Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 482:

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Chapter 482:

The twins were very curious, especially Xie Shixuan.

Seeing the beautiful Chi Qian, Xie Shixuan felt a strong threat.

What if Lin Yuan and Chi Qian really have a close relationship?

She feels hopeless and admits that it will be hard to compete against Chi Qian.

After all the introductions, Lin Yuan also chatted with Chi Qian.

Lin Yuan talked roughly about their ensemble for a while.

There are also some rules and specific arrangements for doing the ensemble and so on.

After roughly discussing the details, Lin Yuan saw that the ceremony was already starting on the stage.

With the details he discussed with Chi Qian and after listening to the introduction of the host who presided over the assessment, Lin Yuan understood.

The final assessment of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music is also similar to a public performance.

Jiangbei Conservatory of Music places utmost importance on training and practice.

Each student, therefore, is given the chance to have a public performance in their final assessment.

The public performance has two specific parts.

One is to be able to perform a solo with the instrument that they have learned over the course and are proficient in.

The other is to find a partner for an ensemble.

These two will be evaluated and the results will be combined.

The host went on and first introduced the ones seated on the stage who would be the ones to judge and evaluate the students.

There was the president, deputy president, several professors, and a few well-known maestros.

The host reiterated: “Today, we have President Jiang Chunhua and Vice President Sheng Minghui…”

Everyone knows the important leaders of the school.

So, the host did not say much.

The host had reserved his words for the maestros who came here today.

The host continued: “In addition to our beloved leaders, we have also invited two well-known maestros.”

”The first is Teacher Meng Jiang. Teacher Meng Jiang is proficient in various traditional musical instruments such as guqin, guzheng, chinese lute, erhu, and even cucurbit flute. Teacher Meng is a great maestro and is also one of the pillars of our traditional music. We should all recognize his contributions.”

Hearing the host’s introduction, everyone looked at the kind-looking old man on the stage.

The old man has a beard and can be said to be around 70 to 80 years old.

Hearing what the host said about him, he also smiled at everyone.

Then the students of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music applauded.

They have indeed heard of Meng Jiang as one great maestro.

The host continued to introduce: “As for the second one, you might be more familiar. You should have certainly heard of her before. She is Teacher Fang Xuenan!”

”Wow! Is it really Teacher Fang Xuenan?!”

”Is that the Teacher Fang Xuenan who was invited by many heads of state?”

Many students exclaimed as soon as they heard the name of the second maestro invited by the school.

Obviously, the background of this teacher Fang Xuenan is not to be belittled.

The host was very satisfied with the reactions of the students and then continued to say: “Yes, she is the internationally renowned Teacher Fang Xuenan!”

”Teacher Fang Xuenan is popular both locally and internationally. Even the most demanding music connoisseur can’t fault her. And she can match or even surpass that of the level of the Royal Orchestra.”

”She is proficient in all kinds of modern musical instruments like piano, cello, and violin. Of course, she is also proficient in traditional musical instruments.”

Hearing the host’s introduction, many students applauded once more.

The applause was louder than earlier.

Lin Yuan also looked at the stage quite surprised.

Seated on the stage was a middle-aged woman around 30 to 40 years old.

Although she is not so young, she still has charm. It can be seen that she was definitely very beautiful when she was younger.

Lin Yuan had also heard of teacher Fang Xuenan.

She is indeed a famous maestro.

She is also often seen on TV.

She was even actively invited by many heads of state.

Lin Yuan also occasionally listens to the music she plays.

He didn’t expect that Jiangbei Conservatory of Music could actually invite her.

Yu Shanshan also asked curiously: “I seem to have heard of her. She is very famous but my impression of her is not very deep. Do you know her Qian Qian?”

Yu Shanshan has always been a bit playful.

So although her musical talent is also good, the things she knows are relatively few.

Chi Qian explained: “Teacher Fang is really an amazing maestro and what the host said is not exaggerated at all. She is not only comparable to the Royal Orchestra but she as a person can be considered a band.”

”In addition, Teacher Fang’s violin is delicate and precise. Her fingers are very flexible, and her control is perfect.”

”Oh, really?!” After Chi Qian’s explanation, Yu Shanshan nodded repeatedly.

And then Lin Yuan suddenly asked Chi Qian, “Qian Qian, you seem to know a lot about Teacher Fang?”

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