Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 510:

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Chapter 510:

Xie Shixuan didn’t even notice the gap in her collar at all.

And looking at Xie Shixuan whose little hands were trembling because of excitement, Lin Yuan smiled too.

Right now, he is very close to Xie Shixuan.

Xie Shixuan could feel the heat of Lin Yuan’s breath

Lin Yuan could also smell the scent of Xie Shixuan’s ponytails.

But the smell is not so strong because there is another smell that is more intense.

That is the milky scent!

Lin Yuan also smelled it from the sachet earlier.

Lin Yuan thought that the scent came from the sachet.

But now that he stood just behind Xie Shixuan, he just realizes that the scent came from her.

Xie Shixuan probably carried the same with her very often that it acquired the same scent.

Due to the height difference, Lin Yuan can clearly see Xie Shixuan in front of him.

The neckline is quite loose.

Looking at her from this angle is really amazing.

From his current perspective, it is indeed quite majestic!

Lin Yuan could not help but remember Gui Qingtong.

That girl is indeed very cute.

But in terms of development, it is a world apart compared to Xie Shixuan.

Lin Yuan felt like he wanted to play basketball a little bit.

Lin Yuan withdrew his gaze and began to teach Xie Shixuan to play the violin seriously.

But Xie Shixuan is not listening at all.

Because her heart couldn’t calm down at all!

To be taught so intimately by Brother Lin Yuan, she felt like she is in a dream!

Because only within her dreams she can see such a happy scene!

She was a little dazzled and only focused on sniffing the scent on Lin Yuan’s body.

She is feeling the breath exhaled by Lin Yuan and the temperature of his hand.

As for learning the violin? It has already become secondary.

While Lin Yuan was teaching Xie SHixuan, several prompts sounded in his mind.

【Ding! Xie Shixuan’s favorability +2! Reward: 200 counterattack points! 】

Obviously, teaching her improves her favorability.

And while Lin Yuan is teaching Xie Shixuan, there is an audience on the side watching them.

That is the twin sister Xie Shiyin.

Xie Shiyin didn’t find anything strange about the way Lin Yuan teaches her sister.

The female teachers that are usually hired by their parents as their tutors also teach them the same way

But seeing Lin Yuan standing behind her sister Xie Shixuan while holding her hand and teaching her how to play the violin, Xie Shiyin felt uncomfortable.

She doesn’t know why but she feels a little jealous.

It feels unpleasant to the eye.

After a minute and a half, Lin Yuan finally let go of Xie Shixuan’s hand.

He then smiled and asked: “How was it? Have you learned anything?”

”Huh? Huh! Hmmm, Hmmmn!”

Xie Shixuan was still immersed in her reverie.

But hearing Lin Yuan’s question, she finally recovered her senses. It was as if she had just awakened from a dream.

She tried to quickly respond but she actually doesn’t really remember much of what Lin Yuan taught.

She only remembers the feeling of excitement, comfort, and happiness from being in close contact with Lin Yuan.

”Big Brother Lin Yuan, I still don’t get it all. Can you teach me ag…”

Xie Shixuan blinked her eyes a few times and was about to boldly ask for Lin Yuan’s guidance again.

But Xie Shixuan has not even finished her words when a voice interrupted her.

”Big brother Lin Yuan, teach me how to play the piano, too!” Xie Shiyin said suddenly.

Xie Shiyin’s voice is slightly louder and her speech is slightly rapid.

She directly interrupted what her sister was about to say.

Lin Yuan turned his head and saw Xie Shiyin with a flushed face.

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