Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 488:

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Chapter 488:

Apparently, it was Chi Qian who just pouted who says it.

After speaking, Chi Qian returned to her usual face.

And then she turned her head.

But her silent remark was still heard by Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian might have purposedly said it in a low but vivid voice.

She remarked that he is stingy.

She means to say that ‘I just teased you, but you are fighting back’.

But Lin Yuan just smiled at Chi Qian’s remark and does not intend to get upset.

Based on her character, Chi Qian would not pout, and she would never say ‘stingy’.

What Chi Qian did can be regarded as a clear definition of mutual teasing between each other.

This is the first time but is certainly not a bad thing.

In fact, quite the opposite.

This only shows that Lin Yuan already has a certain place in Chi Qian’s heart.

It is already like a close friend.

Otherwise, Chi Qian would not have emotional fluctuations.

She does not usually show how she feels.

For Chi Qian to say such a remark, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is angry at Lin Yuan or anything.

On the contrary, Lin Yuan finds this so cute.

After speaking, Chi Qian continued to pull Lin Yuan onto the stage.

While holding Lin Yuan’s hand, Chi Qian’s grip also subconsciously tightened.

Feeling this, Lin Yuan smiled.

And then he spread his fingers and wrapped Chi Qian’s little hand.

He is now the one pulling Chi Qian.

Others did not notice it, only Chi Qian.

She clearly felt that her little hand is now wrapped in Lin Yuan’s big and warm hand.

His fingers moved slightly and then remained still afterward.

Chi Qian only allowed Lin Yuan to hold her hand because she knew that Lin Yuan is stronger than her.

She can’t win against him even if she tried hard to free her hand.

So she just gave in.

This time, Chi Qian can be said to have been completely subdued again.

Looking at Chi Qian who tried to remain calm, Lin Yuan tightened his squeeze on her little hand.

He would not give Chi Qian any opportunity to fight back.

Otherwise, in the future, Lin Yuan is afraid that he will not be able to take the upper hand from his wife due to Chi Qian’s strong personality.

With that silent competition between Lin Yuan and Chi Qian, they finally came to the stage together.

Seeing how Chi Qian took the initiative to hold hands with Lin Yuan, countless men gnashed their teeth from envy.

Seeing Lin Yuan being pulled by Chi Qian, countless women on the other hand envied and hated her.

One would be Xie Shixuan.

She felt uncomfortable at the sight of the two being in contact with each other.

Although she felt ashamed for being inferior to Chi Qian’s beauty, she still felt a little envious at the sight of Chi Qian holding Lin Yuan’s hand as she pulled him to the stage.

”The relationship between Brother Lin Yuan and Senior sister Chi Qian doesn’t feel like anything romantic at all. This should just be an ensemble!”

”I have a chance! I still have a chance!” Xie Shixuan whispered.

Xie Shiyin on the side looked at Xie Shixuan helplessly.

Actually, recently, she discovered that Xie Shixuan had been talking about Lin Yuan on so many occasions.

She also often turned to his songs to listen to.

Xie Shiyin actually has a bit of a good impression of Lin Yuan too.

After all, he is really handsome.

In addition, he is also very good at music and at a lot of other things.

However, she has a colder personality compared to her sister.

She also can’t understand why her twin sister is so fascinated by Lin Yuan.

Xie Shiyin feels that a man like Lin Yuan has too excessive Peach blossom luck.

This kind of man has too much luck with women!

She wondered if she could persuade her sister.

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