Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 487:

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Chapter 487:

“Who is that guy whom Chi Qian held hands with? How come I have never seen him before?!” Someone couldn’t help but express his disappointment. His tone is envious.

Obviously seeing his goddess holding some strange guy’s hand is unacceptable.

Then someone who knew Lin Yuan immediately retorted: “Hehe, you haven’t seen him before?! He is the male god! He is Chi Qian’s boyfriend who is super handsome and rich! I will definitely find a boyfriend like him in the future. Really handsome. I envy Chi Qian a lot!”

”Hmph! He is just a rich second generation thanks to his parents!” Someone couldn’t help but also comment.

”Do you think Chi Qian is blind? The male god’s music prowess is also top-notch!” Someone else also defended Lin Yuan.

In fact, Lin Yuan has been to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music several times and had performed a number of ensembles.

There are already quite a few people who know him.

After all, they will never forget Lin Yuan’s performance.

Lin Yuan has definitely left a deep impression on them.

But many people are envious as they don’t think that Lin Yuan is deserving of a goddess like Chi Qian.

The two sides slightly quarreled.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian did not care about the gazes and thoughts of the people around them.

Being with Chi Qian, you should be accustomed to the envious men around.

Lin Yuan gripped Chi Qian’s tender hand with a faint smile.

Feeling Lin Yuan’s grip, Chi Qian turned her head only to find Lin Yuan having a strange smile on his face.

Chi Qian finally confirmed what was in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Actually, Lin Yuan perfectly understood what she meant earlier.

Lin Yuan actually understood that she asked for him to come to the stage and play the last piece with her.

But Lin Yuan just pretended that he didn’t understand.

Lin Yuan wanted her to take the initiative to come to him and ask him to go up the stage for the ensemble.

He even considered that in order for them to continue with the role they portrayed as boyfriend and girlfriend before, Chi Qian shall take the initiative to come to him and hold his hand.

Obviously, this is also Lin Yuan’s way of getting back at Chi Qian for teasing him earlier on.

Lin Yuan was able to execute a small counterattack.

Just as Chi Qian thought, Lin Yuan just pretended not to understand her.

In fact, the two have very similar personalities.

They had that consistent connection, otherwise, their ensemble wouldn’t have been so perfect.

Lin Yuan fully understood Chi Qian’s thoughts.

Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian considered giving a reply after the final exam is over.

He also understood that Chi Qian wanted him to take the initiative to come to the stage for the final performance.

There are two reasons why Lin Yuan did this.

For one, it is because he played the role of Chi Qian’s boyfriend before.

It would be better for him and Chi Qian to have some kind of intimate contact compared to going on stage by himself.

Not only would people see how Chi Qian took the initiative to hold a man’s hand, but it would also show their closeness and the relationship they have.

There are countless people who admire Chi Qian at school.

She should be receiving a lot of love letters every week.

So this should keep the mad bees and wild butterflies away.

After seeing Chi Qian taking his hand openly, many people would drop the idea of even approaching and pestering her.

Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian also realized this and would be happy to see that happen.

That’s because she also wanted to do away with those mad bees and wild butterflies that always bother her.

For the second reason, Lin Yuan wanted to execute a small counterattack for teasing him earlier.

Just now, while Chi Qian was playing, she was like a half angel, half devil.

This really made everyone feel stunned and more attracted to her.

If it hadn’t been for the regular physical activity with Mei Yuxian, whose body is even more devilish, Lin Yuan’s heart might have been swayed too.

Although Lin Yuan is equally greedy for Chi Qian, but he does not want to take the initiative.

He should be in control!

Although Chi Qian is perfect, she is still an innocent girl.

He has already conquered a fairy-like Mei Yuxian, how can he be teased by an innocent girl?

Seeing Lin yuan’s handsome face still had a charming smile, but there was no sign of admitting mistakes.

Chi Qian immediately figured out Lin Yuan’s thoughts and so she pouted slightly.

If it weren’t for Lin Yuan’s current physique, which is far beyond that of ordinary people, he would not have noticed it.

”Stingy.” someone murmured.

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