Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 513:

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Chapter 513:

In fact, Lin Yuan actually hasn’t seen Xie Shiyin’s paintings on the internet.

The reason why he said so was because he remembered Xie Shiyin’s setting in the original novel.

This can be regarded as the little secret of Xie Shiyin that no one knows.

And it is not just randomly drawing any painting.

Xie Shiyin also has a very strange style of painting.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s remarks, Xie Shiyin understood that Lin Yuan really did see her paintings and is not just randomly guessing.

After all, a foolish and baseless guess cannot just come out of Lin Yuan’s mouth.

So Xie Shiyin, whose face was flushed, could only nod her head and admit.”Y… yes… I drew them!”

After saying so, Xie Shiyin’s head was bent and buried directly like the head of an ostrich.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I think that you painted very well. The girls you painted are very attractive, very sensual, and very endearing.


Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xie Shiyin looked at him in disbelief.

The eyes that are looking at Lin Yuan were so surprised.

”Right. You paint very well. You didn’t have to be mentally stressed out. It is just a painting. You can paint whatever you like, and your works are quite beautiful.” Lin Yuan smiled and nodded.

”Thank… Thank you, Brother Lin Yuan!” Xie Shiyin looked at Lin Yuan looking so much emotional.

She actually felt that it was so shameful drawing such kind of painting.

That is why she never told anyone about this.

She is afraid that others will know about it.

After Lin Yuan discovered it, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to disappear into a crack in the ground.

She is also afraid that Lin Yuan would think that she is a bad girl with very unhealthy and dirty thoughts.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yuan praised her for her painting skills and style!

Xie Shiyin felt so emotional that tears may fall at any moment.

Needless to say, Xie Shiyin’s personality is already a bit shy and introverted…

If she was her twin sister, Xie Shixuan, she would have already plunged into Lin Yuan’s arms as she cried out of too much happiness.

But still, Xie Shiyin is also particularly moved.

【Ding! Xie Shiyin’s favorability +3! Reward: 300 counterattack points! 】

【Ding! Xie Shiyin’s favorability +5! Reward: 500 counterattack points! 】

There are two system prompts in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Obviously, after getting Lin Yuan’s approval, Xie Shiyin’s favorability for Lin Yuan grew a lot instantly.

Seeing Xie Shiyin who was so moved and blushing slightly, Lin Yuan smiled and asked: “The female characters you drew are really sensual and attractive. How did you draw them? Did you learn this skill?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan asked, Xie Shiyin’s pretty face flushed instantly.

The figures painted by Xie Shiyin are all very plump.

They all have huge busts and look a bit full.

But they look very realistic.

There is no fake feeling as if the bust should naturally be that big.

When Lin Yuan asked how she drew it, Xie Shiyin found it difficult to answer.

But looking at the curiosity in Lin Yuan’s eyes, as if he is very eager to know, she could not help but answer.

Seeing Xie Shiyin’s tangled look and flushed face, Lin Yuan smiled.

In fact, Lin Yuan already knew how Xie Shiyin painted it.

But he just wanted to hear Xie Shiyin say the same herself.

This is Lin Yuan’s evil habit.

After a long struggle and contemplation, Xie Shiyin did not intend to hide or deprive Lin Yuan of an answer.

She blushed and said faintly: “I… I painted them…using… using my own… my own body…”

”As… as long as there is a reference… the painting… the painting becomes more… more realistic.”

After giving Lin Yuan an answer, Xie Shiyin remembered how she looked at herself in the mirror in the room and how she studied the appearance of her body.

Now that she answered Lin Yuan truthfully, she felt too embarrassed as if she were publicly sentenced to death.

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