Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 519:

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Chapter 519:

Chi Qian smiled and shook her head and said helplessly: “It’s okay. Brother Lin Yuan is just joking.”

Hearing that Chi Qian was not clearly taking her side, Yu Shanshan pouted.

But then, she didn’t say much.

After all, she wouldn’t win anyway.

Chi Qian on the other hand casually drank the red wine.

At the same time, she stopped paying attention to Yu Shanshan.

She looked around inside the car instead.

She is very different from the carefree Yu Shanshan.

Her observation ability is as meticulous as Lin Yuan’s.

As soon as she got in the car, she smelled a scent.

It is definitely not the scent of the car but a natural body fragrance of a girl.

The fragrance has a nice milky scent.

At the same time, the height of the car seat is also a little lower than it should be.

You can probably tell that someone sits there, and it is most likely a woman.

And on the seat, there were a few, long, and smooth strands of black hair.

So in the backseat of Lin Yuan’s Rolls Royce Phantom, a girl must have sat there not long ago.

This is the conclusion that Chi Qian quickly reached as soon as she got into the car.

She does not know why she cares about this.

But with the conclusion she made after careful observation, Chi Qian did not know why but she felt slightly uncomfortable.

Lin Yuan, who was too lazy to care about Yu Shanshan who had been messing around, turned around.

He looked at Chi Qian and asked: “Qian Qian, can you send me the location of your home? It will help me to navigate…”

”Ah, okay Brother Lin Yuan.”

The contemplation of Chi Qian was interrupted by Lin Yuan’s remarks.

There was no emotional change on her gorgeous face as she replied.

She just smiled slightly and then sent the location of her residence through her mobile phone.

After Lin Yuan turned his head to check on the location, Chi Qian shook her head.

Who did Brother Lin Yuan pick up? Who could the girl be?

She thought why does she have to think about Lin Yuan’s business?

This is Lin Yuan’s car.

He shall let in whoever girl he wants.

That is his freedom.

She has no right to tell him otherwise.

But thinking that there was a girl who sat in Lin Yuan’s car seat, Chi Qian was slightly uncomfortable.

Could it be that she is just bothered by her clean freak habits?

Chi Qian thought for a while.

But she did not want to think about it too much.

Or maybe she just did not intend to understand her feelings.

”Qian Qian, cheers.” Yu Shanshan raised her glass to Chi Qian.

”Cheers.” Chi Qian also smiled and stretched out her white hand, and clinked glasses with Yu Shanshan.

Then they both took a sip of the red wine.

Chi Qian did not think any further anymore.

Today, she shall focus on being a host to Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan in her home.

She thought about how she shall thank Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian did not notice that when she was observing the car, Lin Yuan also noticed her actions.

Lin Yuan’s observation ability is no worse than Chi Qian’s.

That is certainly even more sensitive than Chi Qian.

After all, his attributes are comparable to Superman.

Lin Yuan catches the actions of a vast majority of people that were originally insignificant and unnoticeable.

One cannot hide anything from Lin Yuan.

This, plus his understanding of Chi Qian, Lin Yuan roughly caught on to Chi Qian’s thoughts after seeing her movements and all her little expressions.

Lin Yuan sighed slightly.

Women are very sensitive, especially when there is some evidence to convict a man.

They are like Sherlock Holmes.

And Chi Qian is a perfect girl.

She is also very good at this aspect.

She is like the Sherlock Holmes among all Sherlock Holmes.

Women are naturally very jealous animals.

They are basically walking vinegar jars.

Even Chi Qian is no different, this is a woman’s nature.

And for a perfect girl like Chi Qian, it may be even more difficult to accept sharing a man with another woman.

If his relationship with Chi Qian is more than just friends.

Like a close relationship between a man and a woman, or an even closer relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Lin Yuan knew she would not stay silent after her observation.

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