Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 522:

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Chapter 522:

Lin Yuan parked his car in a spacious but empty parking lot at the foot of the mountain.

Then, Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Yu Shanshan all got out of the car.

As soon as Lin Yuan got out of the car, he saw a big sign in front.

【Qingyang Mountain】

It seems that this is the address that Chi Qian gave.

After getting off the car, Yu Shanshan looked around curiously.

”Huh? Qian Qian, where is your home? Is your home in the mountains?” Yu Shanshan asked curiously.

Yu Shanshan was just asking casually.

But what she did not expect was Chi Qian’s response.

Chi Qian smiled and nodded and said, “Yes.”

”Huh? Seriously?” Yu Shanshan asked and was stunned.

’Chi Qian’s home is really in the mountains?’

She hasn’t heard of Qingyang Mountain before.

She also has not been there either.

This place is not very famous in Jiangbei.

But now that she is standing in front of this mountain and looking around, the environment on the mountain is pretty good.

It can even be compared to those 5A tourist attractions she had been to.

But then it is actually Chi Qian’s home?

Is her home really in the mountains?

It is unbelievable!

Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan followed Chi Qian and walked into the slightly moist forest.

After walking for some time Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan looked up only to see lush greenery everywhere.

The mountain was full of beautiful flowers and precious scenery.

It just so happened that a breeze was blowing so the flowers and trees swayed.

The water drops from the rain that hung on the flowers and leaves swayed.

The scenery of Qingyang Mountain is really breathtaking.

Maybe the water drops were from a slight rain shower in the forest.

The forest is as beautiful as a fairyland.

”Wow! It is so beautiful! The scenery is very beautiful almost the same as the forest parks I’ve been to!” Yu Shanshan couldn’t help exclaiming.

Lin Yuan looked at the overwhelmed Yu Shanshan and shook his head.

Chi Qian on the other hand seems to be used to it.

She was very calm.

She did not mind the reactions of the two.

Yu Shanshan looked at the surrounding place several times.

She shook Chi Qian’s arm excitedly and asked, “Qian Qian, is your house really up there? The scenery here is breathtaking. It is too amazing”

”Right, it is.” Looking at the excitement in Yu Shanshan’s eyes, Chi Qian could only shake her head and smile helplessly.

The sharp-eyed Yu Shanshan looked at the surrounding place for a while then saw a villa.

Yu Shanshan asked excitedly: “Qian Qian, is your house right there?

Chi Qian smiled and nodded and said: “Hmmn.”

Yu Shanshan smiled excitedly and continued: “It must be so cool to live here, right? It feels like those legendary fairyland secret realms.”

”It feels like breathing the air here every day would make one live longer for decades.”

Chi Qian smiled and did not answer.

After looking around for a while, Yu Shanshan calmed down and asked curiously: “Qian Qian, it is really beautiful here, but how do you go up here? How do you get to your house? Wow, do you climb your way up?”

The mountain is off-road.

Although the scenery is very good but climbing the mountain every time she wants to come home, is painful. Yu Shanshan thought.

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s question, Chi Qian smiled and responded: “There is an easier way. Shanshan, Brother Lin Yuan, follow me.”

Lin Yuan smiled at Chi Qian and then nodded.

Then the two followed Chi Qian.

Chi Qian walked forward while Yu Shanshan and Lin Yuan followed.

Chi Qian pointed to some place and said: “There is actually a cable car that you can take to go up the mountain. But I don’t like the cable car and usually takes a lot of time. Let’s just take the escalator. We shall get to the house faster.”

After saying that, Chi Qian took Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan into a passage at the foot of the mountain.

In front of the passage, there is a closed safety door.

And inside the safety door, there was a long escalator.

”Ther…there is an escalator on this mountain?” Yu Shanshan was shocked and a little confused.

What kind of family can do this?

A villa was built in a scenic spot, there are even escalators and cable cars one can ride to go up the mountain.

It is a bit beyond imagination.

But Lin Yuan was not surprised.

That is because he had a deep understanding of how deep Chi Qian’s background.

Chi Qian faced the safety lock of the escalator and verified her fingerprints.

The door then opened.

And the escalator that was not moving also began to run automatically.

”Shanshan, brother Lin Yuan, come on up.”

”Okay!” Yu Shanshan replied.

Lin Yuan followed.

The door to the passageway also closed.

Chi Qian got on the escalator first and then pulled Yu Shanshan who was still looking around.

Lin Yuan also followed.

While standing on the escalator, Chi Qian smiled and said: “It is a bit inconvenient that my home is in the mountains. It may be a little small and not particularly comfortable for you two. I hope you don’t mind that too much.”

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