Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 505:

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Chapter 505:

【Ding! Successfully reversed the plot by rescuing the loli twins! Reward: 1000 counterattack points! 】

【Ding! Reversed plot successfully! Plundered protagonist’s 30 fate points! 】

Lin Yuan is also quite satisfied when he heard the system prompt.

It seems that the plot has been successfully reversed again.

As well as plundered Ye Feng’s fate.

‘A heroic rescue of a damsel in distress’ is really effective.

By this point, his fate was already strong.

Enough to go toe-to-toe with the original protagonist Ye Feng.

It is even a little bit higher than Ye Feng’s.

After a little thought, Lin Yuan silently closed the system panel.

Then he continued to drive the car.

Behind Lin Yuan are the twin sisters, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.

The twins kept staring at the front and did not use their phones.

Xie Shixuan sat behind the co-pilot.

So she stared obliquely at an angle and stared straight at Lin Yuan’s side face

The more she looks at Lin Yuan, the more her heart beats faster.

As for Xie Shiyin, she is not as direct as Xie Shixuan.

But then her eyes were also looking at the rearview mirror.

From the rearview mirror in the car, she could see Lin Yuan driving.

Her personality is relatively cold, but her good impression of Lin Yuan has already made her unable to restrain her eyes from looking at him.

For some time, both the twins looked at Lin Yuan silently.

Xie Shixuan then took the initiative to chat with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smiled and also chatted with Xie Shixuan.

In fact, Lin Yuan and the twins don’t know each other very much.

Although he is clear about the details of the twins, but they have only met a few times.

They also met him as Gui Qingtong’s father and then brother previously.

After being rescued by Lin Yuan this time, the favorability of the twins towards him soared.

His relationship with the twins has suddenly become closer.

So even without Gui Qingtong as a link, the relationship is not that shallow anymore.

While Lin Yuan and Xie Shixuan were chatting, Xie Shiyin occasionally endured her shyness by interjecting a sentence or two.

“Thank you, brother Lin Yuan for taking us home, otherwise we won’t know what to do. I don’t know if my parents will come and pick us up if we call them.”

While chatting, Xie Shixuan expressed her gratitude to Lin Yuan once again.

And she also couldn’t help but express her slight dissatisfaction with their parents.

Lin Yuan replied, “Your parents should be very busy with business and company affairs. After all, the Xie family can also be regarded as a top family so it is normal to be busy. However, I would say they are also a little negligent in taking care of both of you.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s remarks, both Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin also nodded.

They are aware that their parents are very busy with business.

But the feeling of being ignored so often by their parents is so uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Xie Shixuan’s eyes lit up again.

She then asked Lin Yuan: “Brother Lin Yuan, your family must be very rich, right? Your family must be richer than ours!”

The reason why Xie Shixuan asked this was because of Lin Yuan’s temperament.

As well as the way he dressed and this luxury car.

These are not something that ordinary people can have.

In addition to these, Lin Yuan also seems to know a lot about the Xie family.

Therefore, Xie Shixuan thinks that Lin Yuan must come from a richer family.

It is not that Xie Shixuan wanted to look for a rich man or something.

More than that, she is afraid that if ever they progress with their relationship in the future, their families would be a hindrance.

But if both families are rich, maybe their families can cooperate more.

She can also have the chance to get in touch with Lin Yuan a lot.

With these thoughts in mind, Xie Shixuan’s eyes looked very bright, waiting for Lin Yuan to answer.

Lin Yuan could see Xie Shixuan’s thoughts.

He then smiled and replied casually: “yes, sort of. There is a little bit of money.”

”Then… then maybe our family can cooperate in the future! I will talk to my parents when I go back.”

After hearing Lin Yuan’s response, Xie Shixuan smiled cheerfully.

”Okay.” Lin Yuan smiled and agreed casually with her.

But Lin Yuan just agreed casually.

That is because compared with the status of the Lin family in Jiangbei, the scale of the Xie family is not too big.

It’s not that the Xie family is not good.

It is just that the Lin family is one of the absolute top families in Jiangbei.

The Xie family is worth around tens of billions, and this can only be ranked in the middle of Jiangbei’s top families.

Therefore, cooperation with the Lin Family is probably not a good idea.

It would already be nice to be able to cooperate with Lin Yuan’s company, needless to say, the entire Lin Group.

Xie Shixuan actually has never paid attention to these Jiangbei families and businesses.

She only thought that maybe if their families are similar, they can cooperate with each other and they can have frequent contact.

Then maybe…

Then maybe they can have the legendary political marriage!

Thinking about being able to marry Lin Yuan, Xie Shixuan smiled that her mouth was a little crooked.

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