Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 521

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Chapter 521

Seeing Lin Yuan also looking at her, Chi Qian immediately blushed.

Lin Yuan smiled immediately when he met Chi Qian’s eyes.

Chi Qian smiled slightly in reply, then she looked away while blushing.

She was somewhat embarrassed and so she looked at the window.

Lin Yuan understood.

This should be similar to ‘idols baggage’. (T/N: refers to the fear of losing fans that causes artists or celebrities to hide their true selves in public)

Actually, it is not entirely an ‘idols baggage’.

It is just that Chi Qian is not used to having much contact with others

She usually keeps her distance from other people.

Like that smiling face of hers, while showing her teeth, it is definitely not ’losing herself’.

But she still won’t let others see it.

So the eye contact and knowing what Lin Yuan saw just now, Chi Qian felt a little embarrassed.

Her fair face was also slightly red.

But her appearance is very cute.

It makes people unable to help but want to kiss her.

【Ding! Chi Qian’s favorability +1! Reward: 1000 counterattack points! 】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

It seems that seeing her ‘lose herself’, instead made her feel that they are closer.

Lin Yuan smiled and also looked away.

And Chi Qian who had been pretending to look at the scenery outside the window also turned her head back when she saw that Lin Yuan was not looking anymore.

She just glanced secretly at Lin Yuan who was focusing on driving, through the rearview mirror.

Chi Qian was slightly relieved, then continued to chat with Yu Shanshan.

The rain didn’t last long and stopped soon.

When the rain stopped, Lin Yuan was already driving through a large area of very luxurious villas.

The villas are definitely in excellent locations.

The scenery outside is also good.

Each of them must be very expensive.

After seeing these villas, Yu Shanshan immediately became energetic.

She rolled down the car window and said quite excitedly: “Qian Qian, where is your house? Is it in any one of these villas? Which one is it? I did not expect your family to be so rich. And the villas here are definitely expensive.”

Yu Shanshan really did not mean that the houses here are too expensive for her to afford.

In fact, Yu Shanshan’s family also has certain financial strength.

Although not as strong as the Lin family, it is definitely not that bad either.

Yu Shanshan sighed emotionally.

She knew that Chi Qian came to Jiangbei from Yanjing to study.

But it appears that even in Jiangbei her family also bought and provided her with a home that is worth hundreds of millions.

She must be super very rich.

But to Yu Shanshan’s surprise, Chi Qian just smiled and shook her head and denied: “No Shanshan, you misunderstood. My home is not in this villa area.”


Hearing Chi Qian’s denial, Yu Shanshan was stunned.

There was a slight embarrassment on Yu Shanshan’s face.

Then Yu Shanshan quickly apologized: “Qian Qian, I’m really sorry. I am talking nonsense again. Don’t mind me.”

Chi Qian smiled and shook her head and replied: “It’s okay.”

Her face still remained calm.

”After all, you just transferred schools. It would be a waste to buy such a big villa.” Yu Shanshan touched her little head and said to Chi Qian with a little embarrassment.

Chi Qian smiled slightly, nodded, and said, “Okay, you are right Shanshan.”

Seeing that Chi Qian is not angry, Yu Shanshan is also relieved.

Then she turned her head and asked Lin Yuan: “Cousin. What I said makes sense, right? Qian Qian didn’t need to buy the villas here. It is simply not a very wise decision. Buying a house in these villas is a waste of money.”

Lin Yuan glanced at Yu Shanshan.

Yu Shanshan knows that he actually owns several villas.

She is just asking for help to soothe Chi Qian’s emotions.

It is not easy to knock her head while he is driving.

And so, Lin Yuan glanced at Yu Shanshan and said: “Don’t talk too early. Don’t think about it too much this early. You are just a child. Don’t mind the business of adults.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yu Shanshan immediately put her arms around her chest and pouted her mouth, and said in disdain: “Hmph! Qian Qian and I are classmates and roommates. Only you are the bad adult here.”

”Always showing off your wealth. You don’t know how to be simple and sensitive to others’ feelings at all. Think of the simple but rich people. They are low-key and elegant. They are the best.”

”Right, Qian Qian?”

Seeing Lin Yuan disagreeing with her thoughts, Yu Shanshan could only shake Chi Qian’s arm.

She defeated an ally in Chi Qian.

Chi Qian just smiled helplessly after Yu Shanshan shook her arm

Then she nodded.


Hearing Chi Qian’s agreement, Yu Shanshan smiled immediately.

She continued to criticize Lin Yuan, but Chi Qian showed a helpless smile at her.

Lin Yuan did not bother to pay attention to Yu Shanshan’s pointless criticisms.

Lin Yuan just looked at the snacks.

Lin Yuan then said: “Come and feed me some beef jerky and some wine, I want to drink too.”

Hearing Lin Yuan commanding her, Yu Shanshan puckered her lips.

But she dares not refuse.

She obediently grabbed the snacks with her little hand.

She fed Lin Yuan like a little maid.

Chi Qian just watched Yu Shanshan feed Lin Yuan.

She also ate and drank wine quietly.

She smiled and shook her head at the sight of this.

Lin Yuan continued to drive the car while enjoying Yu Shanshan’s service.

After passing through the luxurious villa area, it did not take long for them to arrive at the address given by Chi Qian.

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