Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 497:

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Chapter 497:

Prior to this, Lin Yuan had sorted out the information about Chi Qian, Yan Ruyue, and other heroines.

That also includes how to deal with Ye Feng.

Lin Yuan made a plan.

But looking at today’s date, he felt like he had forgotten something.

Lin Yuan didn’t think it was just an illusion.

His physique now is very high and is beyond ordinary humans.

And he had plundered nearly half of the protagonist’s fate of Ye Feng.

He can even sense danger and be prepared in advance.

But what is it that could be bothering him?

So he thought about the original novel carefully.

The original novel is so long that Lin Yuan can’t remember every detail.

For example, he just remembered he needed something from Chi Qian’s house.

But his physique is actually getting better by the day.

His memory is also getting stronger.

He just needs to carefully think about this.

Lin Yuan feels that for as long as he wants to remember something, he will be able to remember it, so long as he thinks carefully.

Lin Yuan gave himself some time to think thoroughly.

After some thinking, he soon remembered.

It is about the oppai loli twin sisters, Xie Shiyin and Xie Shixuan.

In the original novel, the twins appeared as they should today.

They went to the auditorium of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music to watch the performances of the students taking their final exams today.

The point is that on their way back home, they will encounter a dangerous kidnapping.

Then, as a protagonist, Ye Feng will appear in a very timely manner, a ‘heroic rescue of a damsel in distress’!

Lin Yuan also finally understood the reason why he didn’t remember.

It was because Chi Qian was his main concern today.

So he does things today from Chi Qian’s point of view.

In the original novel, Chi Qian’s exam was mentioned but wasn’t described much.

Chi Qian is not a heroine in the original novel after all and so there aren’t too many relevant plots detailed about her.

This part of the plot was mainly written for the twin sisters, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.

Lin Yuan mainly thought of helping Chi Qian with her examination today.

So he ignored the part about the twins.

Lin Yuan vaguely felt it when he saw the twin sisters today.

Now he finally remembered.

Lin Yuan then continued to recall the details.

”It was… in Lingshi Road, the road outside the northern gate of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music…”

”The kidnapping should happen there.” Lin Yuan tapped the steering wheel as he said this.

Lin Yuan then started the car and the direction where he is headed is to the Southern gate.

He doesn’t need to go to the northern gate. He should be able to get to Lingshi Road through the southern gate.

He is also not sure whether the crisis of the twin sisters will be eliminated directly due to the butterfly effect after he changes many plots in the original novel.

But anyway, he also had to pass this road along the way.

Based on the time and information that Xie Shixuan sent him earlier, he should see them.

Anyway, he can also just drop by and take a look.

If something happens, then he should be able to plunder some more fate from Ye Feng and gain counterattack points.

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan stepped on the accelerator.

He speeds up towards the south gate outside the school.



On the other side, Ye Feng was pushing the car door open on a street.

Then he gets out of the car.

”Damn it, it’s a broken tire!” Ye Feng cursed while looking at the rear flat tire.

He came out today to hook up with some girls.

The previous plan with his senior Brother Lu Wanli failed.

So he was very depressed and wanted to let off steam.

However, his appearance is not like it used to be before.

After being shot by Lin Yuan, he looked a little bit inhuman

He can’t hook up with girls like he used to do before.

He can only spend money just to get girls.

But he didn’t expect this to happen.

Something seemed to get stuck in his tire.

He also did not have a spare tire.

If only Lin yuan had not been targeting him all the time, Ye Feng believed he would have had more lackeys whom he can just ask to buy another tire for him.

He could only curse Lin Yuan secretly and get new tires himself.

He then gets ready to go to a nearby auto repair shop to buy new tires and tools he can use.

The frustrated Ye Feng opened the map on his phone.

Then he headed toward the nearest auto repair shop along Lingshi Road.



Lin Yuan accelerated slightly.

He is soon out of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music and is now at Lingshi Road.

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