It is not just Chi Qian who noticed the chat between the two but also Yu Shanshan on the side.

Seeing Lin Yuan and Xie Shixuan chatting with each other, Yu Shanshan could only scratch her head a little.

On one side, she is unhappy with Xie SHixuan calling Lin Yuan ‘brother’.

She doesn’t like other girls calling Lin Yuan ‘brother’.

But on the other hand, the oppai loli Xie Shixuan is really cute!

She likes to know her more!

In the end, Yu Shanshan really couldn’t help it.

While looking at the oppai twins Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin, Yu Shanshan said to Lin Yuan, “Cousin, how did you meet such a cute girl? Won’t you introduce me and Qian Qian?”

Hearing what Yu Shanshan asked, Chi Qian smiled slightly.

And Lin Yuan smiled too.

They both understood.

Obviously, Yu Shanshan wants to be introduced to the twins.

But she goes again dragging Chi Qian into it.

Lin Yuan did not care much about it.

He then introduced Yu Shanshan first to them: ”Xie Shixuan, Xie Shiyin, this is my cousin Yu Shanshan, who is also your senior sister.”

”You can come to her if you need help with school in the future. But be careful as she is a pervert and she is full of unhealthy thoughts.”

Lin Yuan pointed to Yu Shanshan as he introduced her to Xie Shixuan.

Xie Shiyin who was listening quietly also turned around politely.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s introduction about her, Yu Shanshan tried to defend herself very quickly.

”Baah…baah…baah! Who is a pervert and has unhealthy thoughts?”

”I am a standard decent gentleman!”

After defending herself, Yu Shanshan stretched out her hand and initiated a handshake with Xie SHixuan.

Xie Shixuan also stretched out her hand.

While shaking hands with Yu Shanshan, she also said: “Hello senior sister. My name is Xie Shixuan. Please take care of me in the future.”

Xie Shiyin also said politely: “My name is Xie Shiyin. Please take care of me.”

Her words are fewer than those of her sister Xie Shixuan.

Xie Shiyin only glanced at Yu Shanshan a bit, then she looked closely at Chi Qian who was seated between Yu Shanshan and Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian really caught her interest because she is absolutely beautiful.

Although Xie SHiyin is not a lesbian, but Chi Qian is so good-looking that she attracted her attention very much.

Her crystal-clear skin made her envious.

Of course, there was another reason, and that is she didn’t want to stare at Lin Yuan all the time.

In fact, she finds Lin Yuan more attractive than Chi Qian.

A dozen times more attractive!

She doesn’t know why this is the case.

But deep inside, she always wanted to stare at Lin Yuan.

It was like a natural reflex.

And it is the kind that is hard to resist.

But she didn’t want to keep on looking at Lin Yuan like her Sister Xie Shixuan.

That would be too embarrassing.

And so, she diverted her attention to Chi Qian.

It can be regarded as fighting poison with another poison.

As for Xie Shixuan, after greeting, she still stared straight at Lin Yuan.

She was not shy at all.

After the twin loli finished their greetings, Chi Qian smiled and also greeted them politely.

”Hello schoolmates, my name is Chi Qian. I am also your senior sister.”

Seeing Chi Qian take the initiative to greet them, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin nodded quickly.

They also stretched out their hands and shook hands with her.

Facing Chi Qian, the twins were a little nervous.

That is because they have heard so many good things about her.

Aside from being pretty, she is also very good at music!

She is the goddess of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

They didn’t expect to meet her this early before school even started.

So, this encounter was quite a big surprise to them.

Xie Shixuan could not help but praise: “Sister Chi Qian, you are very beautiful and we heard that you are great in music too!”

”Thank you for such praises.” Chi Qian smiled slightly and her face was still very calm even after receiving such compliments.

After they greeted and got to know each other, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin looked at Lin Yuan in amazement.

That is because they both knew that it was because of Lin Yuan that they were able to meet such a goddess.

But how did they know each other?

And they even sat beside each other.

Their relationship seems to be not simple.

These thoughts aroused curiosity in both the twins.

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