Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 517:

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Chapter 517:

At this moment, the twin sisters, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin were standing dazed.

They also subconsciously waved at Lin Yuan.

Then watched Lin Yuan leave.

Seeing Lin Yuan who does not seem to mind what they did, Xie An and his wife were also relieved.

They hurried to ask security to open the gate for him.

The security personnel at the same time followed and guided the car all the way to the gate.

Lin Yuan did not pay much attention to these.

However, what is important to Xie An and his wife is that they make an effort to send Lin Yuan away rather than not doing anything at all.

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin who were still sitting in the living room were a little confused.

They know how serious their parents are even to them at home.

Now they were too passionate and trying hard to please Lin Yuan.

They are even respectful towards him.

This really shocked the twins.

They originally thought that Lin Yuan was a young master of an ordinarily rich family.

They thought that he should be a junior just like them.

The twins even thought that their families can have some cooperation.

They even considered they could have an arranged marriage with him.

But what happening now is something that they never expected.

It seemed like Lin Yuan had equal footing with their parents, even like in the same generation.

And their parents looked too enthusiastic to please him.

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin are not stupid.

They understood that Lin Yuan’s background should be way beyond their expectations.

Lin family in Jiangbei?

They still remembered what their father Xie An said just now.

It is the Lin family, a top family in Jiangbei.

While the twins had these thoughts, Xie An and his wife also returned to the living room.

Xie An walked over to them and said: “Shixuan, Shiyin, you are really lucky to be rescued by Lin Yuan today. Let me tell you about him being the young master of the Lin family and his family background as well…”

Xie An and his wife told Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin about the Lin family, how powerful they are, and how it will benefit the Xie family if they have a connection with the Lin family, etc.

After the twins heard the details, the more they understood it and the more surprised they became.

But they are not interested in the relationship and the benefits between their families.

They only remembered what was related to Lin Yuan.

“Anyway, that Young Master Lin Yuan is a quite good and impressive man. Both of you can consider contacting him more. I felt like his attitude towards you is also very good. If one of you can marry Lin Yuan, then the Xie family will rise in Jiangbei.” Xie An said.

On the side, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin’s mother frowned and said, “Okay stop it already. Business should be separated from marriage. What matters here is not just the profit but the wishes of our daughters. And that Young Master Lin Yuan may also look down on us.”

”Right, right.” Xie An nodded.

And then he continued to tell his daughters: “Anyway, I am just saying it would be good to have more contact with Lin Yuan. You can just see how it goes.”

Hearing their parents talk about interests and marriage again, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin were a little disgusted.

But thinking that any of them could marry Lin Yuan, their emotions were a little conflicting.

”I… I know.”

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin both responded with flushed faces.

Then each of the twins slipped back to their rooms.

The twin sisters are lying on their own beds.

They are in different beds and rooms, but they are thinking of the same man.

Xie Shixuan wiped her sachet.

Meanwhile, Xie Shiyin looked at her own paintings that have hardly been seen by others.

They both fell into contemplation.



On the other side…

Lin Yuan just came out of the Xie family residence.

Sitting in the car, Lin Yuan first looked at his system panel.

【Host: Lin Yuan 】

【Counterattack Points: 16,000】

【Wealth Value: 18 billion】


【Strength: 270+ ; Speed: 270+ ; Reaction: 270+ ; Charisma: 270+ ; Physique: 270+ 】

【Skills 】

【Medical Skills: Divine Level; Cooking Skills: Divine Level; Piano: Divine Level ; Singing: Divine Level ; Equestrian: Divine Level ; Chess: Divine Level; Calligraphy: Divine Level ; Fighting: Divine Level ; Pistol: Divine Level ; Sniping: Divine Level; Hacking: Divine Level ; Painting: Advanced ; Stocks: Advanced ; Antique Appraisal: Advanced; Tai-Chi: Advanced; Car Skills: Intermediate; English Proficiency: Elementary… 】

【Favorability Panel 】

【Yan Ruyue: 96, Qiu Wanxi: 100, Qiao Siying: 89, Chi Qian: 39, Gui Qingtong: 96, Mei Yuxian: 95, Jiang Rou: 83, Xie Shixuan: 80, Xie Shiyin: 75, Ding Xiaorong: 70, Ning Shu: 40 】

【Loyalty Panel 】

【Wang Ergou: 95, Shi Shengnan: 90, Chen Yu: 100 】

【Fate Value: 550】

【Ye Feng: 450 (45% remaining) 】

Lin Yuan looked at the favorability panel and saw that Chi Qian’s favorability is already 39.

Based on Chi Qian’s personality, it is already very high.

As for the oppai loli twins, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin, their favorability rose steadily after today.

Xie Shixuan came to 80, while Xie Shiyin reached 75 points.

They have risen a lot only for a day.

As for Ye Feng’s fate value, Lin Yuan had already plundered 550 points.

Lin Yuan’s fate value is already a little higher than that of the original protagonist.

No wonder Lin Yuan’s company revenue has been getting better recently.

Lin Yuan thought for some time and then used 10,000 counterattack points.

He has distributed the same to Strength, Speed, Reaction, Charisma, and Physique.

20 points were added to each attribute.

All five of his attributes now reached 290.

It is already so close to 300.

After the points were added to his attributes, Lin Yuan felt a warm current rushing through his body.

His limbs felt warm.

Lin Yuan clenched his fists and felt that his strength has increased by several levels.

This increase in strength makes him a little tempted to give it a try.

He glanced at the steering wheel in front of him.

He had the thought of trying a punch to the steering wheel.

But then he immediately dropped the thought.

Otherwise, the limited-edition Rolls Royce Phantom worth hundreds of millions would end up as a piece of scrapped metal.

Just when Lin Yuan was about to start the car again, he felt a vibration in his pocket.

Lin Yuan took a glance, and it turned out that Yan Ruyue had sent him a message.

Before Lin Yuan could open the message, the phone vibrated again.

Someone is actually calling him…

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