Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 489:

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Chapter 489:

While Xie Shiyin was contemplating, Maestro Fang Xuenan also looked and smiled at Chi Qian and Lin Yuan on the stage.

She has always pursued a higher realm of music since she was young. She never thought of relationships or even love.

Seeing the intimacy between the two, she was quite moved.

She taught of Chi Qian for a while when she was young.

Fang Xuenan remembered that Chi Qian’s character and temperament as a child were very mundane.

Not only is she particularly talented, but she is also very calm.

Even if mount Tai collapses, her facial expression won’t change.

But she did not expect Chi Qian to be quite close to someone of the opposite sex now.

And she even took the initiative to take a man’s hand in front of many people.

She is so surprised.

Then Fang Xuenan looked closely at Lin Yuan.

She found that the man whom Chi Qian took the initiative to hold hands with and take to the stage is really handsome!

He is so handsome that if she met him when she was young, she is also not sure if she can pursue music as she did!

To the attention of everyone, Lin yuan came to the stage with Chi Qian.

The two sat side by side and were slightly separated by a short distance.

Lin Yuan faced the piano while Chi Qian held the violin.

A lot of people felt envious and jealous.

The guys think that Lin Yuan is not deserving of Chi Qian.

While the girls think that Chi Qian is not deserving of Lin Yuan.

But looking at Lin Yuan and Chi Qian on the stage, they became speechless.

That is because Lin Yuan is only seated in front of the piano on the stage at this time and did not do anything yet, but it seems he has turned the entire stage into his stepping stone.

To the audience, it seems that Lin Yuan had formed an inexplicable aura, everyone can’t help but feel that he is extremely elegant and attractive.

As for Chi Qian, she exuded the same aura as earlier, a beautiful goddess.

The two appearing on the stage at the same time seem to constitute a perfect painting.

Looking at the two beautiful beings on the stage at this time, everyone was a little dumbfounded.

They are a breathtaking sight.

Lin Yuan is like jade, unparalleled in the world.

Chi Qian had a dainty smile and her eyes were exceptionally beautiful.

Dim as the moon mantled in filmy clouds, restless as snow whirled by the driving wind.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian are a perfect pair; a match made in heaven!

Who would dare to say now that they are not a good match and that they are undeserving of each other?

Envy is envy but no one can deny it.

No one can surpass and even match Lin Yuan and Chi Qian.

After the two were seated, Chi Qian turned her head, and Lin Yuan too.

They looked at each other and nodded slightly.

Chi Qian then opened her mouth and said: “The last piece we want to ensemble is ‘Salut d’Amour’.

Hearing Chi Qian’s introduction, everyone felt even more envious.

Are they here to stuff them with dog food?

Doing an ensemble should be limited to doing an ensemble.

Holding hands is already too much.

But now, even the ensemble they will perform is all about love!

And it’s ‘Salut d’Amour’!

Isn’t this too much?

They haven’t even started playing, yet everyone felt that a ton of dog food had been stuffed into their mouths.

In fact, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian didn’t think so much about it.

Chi Qian was the one who selected the piece, and Lin Yuan just agreed.

The piece ‘Salut d’Amour’ is not so difficult and they have also played it in an ensemble before.

So, choosing the said piece would be more convenient and needed less practice.

Chi Qian only chose the song naturally, she didn’t think it would suit them nor does she think that they embody the element of love in it.

However, it made people think that the relationship between Lin Yuan and Chi Qian must be very intimate.

That includes Maestro Fang Xuenan, who is quite a serious person.

At this moment, she is smiling and looking at the two on the stage.

Everyone present had already witnessed Chi Qian’s music level.

As for Lin Yuan’s, there is still a large number of audiences who haven’t seen him play.

They are curious to see what a man who has a very close relationship with Chi Qian, a man who could make Chi Qian take the initiative to hold hands with, has to offer.

And as for Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin, this is the first time they will see Lin Yuan play the piano.

And so, they are also quite surprised.

They all know that Lin Yuan plays the violin very well, but as for the piano, they are clueless.

In the last entrance exam, Lin Yuan showed how superb his violin skills were.

But what about playing the piano?

They have never seen him play the piano.

Is he good as well at playing the piano?

If he is then, he is really amazing.

In fact, most of the people present have not seen Lin Yuan perform even once.

They didn’t think that Lin Yuan would be that good.

Or at least can’t be compared with Chi Qian’s top-notch music level.

Some hoped Lin Yuan would not be as good. Then this can prove that he really is not deserving of the goddess Chi Qian.

That would give them some comfort.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian did not pay attention to other people’s thoughts.

After confirming with each other, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian who had this tacit understanding began playing almost at the same time.

They began to play the piece together.

From the onset, the performance is perfectly connected.

As Lin Yuan’s fingers pressed the keys of the piano, Chi Qian’s bow touched the strings at the same time.

Then a beautiful melody came out.

The whole auditorium was mesmerized in an instant.

The crowd became quiet almost instantly.

At the same time, without exception, even those who had no interest in music, also looked at the stage to watch them play.

Many of them have already heard this piece being played.

With the tacit understanding between Lin Yuan and Chi Qian as they performed an ensemble, everyone present felt intoxicated.

Countless emotions emanated from the bottom of their hearts with the continuous surge of melody.

Even the principal, the teachers, and even the maestros at this moment were a little sluggish, and their expressions were very surprised.//////

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