Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 486:

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Chapter 486:

This news is quite shocking to everyone.

This is because although Chi Qian did play very well, and they were also intoxicated by her performance.

But the fact that Fang Xuenan wanted to accept an apprentice was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Fang Xuenan has become famous for decades to this day and there has been no news that she accepted apprentices.

Fang Xuenan’s goal has always been to pursue a higher realm of music.

Even people from the royal families wanted her to be their mentor but they were all turned down directly by her.

Her reason was that she wanted to focus to go a step further in her music realm.

She didn’t want to waste her time on apprenticeship.

But what people did not expect was that this time she took the initiative to express her desire to get Chi Qian to agree to be her apprentice.

She also asked Chi Qian if she was willing to give her this chance.

It is said that ‘while the expert recognizes the essence, the layman simply enjoys the show’

Another maestro present, Meng Jiang, and the president of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music certainly are also high calibers.

They can also naturally see Chi Qian’s talent.

They are not that surprised that Fang Xuenan suddenly wants to get her as an apprentice.

But most people actually didn’t understand how well Chi Qian played for the maestro like Fang Xuenan to take such initiative.

Chi Qian is not only good-looking and as perfect as a fairy, but she is also talented in music.

She is just too perfect in all aspects.

Many students from Jiangbei Conservatory of Music raised their heads slightly.

Although it was not them who were asked to be an apprentice, they are proud that a maestro like Feng Xuenan took the initiative to recruit an apprentice from their school.

Chi Qian is still a student in their school.

They are also very proud of her.

The scene of recruiting an apprentice on the spot is very dramatic.

This attracted the attention of everyone present.

Fang Xuenan asked whether Chi Qian would give her the chance to be her apprentice.

She even looked forward to Chi Qian would consider her offer as they used to be close when she was a child.

She had taught her when she was young and now, they meet again.

Fang Xuenan also thought that she is not getting any younger and she feels that it is already difficult for her to break through to a higher realm.

She wanted to put her hopes in and impart her skills to Chi Qian.

Of course, the most important thing is that Chi Qian’s talent is exemplary.

It is at the top of all the people she had encountered which moved her.

Under the curious gaze of the audience, and Fang Xuenan’s expectant gaze. Chi Qian smiled, her face calm.

”Thank you Teacher Fang Xuenan for your compliments and your kindness. But your offer is just too sudden. I hope you can let me think about it for some time.”

Chi Qian bowed and looked at Fang Xuenan with a smile.

”Okay, then, I will let you think about it.” Fang Xuenan nodded.

She is obviously quite patient with Chi Qian.

Everyone also waited for Chi Qian’s reply and wanted to see how she will decide.

That is whether she will accept the offer of an apprenticeship or not.

Chi Qian’s hand was about to pick up her bow again when she suddenly stopped.

She hesitated slightly because when she looked at everyone including Fang Xuenan, they all seemed to be waiting for her reply right at that very moment.

They seemed to have misunderstood.

Or rather maybe she didn’t express herself clearly.

Thinking about what she said, she meant she will think about it after completing the ensemble.

Meaning only after the exam, she will then think about it.

She did not want to delay other people’s exam time.

But the others seemed to have taken Fang Xuenan’s offer of apprenticeship too seriously.

They thought she would give her answer at once.

She cannot say now that she wanted to play the ensemble first.

It’s a bit embarrassing to say that she wants to play an ensemble first.

Chi Qian looked directly at Lin Yuan, wondering if Lin Yuan understood what she meant.

But Chi Qian discovered that Lin Yuan stood still and just looked at her.

It seems that he didn’t understand what she meant.

This is not in line with their usual understanding or connection.

So Chi Qian could only stand up.

Everyone thought that Chi Qian might have made up her mind and was going over to Fang Xuenan to give her a reply.

But what people did not expect was that Chi Qian did not even walk toward Maestro Fang.

Instead, she was traversing the opposite direction.

She got off the stage and went back to where she was seated.

She came directly in front of Lin Yuan.

”Brother Lin Yuan, please help me complete the ensemble for the final exam.” Chi Qian said.

Lin Yuan nodded.

Chi Qian glanced at Lin Yuan.

Then under everyone’s shocked gaze, it turned out that the goddess Chi Qian took the initiative to hold Lin Yuan’s hand!

She then pulled Lin Yuan towards the stage.

Meanwhile, everyone understood what Chi Qian meant by she will think about it for some time.

Chi Qian didn’t want to take up a lot of the exam time for herself.

When she said she would think about it, she meant she would consider giving a reply after the ensemble.

That is not now.

But now everyone had forgotten about it as their attention was already fixed on Lin Yuan.

They were thinking about who Chi Qian had chosen to be her ensemble.

Would it be a man or a woman?

Who would be the lucky and chosen one?

The result was unexpected.

Chi Qian had obviously already chosen in advance who her ensemble would be.

She had chosen a man and even took the initiative to hold his hand!

When you talk about the ensemble, isn’t it just cooperation while performing?

Do you really need to hold hands?!

Looking at Lin Yuan who was being held by Chi Qian, everyone felt envious.

Just now they were amazed by Chi Qian and regarded her as the goddess in their hearts.

But it didn’t take long for them to be hit hard by reality.

All dreams shattered!

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