Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 499:

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Chapter 499:

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin trembled.

The four men were also a little shocked.

At the same time, they heard the loud honking sound and a blinding light also lit up the slightly dim alley.

The light shot directly at the four men who were just about to rush to the twins.

”Ah Niu, be careful!” Boss Dai suddenly shouted.

Because the honking was too loud, Ah Niu could not hear clearly and was a little bit confused.

Just when Ah Niu heard it clearly, he didn’t have the time to react.

The next second, he found himself flying in the air.

And then, he instantly lost consciousness.


Boss Dai next to him couldn’t believe what just happened.

A Rolls-Royce came hurtling towards them

And it directly knocked Ah Niu away.

The other three men were shocked by this scene.

No matter how strong Ah Niu was, even if he is as strong as a cow, he still can’t stand getting hit by a car.

The originally strong Ah Niu fell directly to the ground, and his body was covered with blood.

It is not known whether he is dead or alive.

Looking at this, the three other men are a little afraid.

Who could be driving this car?

Was it just a normal car accident?

But that is impossible since it was just a small alley and not even the main road!

Boss Dai and his other accomplices waited to see who comes out of the car.

And the twin sisters stared at the Rolls Royce closely.

They both felt a little scared and nervous as to who the driver was.

The car just hit Ah Niu so Boss Dai and his men could not help but be very nervous.

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin have never seen this car, so they were also very nervous.

Just when they were staring at the Rolls Royce, finally, the car door opened.


Lin Yuan slowly walked out of the car.

Boss Dai stared closely at the man who got out of the car.

After realizing that the man was alone, he was instantly relieved.

Then he began to take a closer look at Lin Yuan.

Boss Dai saw how handsome and charismatic this man was, he also had an extraordinary temperament.

He guessed that this man should be a young master from a rich family.

But he felt this man was not a threat and that after they took care of him, their plan shall continue.

Boss Dai immediately asked: “Who are you?”

Lin Yuan did not answer Boss Dai.

Instead, he closed the car door slowly and checked the time on his watch.

Then he casually replied: “You don’t deserve to know.”

Lin Yuan smiled and slowly stretched his hand. Crackling sounds followed.

Shi Shengnan is not here, so it seems he had to fight these men himself.

Although he didn’t want to stoop to the level of these bugs, fighting occasionally is also good.

Seeing Lin Yuan, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin’s eyes lit up.

”Brother Lin Yuan!” Xie Shixuan shouted in surprise.

”Okay! So you guys know each other!”

Hearing Xie Shixuan calling Lin Yuan ‘brother Lin Yuan’, a trace of coldness flashed in Boss Dai’s eyes,

“For stopping our operation and hitting my brother, you are dead today!”

Boss Dai bellowed and took out a dagger.

The two other brawny men next to him also took out their weapons.

Seeing the men prepared to hurt Lin Yuan, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin on the side looked very worried.

Xie Shixuan shouted: “Brother Lin Yuan, please be careful!”

”Be careful. These men aren’t ordinary people. They’ve been trained! They have a particularly stable lower body and flexible upper body!” Xie Shiyin also reminded Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan glanced at Xie Shiyin and was surprised by her keenness.

But thinking of Xie Shiyin’s hobbies besides music, Lin Yuan also understood.

However, Lin Yuan naturally knew more than Xie Shiyin.

He could see that these kidnappers are not just common criminals.

They look like professionals.

They must have been specially hired by someone to do this.

However, Lin Yuan is not afraid of these kidnappers because he had already surpassed Shi Shengnan and even Ye Feng’s strength.

”Go, Kill him!”

”Kill him! Avenge Ah Niu!”


Just based on Lin Yuan’s luxury car and temperaments, they know that he should have an amazing background.

But when the arrow is on the string it must fly, so the three of them have no choice but to rush towards Lin Yuan.

Xie Shixuan on the side looked at Lin Yuan and covered her mouth out of worry.

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