Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 516:

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Chapter 516:

Xie An and his wife have been doing business for a long time so they habitually speculate on things more conservatively.

Although they did not want to think that way, it was the first thing that came to mind.

But not waiting for them to think or react, Lin Yuan just turned around and left.

Watching Lin Yuan’s back, Xie An and his wife were stunned even more.

At this moment, Xie An suddenly recognized the Patek Philippe watch worth tens of millions on Lin Yuan’s wrist.

Xie An is not stupid.

He is in fact very knowledgeable of a lot of things for him to do such a big business.

He then suddenly recalled that when he parked his car, there was a limited-edition Rolls Royce Phantom parked in his garage.

He recalled it was different from the Rolls Royce Phantom that he owns. He just did not pay much attention to it earlier.

Xie An then remembered Lin Yuan’s appearance and his family name.

’Lin… Lin Yuan…’

’Lin Yuan!’

Xie An then remembered instantly that the same man must be the young master of the Jiangbei Lin family!

He once met him at the banquet of the Mei family.

But at that time, all he could see was just the side face.

He is not among Lin Yuan’s circle and could only watch him from a distance.

So he did not recognize him the first time.

But now he recognizes him.

He is the young master of the Lin family, one of the major families in Jiangbei!

And Lin Yuan is not just relying on the name of his family.

Recently, Lin Yuan has become famous in Jiangbei!

Xie An’s mind turned sharply.

His cold sweat was about to come out.

He then quickly raised his hand and shouted, “Young… Young master Lin Yuan?”

“Hmmmn?” Hearing Xie An’s voice, Lin Yuan turned his head blankly.

Seeing Lin Yuan turn his head, Xie An swallowed.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s temperament, it can be determined that he is indeed the young master of the Lin family.

But then, he still couldn’t help but ask, “Are… are you the Young Master Lin Yuan from the Lin family?”

Lin Yuan didn’t answer.

But Lin Yuan’s silence confirmed Xie An’s conclusion.

Because if he is not the young master of the Lin family, he would have definitely denied it.

No one would dare to pretend to be Lin Yuan!

He is definitely the young master of the Lin family.

Then Xie An hurried to Lin Yuan’s side.

He bowed his head slightly and said apologetically: “Young master Lin Yuan, I am sorry. I didn’t recognize you just now. I really didn’t know that you were the young master of the Lin family which was why I offered to give you one million. I never meant to humiliate you. Please don’t take it to heart. I am really sorry!”

Xie An apologized repeatedly.

His wife also ran over very quickly.

Seeing Xie An apologized and both their parents so respectful of Lin Yuan, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin were both stunned.

Lin Yuan is not surprised by how he is being treated by the Xie family.

The Xie family is not an ordinary family.

But compared to the Lin family, they are far beneath the ranks.

You can say if the Lin family wants to deal with the Xie family, they may suffer some losses.

But, the loss won’t be too great, it can be said to be just a drizzle.

Over the years, families like the Xie family have experienced their ups and downs in Jiangbei.

But a top family like the Lin family has always stood firm.

And Lin Yuan is not the ordinary rich second-generation who is naïve and has no talent at all and has no say in the family.

Lin Yuan is quite a capable man even on his own.

His parents have always trusted him with family affairs and even delegated power to him.

Being offered a million, although as a sign of gratitude, does not matter that much for a person like Lin Yuan.

And Xie An’s attitude earlier was not very respectful.

So Xie An hurriedly apologized.

But in fact, it is not actually such a big deal for Lin Yuan.

A million given as a sign of gratitude is still considered a lot of money.

And so, looking at Xie An and his wife who were bowing their heads, Lin Yuan waved his hand and said, “It’s okay. I know that you didn’t mean anything. A million is still a lot of money. But it is really unnecessary.”

”Okay! Okay!” After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Xie An nodded his head repeatedly.

Seeing their parents’ attitude towards Lin Yuan, both Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin were taken aback.

Xie An then smiled and said, “Today, you saved our two baby girls. We are really grateful to you. As a sign of our gratitude, can we invite you for a meal? How about it?”

Xie An intention is simple to predict.

It is very simple, they want him to stay and communicate more with them.

But Lin Yuan does not pay attention that much.

The reason why Lin Yuan rescued the twins was mainly to earn counterattack points and plunder Ye Feng’s fate.

As well as the pair of oppai loli’s themselves.

Lin Yuan does not really need any rewards from the Xie family.

So, Lin Yuan waved his hand and said: “It is really nothing.”

After saying that, Lin Yuan stops paying attention to Xie An and his wife.

Instead, he bid goodbye to both Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin and left.

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