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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1251

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Chapter 1251

When Naomi heard that her tears dropped like pearls from a broken necklace She clasped her heart in
pain, turned around, and ran without looking back

Francisco saw her disappear from the door, and his heart suddenly ached. The feelings that he was
suppressing made his face twitch.

Samantha couldn’t hold it in any longer, so she walked into the room. “How could you do that17”

He was surprised “Mom”

*Samantha Kennedy tried to stop her, but it was too late Francisco’s face turned after the slap, but he
kept quiet

Samantha took a deep breath and spoke when she calmed down “I think you have feelings for the girl
and sending her away hurts you What made you do that? Why can’t you deal with the issue together?

He looked down and replied after a moment. Mom, let me deal with it

“Let you deal with it? Do you think I’d care if you weren’t my son Alright, it let you be* Samantha
pointed at him “You did

this to yourself Now live with it

She was worried about her son, but after seeing what happened, she didn’t feel like getting involved
with her useless son

Kennedy helplessly looked at Francisco, then turned around and followed her The room was back to
being quiet

Francisco put his hand to his forehead and mumbled, “I’m sorry”

Naomi sat at the bus stop sadly and stared at the people and cars passing by Her heartfelt empty as if
there was a hole in the middle

“Let’s just break up

That sentence stabbed her in her heart and took that part of her heart away It would never be whole

Naomi didn’t understand why relationships were so complicated if he didn’t like her why had he kissed

Unfortunately, she would never get an answer to all those questions Everything had come to an end

A car stopped in front of her, and the window slowly rolled down

Naomi was startled The man who was driving was none other than Jackie


After getting into the car, Jackie drove away

He asked, “Are you in trouble?

Naomi lowered her head. “Not really She was just heartbroken

Jackie looked at her and smiled “Are you seeing someone?”

She paused but didn’t reply

He quietly said, “There’s someone I can’t let go of either, so I understand how you feel

Naomi looked at him “You’re seeing someone?”

“Yes,” he slowly said “But we didn’t get together and never will

“Why She didn’t understand “Aren’t you both in love? Why can’t you be together?” Jackie frowned “Not
all lovers can end up together. He smiled after saying that there are a lot of people who love each other
but can’t be togetherand these losi loves will become regrets that can only be remembered But not
ending up together doesn’t mean that it never existed

“Some people felt sad because they were never together but some felt sad because they were meant
to be together but broke up instead I’m the former

Naomi looked out the window What about Francisco and her? Were they the latter?

Jackie parked outside the Topaz residence

Naomi got out and turned to look at him. Thanks for the nde

Jackie stood next to his car and smiled. “Don’t mention it.”

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