Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 511:

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Chapter 511:

Seeing Lin Yuan’s gaze, Xie Shiyin didn’t evade.

That is because she also wants Lin Yuan to teach her.

Although it is almost impossible to say such a thing based on her personality.

She didn’t know why but the moment that she saw Lin Yuan teaching intimately her sister, Xie Shixuan, she felt very uncomfortable.

So, Xie Shiyin blurted out suddenly after Lin Yuan taught Xie Shixuan for a while

Hearing Xie Shiyin interrupting her, Xie Shixuan puckered her lips and was a little unhappy.

Xie Shiyin looked at Lin Yuan with great anticipation.

Lin Yuan then smiled and said, “Okay, I will teach both of you.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xie Shiyin immediately smiled happily.

Xie Shixuan on the side puckered her lips and was slightly annoyed.

She feels that there is something wrong with her sister today.

Xie Shiyin does not like being in contact with other people very much, even with her, her twin sister!

Why does she insist that brother Lin Yuan teach her also?

She wants brother Lin Yuan to teach her more!

Xie Shiyin on the other hand did not pay much attention to the reaction of her sister.

She instead came directly to Lin Yuan and said happily: “Brother Lin Yuan, the piano is in my room. Come in and teach me.”

Lin Yuan nodded in agreement.

He then turned his head, smiled, and said to Xie Shixuan: “Shixuan, you should practice well on your own here. Practice what I just taught you.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, although she was a little unhappy, Xie Shixuan still smiled sweetly at Lin Yuan.

She nodded obediently and replied, “Hmm! Okay, Brother Lin Yuan!”

Xie Shiyin then led Lin Yuan to her room.

After seeing Lin Yuan being taken away by Xie Shiyin, the smile on Xie Shixuan’s face faded immediately.

She puckered her lips unhappily.

”Practice the piano? Why does it have to be in her room? Hmph!”

After saying that, Xie Shixuan thought of going to the door.

She wanted to take a peek at how Lin Yuan taught Xie Shiyin.

But to Xie Shixuan’s disappointment, Xie Shiyin actually locked the door!

This made Xie Shixuan feel a little annoyed, but she could only practice alone in the living room.

Lin Yuan entered the bedroom of Xie Shiyin.

The bedroom of the oppai loli Xie Shiyin is not as colorful and decorative as that of the room of an ordinary girl her age.

Xie Shiyin’s room is very simple.

Apart from the bed, her desk, and her closet, there is only the piano.

The only thing that is kind of special was there are a lot of paintings on the wall.

Most are landscape paintings.

There are also some pictures of female anime characters.

The landscape paintings look very ordinary.

But those beautiful female anime characters looked very vivid.

All of them are very sensual.

Seeing Lin Yuan staring at those paintings, Xie Shiyin blushed and said: “Brother Lin Yuan, teach me to play the piano.”

”Okay.” Lin Yuan looked away after hearing Xie Shiyin.

Xie Shiyin felt relieved to see Lin Yuan look away.

She then lifted her JK uniform slightly and sat on the piano chair.

”I feel like there is something missing whenever I played this canon. Brother Lin Yuan, please help me listen and determine what is wrong.” Xie Shiyin said.

Seeing Lin Yuan nod, Xie Shiyin immediately began to play.

She finished playing very quickly.

She is very good.

But Lin Yuan did hear what Xie Shiyin pointed out earlier.

Just as Xie Shiyin said, there are some small differences from the regular canon.

Lin Yuan then said immediately: “Canon is a musical technique where a melody is played and then imitated after a given duration.”

”You are actually quite good. But then, you slow down a bit more often. When you press each key, you press the other at some point at the same time.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xie Shiyin nodded.

Then she looked at Lin Yuan and said while blushing: ”Bro… brother Lin Yuan, can you show it to me?”

”Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Xie Shiyin then immediately moved her butt a little to the side to give Lin Yuan some space to sit beside her.

Then Lin Yuan sat directly on the other side of the piano stool.

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