Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 485:

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Chapter 485:

The melody of the ‘Ave Maria’ drifted along with the music.

Hearing the melody, the mood calmed down instantly.

Everyone listened quietly to Chi Qian’s performance.

The melody of ‘Ave Maria’ is delicate and elegant, pristine and modest, serene and peaceful.

It was like threads of being lost in one’s thoughts, full of longing for the future.

The noble emotions, and the purity of the atmosphere, deepens as the sound of music flows

Meanwhile, Chi Qian was like a goddess descending from the heavens.

She is elegant, noble, holy, and inviolable.

The sight of her can make people feel ashamed of their faults.

At the same time, the melody coming out of her violin was like a clear stream washing off their souls.

The melody went on for a time the audience did not know for how long.

Even until Chi Qian’s bow stopped, everyone is still immersed in her playing.

Whether it was someone who has heard and witnessed Chi Qian’s playing before or someone who did so the first time, was completely immersed in the melody Chi Qian played.

They all appreciated the exquisite skill of Chi Qian.

Chi Qian’s music level is equally comparable to her perfect face.

The school president and the professors on the stage all nodded in satisfaction at Chi Qian’s performance showing her musical prowess.

The eyes of the maestros, Meng Jiang and Fang Xuenan, also brightened.

They could see Chi Qian’s talent and both desired to get her as their apprentice.

That is especially true for Fang Xuenan.

She remembered that she used to teach Chi Qian before.

Although Chi Qian at that time was still a young, little cute girl, she always knew she is gifted.

At that time, Fang Xuenan was not particularly top-notch or hadn’t made a name for herself yet.

She also knew that she had to pursue a higher level, so she had no plan before to look for apprentices.

This time when she is more accomplished than before, she was able to run into Chi Qian again.

Fang Xuenan decided this time that she must get her to agree to become her apprentice.

She wanted to personally train her.

But not waiting for Fang Xuenan to speak and for the people to recover from her performance, Chi Qian spoke suddenly.

Chi Qian smiled and said: “Before I go on to the second aspect of the final assessment, I would like to play another piece which is the world-famous ‘The Devil’s Trill’.

Normally speaking, one is required to perform two pieces in the final examination.

But in fact, with Chi Qian’s skills, it was not necessary.

She is not at the same level as the other students.

Playing one piece was already enough as the teachers can write down their scores.

However, Chi Qian took the initiative to play the second song.

The others didn’t know what was going on.

As for Lin Yuan, he knew for whom the second piece was for.

Chi Qian smiled and looked in Lin Yuan’s direction.

Lin Yuan understood instantly Chi Qian’s thoughts.

Chi Qian should have always wanted to try to play the piece that Lin Yuan played last time.

In addition to that, there was this desire to compare skills with Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian quickly began to pull the bow.

The devil’s trill, gnawing, discomfort, and trembling melody drifted into everyone’s ears

Everyone in the audience couldn’t help shaking.

Both Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin seemed to have heard Lin Yuan’s performance again.

That is especially true for Xie Shixuan who played alongside Lin Yuan in the same piece before.

At this moment the audience felt how versatile and good Chi Qian was but was also creeped out by her presence on the stage.

Chi Qian on the stage changed from a holy angel to an evil demon!

The demon is certainly still so beautiful and breathtaking and would make anyone willing to surrender.

She looked like an angel who fell from heaven to hell.

The heartbeat of the audience who watched Chi Qian followed the friction of Chi Qian’s bowstrings.

After Chi Qian finished playing, the audience returned to their senses only to realize how much they have sweated.

And after stopping her bow, Chi Qian smiled and looked in Lin Yuan’s direction.

She obviously felt like a devil on the stage earlier, but as soon as she smiled, it seemed like the sun shone brightly in the entire auditorium.

This strong contrast made everyone’s heart captivated.

The appearance of this blooming flower made everyone’s heart cured from the devil’s trill.

Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian smiled at him to show him that her performance is as good as well.

At the same time, she also wanted to take advantage of the great contrast to tease him back.

Chi Qian was still obsessed with getting back at Lin Yuan for getting her heart swayed.

She wanted to tease him with her smile.

But Lin Yuan just smiled back at Chi Qian, who is smiling sweetly.

Then Lin Yuan also nodded at Chi Qian to acknowledge her superb performance.

Seeing that Lin Yuan seemed unbothered, Chi Qian could only turn her head back.

She couldn’t believe Lin Yuan was not affected at all.

The corners of her mouth curled secretly.

She can only continue to look for the next opportunity.

In fact, for Lin Yuan, Chi Qian’s performance was really astounding.

She really has an amazing musical talent.

Her existence is perfect in all respects.

She should have practiced a lot so the difficult “Devil’s Trill” performance was pulled off.

When compared to him, it is only a little behind.

After Chi Qian’s second piece was finished, the president and the professors and maestros also gave Chi Qian full marks.

It is not surprising for her to get full marks with her music level.

Suddenly, the maestro, Fang Xuenan, spoke up.

Fang Xuenan smiled and asked Chi Qiann: “Student Chi Qian, your talent is really the best I have ever seen. I want to be your master. Would you give me this chance?”

Hearing Fang Xuenan’s remarks, everyone was shocked.

Fang Xuenan actually wanted to take an apprentice?!

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