Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 506:

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Chapter 506:

Lin Yuan could naturally see at a glance what was going on in the mind of this little loli who is still ignorant of the world.

So naturally, he wouldn’t say directly that the Xie Family is not even qualified to cooperate with the Lin Family.

Telling the truth to her would really shock her.

Lin Yuan just intends to agree with the initiative of such a kind innocent and lovely girl.

Xie Shixuan had fallen into a daydream and couldn’t help but be indulged in her thoughts.

She was already thinking about the style of the wedding dress she would wear to her wedding with Lin Yuan.

As for Xie Shiyin, she is slightly restrained and calmer.

Xie Shiyin’s thought is on Lin Yuan’s car.

Although she is not that knowledgeable and interested in cars, she still knows roughly a little.

The value of this Rolls Royce Phantom driven by Lin Yuan should be close to hundreds of millions!

And Xie Shiyin still remembers the first time she saw Lin Yuan at the gate of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music to send Gui Qingtong.

Lin Yuan drove a different luxury car at that time.

It seems to be called Pagani.

Its starting price is tens of millions.

Moreover, she is aware that Gui Qingtong comes from a very powerful family, and she knows a little about it.

So Xie SHiyin deduced that Lin Yuan’s background should at least be equal to their family, far beyond what her sister thought.

But Xie Shiyin did not interrupt her sister’s imagination.

Because she also…

Because she also vaguely had the same ideas as her sister!

It is just that she knew that Lin Yuan’s background is so deep.

Also, she is more concerned and worried about her sister really liking Lin Yuan even more.

She thought of what she should do in this situation.

Can she be able to steal Lin Yuan from her sister?

Xie Shixuan stared at Lin Yuan’s handsome face in the rearview mirror of the car in dazed.

She got a lot of thoughts in her mind and she is confused.

Soon after, Lin Yuan drove to the address given by the twins.

The Xie Family villa is quite large.

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin’s parents are hardworking, after-all.

And their family background is pretty good.

But the security guard who saw the Rolls Royce Phantom driving to the gate of the Xie Family villa was a little awkward.

He was not told that there would be a visitor.

But the owner of a luxury car worth hundreds of millions is not good to offend.

Therefore, he dares not to let it enter nor intercept the same.

Fortunately, Xie Shixuan in the backseat rolled down the car window.

She then greets the guard.

”Uncle An, my friend drove us home. Please keep the gate open.” Xie Shixuan said.

”Yes, Miss!”

Seeing the twin seated in the backseat of the luxury car, the security guard was relieved.

He quickly continued to open the gate to let Lin Yuan’s car in.

Lin Yuan parked the car and let Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin get off.

Lin Yuan then remained seated in the driver’s seat.

Xie Shixuan, however, ran directly to the driver’s seat and asked Lin Yuan to have some tea inside before he leaves.

Lin Yuan estimated that Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan’s preparations should take a while.

Hearing Xie Shixuan’s soft, and pitiful pleading tone, Lin Yuan unfastened his seatbelt.

Then he got off.

He then followed Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin inside the Xie family vila.

”Brother Lin Yuan, drink tea!”

Xie Shixuan sat down on the sofa and immediately yet graciously poured Lin Yuan a cup of tea.

She also intimately used her mouth to blow it cold.

She then handed the same to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smiled and took it and said, “Thank you Xie Shixuan.”

Xie Shixuan shook her head, and her double ponytail also shook. She then smiled and said: “My sister and I are very thankful to Brother Lin Yuan. If you had not saved us, we wouldn’t have made it back to our home. We cannot think of what would have happened to us.”

”Hmmn.” Xie Shiyin also nodded.

Lin Yuan took a sip of tea.

Then he glanced at the tea and asked: “This is Dahongpao, right? The price should be quite expensive. If I drink this cup of tea, your dad might scold you when he comes home.”

Xie Shixuan put her hands on her waist and her chest slightly raised.

Then she hummed and responded: “Brother Lin Yuan can be regarded as our savior. What is so wrong about offering some tea to our savior?”

”He doesn’t even pay attention to me and my sister.”

Xie Shiyin nodded again as a way to express her agreement.

Lin Yuan just smiled and took another sip.

Xie Shixuan, on the other hand, slung her skirt under her stool and quietly moved on the sofa.

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