Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 526

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Chapter 526

Chi Qian’s cat café! Come out to see a handsome guy!

Hearing what Chi Qian said, Yu Shanshan answered hurriedly: “Okay, okay! Let’s go to the cat café!”

Lin Yuan also smiled and nodded: “Okay, let’s go!”

Just like Chi Qian, Lin Yuan also likes cats very much.

He came to Chi Qian’s home as he also wanted to go to the cat café.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s smile who seemed to be a cat lover just like her, Chi Qian returned a smile.

She and Lin Yuan are similar in many ways.

This made Chi Qian naturally have good feelings toward Lin Yuan.

Especially after the ensemble in the final exams in school, Chi Qian could never forget that interweaving emotion.

Now, for as long as there are similarities with Lin Yuan, Chi Qian will always remember the feeling of that time.

Seeing the incredibly beautiful smile on Chi Qian’s fair and pretty face, Lin Yuan also smiled back.

Yu Shanshan didn’t notice this.

After hearing Chi Qian, she put down the teacup directly and then began to wear her shoes.

And Lin Yuan and Chi Qian also began preparing.

They quickly got ready to go out.

But before going out, Chi Qian instructed Song Yuwei on the side: “Sister Yuwei, please help me prepare the ingredients. I will cook when I come back later.”

Song Yuwei was slightly taken aback when she heard what Chi Qian said.

Then she nodded quickly and replied: “Okay young lady, I will tell the helpers to prepare.”

After saying that, Song Yuwei looked at Chi Qian in surprise.

Does the young lady actually want to cook herself?

Is it because Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan, her friends, came today as her guests?

Well, there is no doubt that this is the reason.

But is her relationship with the two of them that good that she actually took the initiative to cook mainly because of them?

Song Yuwei knew that Chi Qian’s cooking skills are also quite good, which is even comparable to hers.

But the number of times Chi Qian has ever taken the initiative to cook is very seldom.

She only occasionally volunteered if there were big celebrations such as her grandfather’s birthdays.

Unexpectedly, Chi Qian planned to put so much effort to please her guests.

Song Yuwei vaguely figured out the reasons why Chi Qian wanted to cook by herself.

It should be because of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan is a very handsome man who might have a very close relationship with her.

Chi Qian is not the type of person who would conceal her relationship.

But Song Yuwei now wonders whether Lin Yuan and Chi Qian are already in a boyfriend and girlfriend-relationship.

But they are definitely more than ordinary friends.

Otherwise, Chi Qian would definitely not cook personally.

Chi Qian did not care much about Song Yuwei’s thoughts.

After she ordered Song Yuwei to prepare the ingredients for her, Chi Qian took Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan out.

They went straight to the cat café at the foot of the mountain.

It was not that far, only ten minutes far.

Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan followed Chi Qian to the cat café.

“It is a cat café but there are generally no customers.”

Chi Qian stretched out her finger and pointed to the cat café in front of them.

The cat café is relatively small scale.

There was a sign hanging on the door where the shop’s name was written on.

‘Shallow line Cattery.’(T/N: Qian Xing Cattery)

Lin Yuan thought that this name is quite interesting, as the name has the same pronunciation as ‘sneaky’, making its name seems like ‘Sneaky Cattery’. (T/N: 浅行 = Qian Xing = Shallow line; 潜行 = Qian Xing = sneaky)

There are also not many people here.

The nearby villas are residential areas so there are occasionally some people who come to take a look at the café.

But Chi Qian opened this cat cafe purely for her own hobby.

She didn’t care whether she made money or not.

It can be seen from the slightly transparent glass door that there are no guests in the cat café at this time.

There is only two female staff who are still young, probably in their twenties.

After all, those who do such jobs are generally young people.

And the two female staff saw the emergence of extremely rare customers

One of the staff quickly opened the door to greet them.

The staff named Lulu opened the door and walked out.

She saw Lin Yuan standing at the door at this time.

Although Lin Yuan stood with Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan, but the eyes of the female staff were instantly drawn to Lin Yuan.

’Oh My God, how come there is such a handsome man!’

Handsome face like a marble carving, sword-like eyebrows and starry bright eyes, dark and deep pupils, a high nose bridge, and thin lips.

Whether from the shape of the face, his facial features, or his body shape, everything is just perfect and impeccable!

Female staff Lulu’s eyes brightened immediately.

And then in accordance with the spirit of loyalty, the female staff Lulu turned her head and shouted at the other female staff inside.

”Minmin! Come out! A handsome guy is here! Come out to see the handsome guy!”

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