Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 525

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Chapter 525

Future son-in-law of the Chi Family! Earned the respect of the housekeeper!

While greeting Lin Yuan awhile ago, Song Yuwei carefully observed Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan.

It is not that she has any special thoughts.

She was just surprised that Chi Qian actually took her friends home.

This has never happened before!

She has been with Chi Qian’s family and has known Chi Qian for quite a long time already.

Song Yuwei sees Chi Qian as a very nice person. She is excellent in all aspects, maybe even perfect.

And maybe because she is too good and perfect that she had no friends, so how can she take anyone home?

This has never happened before and was too unexpected of her.

So, Song Yuwei is very curious about Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan, the friends whom she brought home today.

That is especially true for a man like Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian actually brought home someone from the opposite gender which was too shocking!

Song Yuwei knew Chi Qian’s personality well, she did not like interacting with people very much.

Although she may seem to be easygoing but her character is actually a little distant.

She rarely associates with anyone, especially the opposite gender.

She never thought that a young man could become Chi Qian’s friend.

It seems like the relationship between them is pretty good.

And so compared to Yu Shanshan, Song Yuwei is more interested in observing Lin Yuan.

And after taking a close look at Lin Yuan, Song Yuwei’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat.

Her breathing was also a little short because even at first sight, Lin Yuan looks so handsome!

He has sword eyebrows and starry eyes.

Most of the girl’s hearts would beat at the first sight of him.

Song Yuwei is no exception.

Although Song Yuwei is already in her early thirties,

Although she has a steady personality.

Although she already met different kinds of people in the past.

But after seeing Lin Yuan, she still could not help but be affected for a while.

The appearance of this young man named Lin Yuan is simply perfect!

He is a perfect match with the young lady who is equally beautiful and temperamental.

Song Yuwei couldn’t see through this young man at all.

This is surprising because Song Yuwei was a housekeeper in Chi Qian’s home since she was young.

Since she has been in the Chi family for quite a long time, she has seen countless big bosses.

But there is only a handful of them that she couldn’t see through like Lin Yuan.

And Lin Yuan’s temperament is the most shocking.

Because Song Yuwei had only seen the same in Chi Qian’s grandfather!

Song Yuwei had a bold guess deep inside.

Maybe, this young man may become the future son-in-law of the Chi Family!

Maybe he will marry young lady Chi Qian!

And even if he does not end up with Miss Chi Qian, he is still absolutely extraordinary!

Song Yuwei’s first impression of Lin Yuan made her feel quite surprised.

This made Song Yuwei involuntarily respect Lin Yuan.

So, after helping Chi Qian with her luggage, Song Yuwei took the initiative to get close to Lin Yuan.

She smiled at Lin Yuan and said: ”Young master Lin, do you need me to hold your coat for you?”

With a smile on Song Yuwei’s beautiful face, she stretched out her hand over to Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “No, I can hold it myself.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Song Yuwei also withdrew her hand.

“Then I will take you in first. Please follow me.”

Carrying the luggage brought by Chi Qian, Song Yuwei led the three into the huge villa.

The villa not only looks big from the outside. It is actually equally spacious inside.

There were various decorations inside which made it both comprehensive and elegant.

After entering the villa, Song Yuwei first asked that Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan be seated.

Then she left to take care of Chi Qian’s luggage.

Then she served tea to the three of them.

While drinking tea, Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan chatted with Chi Qian.

It was mainly Yu Shanshan who asked most of the questions.

She asked Chi Qian about the super huge villa.

Lin Yuan occasionally interjected.

After chatting for a while, Chi Qian’s red lips took a sip of tea and then put the same down and said. “Brother Lin Yuan, Shanshan, let me now take you to the cat café at the foot of the mountain, there are many cute kittens there.”

Chi Qian, who usually has a quiet temperament, now talking about cats happily.

Her smile is like a blooming flower.

It can be seen how much she really likes cats.

The cat café is opened and owned by Chi Qian, but it is mainly being handled by others.

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