Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 520:

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Chapter 520:

Lin Yuan decided long ago that he wanted them all!

He won’t let go of any one of the girls!

However, it was not easy to achieve this goal on Chi Qian’s side.

But it is not without a chance.

As long as the favorability is high enough, he will be able to win Chi Qian.

Then all his goals wouldn’t just be a dream.

Just like Chi Qian, although he had things on his mind, he can shift quickly to another task.

On the surface, Lin Yuan was staring at the location from Chi Qian’s phone.

After Lin Yuan confirmed the location, he started the car and drove towards the location given by Chi Qian.

As soon as the car started, Yu Shanshan asked curiously: “Qian Qian, where exactly is your house? How big is it? It must be super luxurious, right?”

Looking at Yu Shanshan who was like a curious child, Chi Qian smiled and said, “It is not that big. You will know as soon as we arrive there.”

Hearing Chi Qian’s response, Yu Shanshan replied, “Okay.”

Yu Shanshan took a sip of the red wine as she tried to guess.

Lin Yuan drove the car and thought about the location given by Chi Qian.

Then he raises his brow slightly.

The location given by Chi Qian is in Qingyang Mountain in Qingyang District.

This could also be just Chi Qian’s home in Jiangbei.

He expects the same to be bigger than expected.

While Lin Yuan was driving, Yu Shanshan and Chi Qian who were seated in the backseat chatted.

Lin Yuan occasionally interjects.

Just halfway through the drive, it started to rain a little.

Lin Yuan asked, “Qian Qian, is it okay if I close the window since it is raining? Will you be okay? Will you get dizzy?”

”It is okay Brother Lin Yuan. You may close the window. The car is quite comfortable. It is not far away so I won’t get dizzy even if the windows are shut.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s concern, Chi Qian smiled gratefully after she replied.

Lin Yuan’s words warmed her heart a little.

But then she was suddenly taken aback.

How did Lin Yuan know that she suffers from car sickness?

There are not many people who know about her car sickness.

Her car sickness is a little better now.

But Chi Qian didn’t think much about it as it might come from Lin Yuan’s observation, or it might be that it was Yu Shanshan who told him about it.

In any case, she is very grateful for Lin Yuan’s concern.

And then Lin Yuan closed the car window.

Yu Shanshan on the side interrupted and said, “Hmph, cousin, I am also suffering from car sickness. You just closed the window after asking Qian Qian. You did not even ask me. It’s unfair.”

”There are some light snacks under the wine cabinet. Take some yourself.” Lin Yuan said without looking back.

When she heard what Lin Yuan said, Yu Shanshan smiled instantly and said, “Hehe! Thank you, cousin! I knew you love me the most!”

Seeing how Yu Shanshans mood changed instantly after hearing about the snacks, Chi Qian smiled and pinched Yu Shanshan’s slightly chubby face.

Yu Shanshan did not think much either.

While eating snacks and watching the rain outside the window, Yu Shanshan complained: “It’s raining again. It is really annoying.”

Chi Qian smiled immediately and said, “Is rain not good? Didn’t you like it very much before? I still remember how you sang this while watching the rain outside the dormitory not too long ago: ‘The sound of pattering rain is the cry of Mother Earth’.”

Yu Shanshan stick out her tongue and answered: “I can’t remember I sang Mother Earth is crying. I just felt like singing when it rained that time. It should be that Deity peed.”

”Pfft!” Hearing Yu Shanshan’s ‘vulgar remarks’, Chi Qian couldn’t help but smile.

”Right, Deity peed, or taking a shower.” Lin Yuan who was driving also interjected.

”Hahahaha!” Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yu Shanshan laughed happily.

Chi Qian also couldn’t help but laugh, which is rare.

Lin Yuan could see Chi Qian’s blooming smile from the rearview mirror of the car.

She rarely smiled which showed her teeth.

Chi Qian’s teeth are very white and neat.

Very beautiful and charming.

She is really like the most perfect first love at a glance.

But this rare appearance of Chi Qian also vanished quickly.

Her cherry lips closed and showed her usual mild, gentle smile again.

After laughing, Yu Shanshan ate her snacks again forgetting her surroundings.

But Chi Qian’s bright eyes actually looked at the rearview mirror of the car.

She saw Lin Yuan through the mirror who was driving currently.

When she looked at the rearview mirror, their eyes actually met!

Chi Qian’s heart beat quite fast suddenly!

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