Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 514:

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Chapter 514:

When he heard Xie Shiyin’s answer, Lin Yuan was visibly shocked.

Then he looked at Xie Shiyin’s petite body surprisedly,

Seeing Lin Yuan looking at her, Xie Shiyin hummed shyly.

Her pretty face flushed.

She went red from her cheeks to her neck.

She was so shy that she couldn’t help but turn her head around and cover her face.

Seeing Xie Shiyin’s cute and shy look as she covered her face, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed. In painting, you need a reference to learn.”

Xie Shiyin became shyer when she heard what Lin Yuan said

She was trembling all over.

No wonder she can draw such sensual and realistic paintings.

Since the reference was like that, the painting is the same.

After covering her face out of shyness for a while, Xie Shiyin finally removed her hand from her face.

She finally revealed her little face which still had a little blush.

“Actually, your paintings are really good, especially the body proportions and the realistic feeling to them. But there are few places to make progress”

Lin Yuan’s painting skill is at a divine level, so he pointed out some pointers to improve Xie Shiyin’s painting.

Hearing Lin Yuan guiding her seriously, Xie Shiyin’s shyness lessened.

Then a look of shock appeared on her face.

Because after she calmed herself down a little bit, she discovered that what Lin Yuan were saying were all to the point.

Xie Shiyin herself likes painting very much, and she is also quite talented in it.

Although no one has seen it, her level of painting is very good.

But Lin Yuan’s level of painting seems to be a lot better than hers!

This made Xie Shiyin increasingly feel that Lin Yuan is definitely unfathomable.

He is very talented in music.

And now, he is also particularly very proficient in painting.

So powerful and captivating!

Xie Shiyin listened carefully to Lin Yuan’s pointers.

There was a sense of worship in her eyes while she looked at Lin Yuan’s face tightly,

After a few pointers, Lin Yuan also prepared to get up and walk out of Xie Shiyin’s room.

But Xie Shiyin who was behind Lin Yuan suddenly grabbed his hand.

Lin Yuan turned his head back confusedly.

Lin Yuan saw Xie Shiyin blushing and muttered in a low and embarrassed voice: “Brot… brother Lin Yuan, can you… can you promise not to tell anyone about my paintings?”

”Even to Shixuan. I am ashamed. I don’t… I don’t want any other people to know about this…”

Obviously, her sensual painting makes Xie Shiyin very embarrassed.

She then lowered her head directly and did not dare to look at Lin Yuan.

Looking at the embarrassed oppai loli bowing her head as she whispered her request, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I understand that you don’t want to let the others know. You are a good child with good conduct and excellent grades. You don’t want others to see you as a cute little girl with profane thoughts.”

”If you want me not to tell others, hehe, then you have to promise me one thing. I want you to…”

Lin Yuan paused a little.

Hearing this, Xie Shiyin asked nervously: “What… what do you want me to do…?”

Xie Shiyin’s silvery loli voice trembled slightly.

She seems afraid.

But Xie Shiyin did not feel the fear of being threatened at all.

Instead, she was looking forward to what Lin Yuan was about to say.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: ”I want you to send me a copy first of your new painting in the future.”


Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xie Shiyin was a little confused.

She originally thought that the next plot would be like this:



But unexpectedly, Lin Yuan made such a request.

Xie Shiyin looked up and after seeing the smile on Lin Yuan’s face, she understood immediately.

Lin Yuan was just teasing and scaring her.

‘Sigh, I’m looking forward to it in vain… No, I mean I can finally breathe a sigh of relief!’

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about this. This is a secret shared by the two of us. Even to Shixuan, I will not tell about it.”

”A secret shared and kept by the two of us?!”Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xie Shiyin’s eyes lit up instantly.

At the same time, her heart also pounded.

The word ‘shared secret’ seems so attractive!

Xie Shiyin couldn’t control her quiet heart beating so fast.

Xie Shiyin then raised her head and stretched out the little finger of her right hand and showed the same to Lin Yuan and said, “Then Brother Lin Yuan, can we do a promise handshake?”

”Okay.” Lin Yuan smiled and stretched out his little finger.

He then hooked the same with Xie Shiyin to seal the deal.

As soon as their little fingers hooked up together, Xie Shiyin’s petite body trembled a little.

A strange feeling spread across her entire body.

This feeling was something she had never experienced before.

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