Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 498:

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Chapter 498:

There are not many people on Lingshi Road, it is sparse and there are several alleys.

Lin Yuan frowned shortly after driving on Lingshi Road.

Because he saw four men walking on the sidewalk in front of him very suspiciously.

The four men are walking by two.

People who are not paying attention will not be able to think that there is anything wrong.

But with Lin Yuan’s superhuman observation ability, he could tell if there was a problem!

These four people are definitely together!

It is not about Lin Yuan’s strong sense of justice.

He does not think or claim to be such a good person.

When he sees this kind of situation, he won’t care.

But the reason he frowned is that these are the four men that are going to kidnap the twin sisters, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin!

Apparently, his butterfly effect didn’t affect this plot.

Lin Yuan’s greatest impact is related to Yan Ruyue, Qiu Wanxi, and other heroines that appeared in the early stage of the original novel.

The Yan family and the Mei family have already had a bad relationship with Ye Feng.

But the impact on Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin was not that great.

So this plot is still happening as originally written.

While Lin Yuan was thinking, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin were pointing to a small alley on Lingshi Road.

Xie Shixuan pulled Xie Shiyin and said: “Sister, there are many interesting things on this road. There is a shop in that alley. Let’s go and take a look.”

”I want to buy a piano lesson for practice so that Brother Lin Yuan can also teach me, hehe!”

Seeing the jubilant Xie Shixuan, Xie Shiyin could only nod helplessly and say, “Okay.”

The two loli girls immediately turned and walked towards the alley.

The four men immediately followed behind them.

”Ah Niu, the target already entered the alley! There are no people around, the opportunity is here!”

”Come on! Hurry up and tie them up to finish our job!”

The four men moved quickly.

They walked together quickly and then followed Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin into the alley.

Xie Shiyin is very keen to discover that there was something wrong and so she looked back immediately.

And then she saw four men following them.

She quickly took her sister Xie Shixuan’s hand.

Then they stood against the wall.

But these men also immediately walked towards the wall.

Although Xie Shiyin is relatively petite, she still asked in a loud voice, “What do you want?!”

Xie Shiyin’s observation ability is very keen.

She already sensed a little uncomfortable earlier.

After seeing these men, she determined that their targets were her and her sister.

She knew they are not good people.

Xie Shixuan who was suddenly pulled by her sister and is now standing against the wall was a little confused.

But hearing Xie Shiyin asking the men behind them.

She then reacted and stared at the men.

Seeing that they were discovered by the target, the man leading them smiled and responded: “What are we doing? We’re just traversing this street. But you two little sisters are so cute. Do you want to have some fun with your uncles?”

Looking at these men’s eyes and listening to the words of the man leading them, both of the twins felt nervous.

But they did not completely panic either.

They tried to remain calm and thought of a way to escape.

They felt it should be impossible to force their way out.

The four men on the opposite side looked strong.

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin are both petite, they are just little lolis.

Xie Shixuan tried to stay calm.

She took out a bank card from her pocket and said, “If you want money, there is 100,000 yuan on this bank card. The code is six eights. Just let me and my sister out of here. How about that?”

Despite trying to stay calm, Xie Shixuan’s voice is shivering.

After she said that, she also threw the bank card on the ground.

As soon as Ah Niu heard Xie Shixuan’s words, his eyes lit up, and said, “One hundred thousand?!”

He also stared at the bank card on the ground.

However, the leading man next to him gave him a sharp look.

Ah Niu quickly withdrew his eyes.

Seeing this, the hearts of the twins sank.

The lead man then laughed and said: ”We don’t want your money. Just go with your uncles. We won’t hurt you.” 

Hearing this, Xie Shiyin’s heart sank even more.

Obviously, this is not coincidental.

This is premeditated!

The goal is really to capture her and her sister.

She is afraid that it has something to do with the situation of her family.

Seeing the twins silent, the man said again: “As long as you don’t resist, your uncles will not hurt you or do anything to you. Just walk with us obediently.”

Although he said so, but these men could not help but lick their lips with their tongues while looking at the two oppai lolis.

Xie Shiyin did not speak.

She just silently took out the folding knife she had prepared for self-defense.

Although she knew that resistance is futile, but she didn’t want her and her sister to fall into the hands of these people.

Ah Niu urged: “Boss Dai, hurry up. Stop talking nonsense with these two little girls. They won’t follow us obediently.”

Upon hearing this, both Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin looked gloomy.

Faced with four brawny men, they probably have little chance to resist.

The two girls were ready to yell immediately.

And Boss Dai also notices and said quickly: “Go ahead! Catch them quickly and then let’s leave this place!”

Ah Niu grinned and immediately raised his leg to prepare to move.

However, just when they were ready to catch the twins.

And Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin felt so desperate.

Suddenly an extremely loud noise rang at the entrance of the alley.


It was the sound of a car honking.

This rapid honking sound shocked the six of them.

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