Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 524:

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Chapter 524:

Seeing Yu Shanshan being naughty again, Chi Qian helplessly stretched out her hand and squeezed Yu Shanshan’s little face.

Then she smiled and said: “Stop making trouble. I am not as rich as your cousin. This villa is not mine. It belongs to my family.”

Lin Yuan also smiled and said, “Shanshan, I think you made a mistake when you went to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music. You should have enrolled in Jiangbei Theatre Academy and learned more about acting. I think you are very talented in that regard.”

”Especially the monkey show, I believe you will be able to perform the monkey show best.”

”Hmmph! You are more suited for the monkey show!” Yu Shanshan replied plainly to Lin Yuan’s mockery.

Looking at Yu Shanshan’s puckering lips, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian smiled slightly.

Yu Shanshan continued to hold Chi Qian’s arm while she observed the whole villa.

Yu Shanshan couldn’t help but ask, “Qian Qian, there are still so many places on the mountain.”

”The scenery here is so beautiful. Why is your villa the only one built here? Did others not find the place beautiful for them to build their villas here?”

Yu Shanshan’s question actually made sense.

The scenery here is so good.

If one builds a villa of the same size, the cost will be higher than those of the villas at the foot of the mountain.

So Yu Shanshan is really curious as to why there’s only Chi Qian’s villa here.

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s question, Lin Yuan smiled immediately.

Chi Qian also glanced at Lin Yuan.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s smile, Chi Qian was a little embarrassed.

She did not intend to actually say it because it may appear like she is showing off.

But Lin Yuan seemed to know a lot about her.

At least Lin Yuan already knows for certain.

And it seems that Lin Yuan doesn’t mind, so Chi Qian was relieved.

Seeing Yu Shanshan’s inquisitive look, Chi Qian knew that she would ask repeatedly until she gets an answer from her.

Chi Qian knew she couldn’t avoid it.

Chi Qian could only smile helplessly and reply: “Half of the mountain belongs to our family. And since my grandfather does not like having neighbors being too close, he…”

Although Chi Qian did not finish answering, Yu Shanshan understood what she meant instantly.

She was quick to understand her meaning.

”Half of this mountain is yours?!” Yu Shanshan’s eyes widened instantly and looked at Chi Qian in shock.

”Hmmn.” Chi Qian nodded.

After hearing Chi Qian’s confirmation, Yu Shanshan grabbed Chi Qian’s arm and shook the same wildly.

”My God! Qian Qian, you are too rich!”

”Woo! You should have told me sooner! I only learned about this now! I should have served you and just held onto a rich woman’s thigh”

”I finally know now why you just said that your home is a bit small. Compared to the whole mountain, it is indeed smaller!”

Yu Shanshan’s body is clinging to Chi Qian.

Both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian can only shake their heads.

It took some time before Yu Shanshan finally let go of Chi Qian.

Then they continued to walk towards the villa.

Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan followed Chi Qian.

Soon, the three of them reached the front door of the villa.

As soon as they arrived at the front door, Lin Yuan saw a person at the door.

This person is a mature-looking woman, probably in her 30’s.

She wore a black butler’s uniform.

From the looks of it, she seemed to be the housekeeper of the villa.

The housekeeper has a beautiful face.

At this moment, she had her hands crossed vertically in front of her.

Her figure is convex and upturned, a mature elder sister type.

She should have been informed by Chi Qian ahead of time before they came.

And so, she waited here for Chi Qian in advance.

And just as Lin Yuan thought, as soon as Chi Qian saw the housekeeper, she quickened her pace and walked over to her.

She also called for her at the same time.

“Sister Yuwei.”

The housekeeper also walked over toward Chi Qian.

At the same time, she also greeted respectfully, “Hello, young lady.”

She also helped Chi Qian with her luggage.

Then Chi Qian introduced the housekeeper to both Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan.

”Brother Lin Yuan and Shanshan, this is sister Yuwei, the housekeeper who helps to manage the affairs at home. Her surname is ‘Song’. She is a very nice person.”

Then Chi Qian introduced Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan to her, “This is brother Lin Yuan, and my roommate Shanshan. They are… my friends.”

After hearing Chi Qian’s introduction, the housekeeper, Song Yuwei, immediately bent over slightly and said respectfully to Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan, “Hello to young lady’s friends. I am the housekeeper Yuwei. I am pleased to meet the both of you.”

Seeing the respectful look of housekeeper Yuwei, Yu Shanshan hurriedly waves her hand and said, “Sister Yuwei need not be like this. You may just call me Shanshan.”

Lin Yuan also smiled and said, “My name is Lin Yuan. Hello housekeeper Song.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s introduction, she raised her head and said to Lin Yuan, “Okay Miss Shanshan and Mister Lin.”

After saying that, Song Yuwei looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

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